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Tuesday 5/30/2017: Sneak Peek at the Week; Tiger Not Out of the Woods

Pull out the stops and get in gear. This work week is short and potentially sweet.

Moon continues through Leo on Tuesday, looking for ways to shine shine shine. Make way for drama kings and queens who are out to persuade in ways that may be innovative and/or technologically savvy. Why do I say this? Because on Tuesday at 10:39 PM ET, Mars (action) will harmonize with Uranus (tech savvy; innovation); on WEDNESDAY at 8 AM ET, Mercury (mindset; communication) harmonizes with ruthless, hypnotic and resourceful Pluto.

The Leo Moon goes void on WEDNESDAY at 7:14 AM ET and enters detail-oriented, perfection-seeking Virgo at 12:16 PM ET. There’s your excuse for whatever twist or flake disrupts your efforts to move forward in a straight line that morning. It’s also your excuse for sleeping in.  Wednesday afternoon has an easy flow of organizational energy.

Planets are busy this week. On THURSDAY at 8:42 AM ET the First Quarter Moon suggests a dynamic challenge to the New Moon agenda you set last week. Meanwhile Saturn (structure, patriarchy, authority) is in harmony with Venus (what we value; how we express ourselves socially). The former is in opinionated, boundary-pushing Sagittarius; the latter is in warrior Aries — and Venus, of course, is female. So we see an opportunity for serious strides to be advanced with respect to — or in — the feminine form.

Venus meets up with rebel Uranus on SATURDAY at 3:31 AM ET,  suggesting an attraction to the unconventional and exciting. That buzz will be felt hours before, on June 2nd — when Wonder Woman opens at theater near you. But wait — there’s more! On Saturday the clever Gemini Sun harmonizes with expansive Jupiter; on SUNDAY the Sun squares Neptune, planet of fantasy and film. I can’t think of a more perfect time for this movie, for which  boffo box office is predicted. Nor can I think of a more perfect time for Beth Owls Daughter’s Tarot Card of the Week to be…(drum roll, please)…the return of the Queen of Wands:

This Queen offers an exhilarating alternative to the hierarchical, elitist system that has rigged the organizations of politics, religion, social control, and wealth for millennia.

She models the qualities of self-sovereignty, creativity, and success. She shines with magnanimity and mastery. Her loyalty, fearlessness, and motivation are boundless.

The Queen of Wands‘ leadership is gentle, even playful, yet laser focused on total success. She is no wimp and her magical Wand of transformation is ready to rock her world.

Beth’s full write-up may be read here.

After the emotional overkill potential of last week’s Pluto-Venus square AND controlling Mars-Saturn opposition sucking the joy out of the room, this week suggests a refreshing energetic shift. Make the most of it.

And now, the news.

Mars suggests the masculine — or yang — energy. Saturn suggests a reality check — or at least a tangible form. Venus in a hard aspect with Pluto suggests an intensely emotional perspective or catharsis. ‘Tis a fitting combo of aspects to “coincide” with this: “Me and My Penis: 100 Men Tell All”. They also show all — a WARNING if you are inclined to read this 4th most-viewed article in the Guardian.  It’s about Manhood, a new book by photographer/storyteller Laura Dodsworth. The 5th most-viewed article is “The Gender Wars of Household Chores: A Feminist Comic.” The most-viewed article (as I am typing around 11PM on Monday), is “Portland Republican Says Party Should Use Militia Groups After Racial Attack.”

The “racial attack” was the kind of terrorist action I was hoping would not come to pass, despite planetary patterns suggesting its potential. From Friday’s forecast:

Pay attention to the action around you as we get closer to 10:21 PM ET, when the Moon meets up with aggressive Mars. Moon goes on to oppose Saturn after midnight, 12:53 AM ET on SATURDAY, suggesting an ambitious advance or militant block.

In case you hadn’t heard, at 4:30 PM ET on Friday, a man on a light-rail train in Portland, OR  threatened two teenage girls — one was wearing a hijab — and told them to “go back to Saudi Arabia.” When three men stepped up to protect the girls, the man stabbed two of them — fatially — and injured the third. I was struck by the names of all of the parties involved — and the name of the place where one of them lived. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Mostly I just. Can’t. Even.

The chart for the time of this wretched incident has Venus, Eris and Uranus on one angle, with Pluto on another — in addition to the aggressive Moon-Mars-Saturn patterns.

In other news, Manuel Noriega, former militant dictator of Nicaragua, has died. Perfect timing.

Tiger Woods was one of the first — if not the first — person whose horoscope I started tracking as it was making news. This was back in November of 2009, when Mr. Woods got into an argument with his then-wife about his infidelities. Shocking news at the time, but totally in line with the potential seen in the horoscope:

Meanwhile, what’s up w/Tiger? This Capricorn w/Virgo rising (the energy to make things happen, expressed through a prism of perfection) has his Sun in the very private 4th house. You better believe he doesn’t want to talk about it. However, a quick glance at his chart speaks volumes: transiting Uranus about to break out in the 7th house of marriage (needing freedom and independence); progressed Moon (emotions) challenging Mars (the combination produces heated emotions); transiting Pluto (transformation) struggling to adjust to demands of obligation (Saturn); a boatload of Venus connections (you can bet women are involved) and if that weren’t enough — Pluto the transformer is all over a number of key midpoints (I told you I was reading the chapter on midpoints)! Bottom line: challenges in the House of Woods…to be dealt with over the next few months.

Right now Mr. Woods has transiting Saturn is at the bottom of his horoscope, hitting all the angles, along with his Moon in boundary-pushing Sagittarius. We see an opportunity for Mr. Woods to take a good look at his personal core foundation and clean up whatever needs cleaning. We also see a disruptive challenge to his Mercury from Uranus, suggesting an upset in how he needs to think, communicate and otherwise go about his business. Not only that, but Uranus is also making contact with the angles of the horoscope by solar arc — it’s a similar pattern to what was happening in 2009.

Over the weekend Mr. Woods was booked on a suspected DUI. Mr. Woods says he was having a reaction to prescription drugs, not alcohol. It is interesting to note that transiting Neptune is currently squaring his natal Neptune, impacting the areas of his life related to how he needs to think, as well as the public. Neptune refers to drugs, alcohol and spirits of all kinds. Astrology is amazing.

Meanwhile, the shake-ups anticipated at the White House last week (suggested by patterns in the chart for the inauguration), are apparently underway. Communications Director Mike Dubke is heading for the exit, pursued by a bear.

What’s going on in your horoscope? When will you be feeling a need for a sudden break? Will you ever write the play you’ve been carrying in your head? These questions and more can be addressed in a personal consultation. But don’t take it from me. Take it from a client and Avid Reader of this forecast:

Thank you so much for all your help!  A true pleasure working with you, and I am deeply grateful for the quick turnaround in time.  I know that fully understanding even one chart is a painstaking task, and for you to look at that many in that short timespan is prodigious.
I really cannot express how much I appreciate the precious gift of your assistance.
Thank you for reading this forecast. Carpe diem!