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Friday 8/16/2019 & the Weekend: Uranus Square Mercury Generates Buzz


Between now and Sunday, the day is driven by the Moon in Pisces, seeking to empathize, idealize and go with the flow. The buzz that’s been in the air — and disrupting communication and electronic gizmos — is Mercury (how we need to think) squared by rebel Uranus at 1:06 PM ET.  If you have a planet around 6 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, you are more personally affected. The rest of the weekend goes like this:

  • SATURDAY — More Moon in Pisces flow, which may be especially dreamy or foggy around 12:09 PM ET, when Moon meets up with Neptune. Chill after 6:34 PM ET, when the Moon goes void…and feel free to sleep in (but not shop) until…
  • SUNDAY — when the Moon charges into Aries at 12:33 PM ET. There are no exact planetary aspects on this day, but Mars — planet of action — will exit Leo and enter Virgo at 1:19 AM ET, where it will remain until October 4th. Mars in Virgo needs to execute its action plan with detailed precision — and here are thoughts on how to do just that — from a post in 2011.

No sleeping in on Monday. Moon will be charging forward in Aries as fast as it can — until around 6PM ET, when it makes its weekly clash with brick wall Saturn.

And now, the news.

Last week we were talking about the likely diminished status of the United States, reflecting transiting Saturn square the U.S. Saturn. The second square was exact on August 15th; the third square is exact on October 21st. This week the stock market dropped 800 points after a “rare” inversion of the yield curve between 2-year Treasury bonds and 10-year Treasury bonds. It is not a good sign when the expected long-term return on U.S. Treasury bonds is lower than the return on the short-term 2-year bonds.  Talking heads in the media were saying that it wouldn’t be surprising if a recession kicked in 18-24 months later, as apparently it has done before. I wouldn’t be surprised either, as in 18-24 months, we’ll have transiting Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. I’m not a financial astrologer, but I have observed in the past that hard aspects between Saturn and Uranus coincide with bubbles bursting.

Bear in mind that the U.S. is not the only horoscope with planets being hit a Saturn squeeze in the aftermath of the 2011-2016 series of disruptive Uranus-Pluto squares.

On another note, when I wrote on Monday that Wednesday’s Sun-Venus conjunction in Leo was likely to be “worth its weight in gold,” this is what was going through my mind — which did in fact manifest on Wednesday: “Gold marks highest finish since 2013 as recession risk lifts the metal’s haven appeal.”   Astrology is amazing.

Meanwhile, as Mars makes its way through the last few degrees of Leo, it is activating the Midheaven, Leo Mars and Leo Ascendant of P45. Thus astrologers who Follow Such Things were prepared for a new cycle of regal initiatives and attacks. Occurring against the general backdrop of the potentially wacky/shocking square between Mercury (mind) and Uranus (wacky), so far we’ve had:

Guess what? Israel’s Mars is also in Leo, where it is able to “get away with murder” more than any other Mars placement. Its new two-year Mars cycle began yesterday, with Mars returning to its place in its natal horoscope.  So did its new Mercury cycle, with transiting Mercury returning to its natal position, starting a new cycle of communication and mindset. That makes Israel’s decision to ban Rep. Omar and Tlaib especially significant. Apparently Rep. Tlaib made a personal plea to visit her nonagenarian grandmother, whom she has not seen since 2007. Israel agreed to grant the request as a humanitarian gesture, on condition that Rep. Tlaib keep quiet about her political views. The point here is that free speech continues to be a hot topic in the zeitgeist,  with Jupiter still in Sagittarius. And we have added shock value courtesy of the Uranus-Mercury square. Rep. Tlaib considered accepting Israel’s limitations, but then declined as a matter of principle. Born on July 24, 1976 in Detroit, Rep. Tlaib’s Leo Sun is squared by freedom-seeking Uranus, as are three other planet in Leo: Mercury, Venus and Saturn. No one is going to dictate to her how she is to think or what she can and can’t say.   Here is a video of Rep. Tlaib’s “sity” (grandma), courtesy of WaPo. Here’s a post about Israel’s horoscope from May 2019. January 2020 is going to be interesting.

Have you ever been to Israel? I have. It is an extraordinary experience.

In other news…

More Uranus square Mercury disruption, as predicted:

Here’s a fun case of astro-timing. On July 3rd, with Mercury just about to turn retrograde at 4 degrees of Leo, a federal judge sent an email to colleagues about an upcoming seminar on climate change. Another judge wrote back, forgetting to double check everything thrice before mistakenly hitting “reply all” — and yesterday, with Mercury now back to where it was on July 3rd, we’re getting the gory details. Case closed.

Here’s another event that occurred on July 3rd — recently updated. Princess Haya, one of the wives of Sheik Mohammed (billionaire and VP of the UAE), fled the country with her children and has since applied for a protective order against her husband. Sheik Mohammed had high-flying innovations planned back in 2017, when transiting Uranus squared his 22 degree Cancer Sun. This year — and into early 2020, he gets to deal with the power plays, streamlining and transformation suggested by transiting Pluto and Saturn opposing that Sun. Remember how cranky communications were around June 20th, when Mercury and Mars were at 22 degrees Cancer? You can believe that Sheik Mohammed was feeling mighty provoked. And then, two weeks later, Princess Haya escapes to London, under the “windfall opportunity” potential of a rare measurement in her horoscope (May 3 1974 in Amman, Jordan), between Jupiter (expansion; luck) and Uranus (freedom). Sheik Mohammed was born with Venus and Pluto conjunct in drama king Leo — and the two are in harmony with visionary Neptune. Venus and Pluto suggests emotional extremes, with some measure of artistry, courtesy of Neptune. Posting poems of betrayal and vengeance on Instagram is one of his understandable coping strategies. I wonder if he’s ever consulted with an astrologer…

Thank you for reading this forecast.