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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/14/2014: Retrograde Venus Square Mars

Moon is waxing full in Cancer over the next two days, suggesting an abundance of emotions, and some of them all over the place. The need for emotional and homeland security is the likely focus.

Generally speaking, the Moon is happy to be in Cancer, which is the sign it rules. Today starts out dreamily enough, aided by a harmonious connection to the Moon from soulful Neptune. A revelation or upset is suggested around lunchtime ET, courtesy of a zap from rebel Uranus…followed by a catharsis or power play around dinner ET.

By all means, be proactive with your agenda — but also be sensitive to how your agenda is being received. You recall yesterday I mentioned that a challenging aspect between aggressive Mars and retrograde Venus (exact on Thursday) suggested we all needed to be vigilant about minding our manners, right? When Venus is retrograde, social graces are more likely to be forgotten — with unpleasant consequences.

Yesterday afternoon in Florida — during the long Moon void — a man was shot in a movie theater by a retired police officer. The victim’s offense? Texting his three-year-old daughter during the trailers. And what’s really bizarre — and yet, so oddly in tune with planetary patterns — is this line from the article:

“The killing underscored the increased debate about when to use smartphones in public.”

…as opposed to underscoring the increased debate about when to use handguns in public, as noted by many in the Reader Comments section (it looks like that line has since been edited out). Yep, the order of the day — with Venus retrograde — is manners, or the lack thereof. Do remember to say “please” and “thank you” through January 31st, when Venus turns direct, won’t you?

You are more affected by the increasing tension between aggressive/horny/action hero Mars and retrograde Venus if you have a planet or angle around 16 to 18 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn…or were born around the 8th of January, April, July or October. An extra hour at the gym or some other physical release is suggested. This transit is excellent if you need to push through resistance on a project that requires a daring initiative. It is more easily channeled if you are working solo, as there is less inclination to consider the needs of others. So if you have to work with others, be extra mindful…

This soft grey is brought to you by the light of the silvery Moon in Cancer, encouraging you to honor your need for emotional security. A personal astro-logical consultation offers comfort and support.