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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 10/23/2012: Real and Unreal

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely feeling a palpable increase in intensity, reflected by the Sun moving into Scorpio last night at 8:14PM ET. Adding to the pressure and/or heaviness is Thursday’s hook-up with stern Saturn on Thursday. Distracting us — perhaps by threatening to dissolve whatever reality we thought we could count on — is today’s trine between the Sun and nebulous Neptune, exact at 7:15AM ET. Here’s an excerpt from yesterday’s forecast on what we can expect:

…if you’re feeling a urge to merge with a higher consciousness or escape into some other rarefied, intangible state (music, spirit or drug-induced fantasy), then you are in tune… It’s a helpful aspect to have if you’re trying to keep the peace. It’s also a potential set-up for a vision or pure fantasy, deception or lies.

Keep the peace, eh? Was Mitt Romney tuning in to the cosmos in last night’s debate? Repeatedly stating a desire for “peace” was a surprise to more than one pundit, including this conservative one. Real or unreal?

Today’s Moon in Aquarius encourages a detached, friendly approach to the challenges of the day. You could even consider experimenting with the unconventional, though be aware of a potential verbal challenge to your experiment around 9:27PM ET, when Moon is squared by mental Mercury…and then goes void. Chill for the rest of the night; Moon enters Pisces at 7AM ET on Wednesday.