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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 4/12/2011: Benicio Del Toro

Nothing like Moon in sunny, playful Leo to lift our spirits today after yesterday’s looong void in security-conscious Cancer, coupled with a brutal Mars-Pluto square. And a Moon void. During Mercury retrograde. Explosive? Edgy? Weird twists? Accidents? Yes — all of the above in the headlines: a bomb in Belarus, more quakes and elevated crises in Japan, an incident at a nuclear power plant in the US, and continued bickering over resources among our fearless leaders in Washington. And from the field, several reports of feeling cranky and having to count to ten lest a co-worker’s head be bitten off. Whew!

And then…out of nowhere…this headline on the home page of the New York Times: “Benito Del Toro Impregnates Rod Stewart’s Daughter, Not That We Care About Her, But Only Who Her Father Is” http://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2011/04/11/arts/entertainment-us-beniciodeltoro.html?hp  Brutal!  Dear Grey Lady, has the digital age driven you to this? How you must have held your nose whilst delicately penning this opening line, “Noted Hollywood lothario Benicio Del Toro is to become a father for the first time after a fling with one of Rod Stewart’s daughters, a spokeswoman for the actor said on Monday.” Why oh why is this front page news? Let’s consult the astrological rule book: if they’re in the news, the horoscope is hot. What’s going on with Benicio Del Toro?

Born Feb 19, 1967 in San Turce, Puerto Rico (time unknown), Del Toro has a complicated horoscope. Sun in Pisces, with Moon probably in Gemini (need to inform, entertain, be clever, intense and scintillating), and likely in a challenging configuration with Venus (social expression), Saturn (control), disruptive Uranus and emotionally intense Pluto. So we know right away there are going to be issues with the mother, which carry forward into Del Toro’s adult relationships. We also see a likely active sexual profile, one that could well fit a man described as “someone who obsessively seduces and deceives women,” i.e., a “lothario.” Concurrently we see another pattern between Venus, expansive Jupiter and nebulous Neptune that suggests great sensitivity and emotional self-sufficiency. This second pattern functions subconsciously as a defense against relationship. Why does Del Toro need to keep people at a emotional distance? When we look at events in the early home, upsets are suggested between the ages of 4-6, culminating at age 9. What happened? I don’t have an answer for ages 4-6 (though I would certainly ask him in a consultation), but at age 9, Del Toro’s mother died.

All right, but why is he making news NOW? Del Toro, yes. Nameless impregnated woman, no. We see Saturn (controls, structure, father issues) in the horoscope at 28 Pisces, on the Aries Point. Fascinating! Regular readers of this forecast will remember that planets at this point are driven to attract prominence. And you may also remember that we’ve had a number of planets, including expansive Jupiter and disruptive Uranus, trigger that point since January! And for Del Toro, those triggers affected issues in his life related to control, structure and father. And thanks to nebulous Neptune sitting on Del Toro’s Sun in Pisces now through 2012, he will likely be quite bewildered by the sudden disruption (he may win a particularly inspired role in a film, too — but that’s another area of his life).

Enjoy the day with Moon in Leo, free of challenging aspects. Eat. Play. Love. Moon goes void again at 3:58PM EDT — so if it has to ship, do it today.