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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 5/8/2015 & the Weekend: Practical Poetry

Keep making it happen. Moon continues through enterprising Capricorn, finding value in what is earthy and practical.  You might have gotten a hit of inspiration this AM, as the Moon made contact with Neptune. Added vision can be yours, courtesy of a challenge between mental Mercury and Neptune, exact tomorrow at 12:09p. That’s good for healers, artists and people selling snake oil.

Tonight around 6PM and 11PM ET, Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto and Uranus, respectively. Typical are power plays, upsets and revelations.

Saturday the Moon continues its forward march vibe until 4:35PM ET. Get all those chores and shopping done then. Between 4:35p and 7:22P, ET, chill during the Moon void….then hang out with your funky friends, including ones you haven’t met yet. Thank you, Moon in networking Aquarius.

Sunday is Mothers’ Day. Communication channels are smooth around 1:10PM ET, when the Moon and Mercury align. An over-the-top indulgence may be yours around 7:51PM ET, when the Moon is opposed by regal Leo. Or the good of the many may be challenged by the will of one.

Moon is void all day Monday between 6:36am and 10:53PM ET. Slow start to the work week — or twist in your routine.

And now, the news.

Venus was at the Aries Point yesterday, bringing prominence to issues around women, aesthetics, money, social expression. Front page article on the NYT was a scathing expose of the wretched working conditions at nail salons (aesthetics) in New York. Here’s part 2 — about toxins in the workplace — I haven’t read it yet.  If it’s never occurred to you — while you’re paying $9 dollars for manicure — that the reason it’s so cheap is because your manicurist is barely being paid, I don’t know what to say, other than this is one of those issues that’s had a SEP field around it for years. I learned that from reading Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 42.

Also making headlines in NY: enclosed lactation stations  for breastfeeding moms have just opened at local airports. Huzzah! Making headlines everywhere is a parody of a typical  contraceptive ad with comedian Amy Schumer. No thanks at all  to the mainstream media for failing to post it on any outlet without either 1) giving away the jokes or 2) presenting it with  an editorial slant.  Skip the headline; enjoy the video; think “Venus at the Aries Point, putting women’s issues in focus” — what more slant do you need?

In other news — any planet at 29 Gemini — where Venus was yesterday before it entered Cancer — is going to trigger Edward Snowden’s 29 Gemini Sun. Venus-Sun transits are usually good ones. Yesterday a federal appeals court ruled that the NSA spy program —  the one which collects massive amounts of data on the phone calls of everyone and their dog — is unconstitutional.  This is one of the programs made public by Mr. Snowden. Somewhere in Moscow, perhaps he’s raising a glass of vodka — with bitters.

Speaking of dogs and homeland security —  did you hear about Lilly, the shih-tzu? She has been reunited with her Denver family after being missing for four years. She was found in Illinois. How she got there is a mystery.

Update on the UK election: it was a stunning upset — in that there was no upset!  David Cameron gets to keep his job. Pollsters are confounded. I haven’t looked at Mr. Cameron’s horoscope, so can’t comment.

Finally — to close on this British theme: a tip of the hat to the poetic potential of the weekend’s Mercury-Neptune square.  This quiz wants to know: “How Well Do You Know Your Romantic Poets?”

Perhaps there’s a Romantic poet in your future. You may have a latent talent…or might be primed to attract a new love who’ll serenade you. Did you know that these potentials can be seen in your horoscope? Here’s how to schedule a personal consultation.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and for sharing it with the rest of the Free World.

See you Monday!