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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 8/28/2012: Chills and Wills

Mind the Moon, which will be void-of-course in Capricorn from 6:33AM ET to 1:38PM ET. If you sleep in late, flake out on an appointment or your usual morning routine takes an unexpected detour, your life is reflecting the wandering freefall of the Moon in the last degrees of one sign before entering the next. Take break, relax, brainstorm and trust that whatever crazy crisis crops up is likely much ado about nothing.

When Moon enter Aquarius at 1:38PM ET, it won’t make contact with another planet until 7:37PM ET. In Aquarius has a reputation for being friendly and humanitarian, as well as oddly stubborn.  They are often “far-out”  — on one extreme or the other — and politicians are no exception.  Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan and Dick Cheney are all Aquarians; so were Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Meanwhile, at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, delegates were reportedly frustrated that their convention was put on hold yesterday, thanks to Hurricane Isaac. And can you blame them? That Moon in Capricorn needed to make things happen. I’m impressed that they won’t be getting back underway until today at 2PM ET, when the Moon will no longer be void. Think they have an astrologer on staff?

We may see some stubborn clashes or expressions of will this evening, when the Aquarian Moon is challenged by aggressive Mars in Scorpio.  Good thing the Moon moves fast and tomorrow is another day.  Re-read yesterday’s forecast for notes on the major aspects of this week, two of which are exact Wednesday. Meanwhile, here’s a bit of “news from underground” (as forecast) that reflects the current prominence of Pluto (underground, resources) and Neptune (oil, water, showbiz, music, celebrity):  an op-ed on fracking written by Sean Lennon. That, and the fact that the Moon will be challenged at 6:33AM ET by stern Saturn, which calls for something sobering with your morning coffee.

Peace out.