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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 2/1/2011

East Coasters, do your best to get it off your desk in the morning, before the Moon in ambitious Capricorn goes void at  2:32PM until 6:21PM NY time.  Quite frankly, you can probably find an innovative and inspired way to make things happen, especially if your work involves the arts, healing, spirit…and maybe a bit of finance (we may see some surprising news in the headlines regarding monetary matters today and tomorrow). During the void, you know the drill: no shopping sprees, chill if you can. Rest, brainstorm, take care of routine matters and be flexible with your scheduled appointments, as the flake factor is higher during void periods.

West Coasters, do the math: your Moon void happens between 10:32AM – 3:21PM LA time, suggesting a reeeeealllly long lunch hour. If your favorite client calls you in a panic, breathe through it, “keep calm and carry on”. Often these “crises” that occur during voids turn out to be much ado about nothing.

After the void, Moon enters Aquarius, a sign that needs to be socially significant. While you’re waiting around for the New Moon (in Aquarius) to happen on Wednesday evening, you could let the humanitarian spirit of the day inspire you make a list of a few ways you could be of service to others — no matter how small  — and have a plan to put them in action. You could even get a few friends involved, too.

Meanwhile, I hope this article by master astrologer Rob Hand puts the kibbosh on any lingering notion of there being a “revised” zodiac with 13 signs   http://robhand.com/Ophiuchus.htm — I’m still getting questions about it — truly amazing.