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Friday 3/22/2019 & the Weekend: When Mercury Meets Neptune; News & the Usual Suspects


Busy morning today, as the people-pleasing Libra Moon is body-slammed by chilly Saturn and ruthless Pluto. If you got up on the wrong side of the bed, trust that it will sort itself out by lunchtime ET, with harmony restored. Moon goes void on a friendly connection with Venus at 2:10 PM ET; giving you an opportunity to end the work week early. Moon enters Scorpio at 10:16 PM ET, focused on efforts to consolidate knowledge for the sake of power and control. No more airy-fairy talk of theories; Scorpio demands emotional depth.

At 11:38 PM ET, the need for control is jolted by rebel Uranus, no doubt bringing something to light. There are no exact aspects among the planets on SATURDAY, an apt time for some deep Spring cleaning, aided by retrograde Mercury’s need to REorganize. If you’re trying to create a beautiful escape, you can make use of SUNDAY’s meet-up between Mercury and Neptune, exact at 1:26 PM ET, and in effect now. If you’re seeing some surreal communications making headlines, consider it a reflection of Mercury (how we need to think) with Neptune (fog, drugs, deception, faith).  Sunday is busier than Saturday, with a face-off between the Scorpio Moon and Mars in Taurus, exact at 6:38 PM ET. If you have a planet or angle around 26 degrees Taurus, you may be feeling a bit piqued — and we’ll hear why on MONDAY.

The Scorpio Moon goes void at 10:24 PM ET on Sunday; it gets a needed lift at 2:06 AM ET on MONDAY, when it enters Sagittarius. No sleeping in on Monday; there will be plenty of righteous opinions and boundary-pushing initiatives to process.   What does this all mean for you? I could offer an informed perspective, but I’d have to be looking at your unique horoscope. Here is the 411 on personal consultations.

And now, a truckload of news, from the sublime to the ridiculous, in no particular order:

UPDATE: on February 23, I told you why Manny Machado‘s $300 million contract (with the San Diego Padres) was an apt reflection of planetary patterns, with an even bigger deal to come — possibly for Bryce Harper — in mid-March. In fact, Harper signed a $330 deal with the Phillies at  the end of last month, but he’s making news again this week, expressing delight that the Angels just signed Mike Trout for a record-obliterating $430 million.  Coincidence or conspiracy?

UPDATE: on the horoscope for Facebook. A year ago I told you that the social media behemoth was heading into a period of disruptive action, for better or for worse, as transiting Uranus squared its natal Mars — while also squaring Mark Zuckerberg‘s natal Mercury-Pluto (ruthless/empowered mindset) opposition. From March 6th: “Zuckerberg’s announcement changes everything for Facebook,” with “changes” meaning that Zuckerberg plans to move Facebook in a direction that gives users more privacy and control over what they post, so it does not come back to haunt them. Meanwhile, this current Mercury retrograde, amplified by Jupiter (big!) in Sagittarius (mass media) has been reflected in more than one Facebook system crashes and leaks, as in “Facebook struggles to deal with epic outage.”

UPDATE: on many whose horoscopes were eclipsed by the Full Moon at 0 Leo/0 Aquarius in January and subsequently triggered by Uranus entering Taurus this month, meaning we expect them to be making headlines right about now:

  • Kellyanne Conway — reported on here and here.  In her horoscope we see that transiting Uranus is now off her 29 Capricorn Sun and moving on to connect with her Mercury at 1 Aquarius. Mercury rules her 7th house of partnerships, including her spouse; Uranus suggests disruption and independence, and the Uranus-Mercury connection will be exact on April 4th. And indeed, her spouse — George Conway — has been quite disruptive and independent in an ongoing Twitter war of words with Kellyanne’s boss. Meanwhile, transiting Pluto is supercharging not only her natal Mars at 22 Libra, but George’s, too (he has Mars at 23 Libra). Are they fighting a battle together or against each other?  Could they have written the anonymous letter published in the NYT last September? What do you think?
  • Nikki Haley — set herself free from her UN gig, as we might expect. She made headlines this week by trashing Finland’s health care system — and Finland responded, as MSNBC’s Chris Hayes reports.

UPDATE: on the Trump Family — skip this part if you’re tired of reading about them — but they do drive the news, and that’s what this forecast is about. Back in December it was observed that the horoscopes of Don Jr., Eric and Ivanka would be activated by transiting Saturn (in December for Jr. and February for the others). Stories reflecting that particular reality check include: “…family hunting retreat entrusted to caretaker, an illegal immigrant.” Meanwhile, Jared Kushner’s 20 Capricorn Sun was eclipsed last July and will be triggered by Saturn on April 17, May 12 and December 23. This suggests a need for a heavy reality check, streamlined focus, ambition or control — involving willpower, vitality or possibly a parent. With respect to events in the lives of Jared and Ivanka, note that on March 19, journalist Vicky Ward made headlines with Kushner, Inc. — in which the author suggests that the power couple pose “a serious threat to our security.”  and are using the government as a “piggybank.” Both Jared and Ivanka have Neptune (fog, vision, scandal) at 22-23 Sagittarius; transiting Jupiter (expansion, publishing) activated that element in their respective horoscopes, and we’ll be hearing more on these matters in May and late October. Perhaps we’ll see some consequences on the security clearances they received per POTUS, over the objections of Certain Informed Persons.

UPDATE: on the Trump patriarch. As noted in prior posts, we’d expect exceptional volatility from him this month — especially now and until the end of March, as transiting Mars (anger, action) activates his horoscope. What could be more volatile than bashing the deceased Senator John McCain (R-AZ)? I don’t know, but we’ll soon find out. To put the upcoming wild rumpus in perspective, note this Mercury Rx revelation: “US official reveals Atlantic drilling plan while hailing Trump’s ability to distract the public.” 

In other news…

I was troubled by last week’s trine (harmony) between militant Mars and disciplined Saturn. Why? Because Mars is in Taurus, a sign in which it does not function at its best, and the easy aspect with Saturn suggested the execution of a potentially loathsome ambition. It was heartbreaking to see this potential manifest in New Zealand, when a man who shall remain nameless murdered 50 people at two separate mosques. This week, Mars was trine Pluto, the planet of breakdown, power and transformation. Astrologer Noel Tyl has written that Pluto is also the planet that refers to how we defend our values and our perspective. And as if on cue with that Mars-Pluto trine, followed by the next day’s square between Venus (women, values) and Mars, New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern announced that military assault weapons would be banned, and that more changes to gun laws would be forthcoming. Just like that.

This is Jacinda Ardern‘s horoscope — birthtime unknown. She’s a born Leo leader, driven by an enterprising Capricorn Moon. Of course she wasted no time in taking no-nonsense executive action. She has Venus in Gemini squared by Saturn, suggesting more tough-as-nails social expression, but it is not without empathy, as that square is in touch with Neptune. Plus her Mars is in Libra, a placement that is no fan of conflict — and can be best applied by asserting itself as a warrior for peace. Her Sun is 3 degrees of Leo, soon to be squared by Uranus in May, November and early 2020, suggesting she may become even more of a maverick leader.

Brexit and the bomb cyclone will have to wait — in real life and in this forecast. Gotta fly — with no time to even check for typos. Thank you for your understanding.

To find out what all these patterns suggest for you personally, why not schedule a consultation? I have yet to find a more empowering tool for understanding why you are the way you are — and when things are likely to happen. Have you?

Thank you for reading this forecast.