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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 1/26/2011: Saturn Retrograde in Libra

More sobering serious thoughts and/or discourse are likely to be up for review today, continuing from yesterday. Perhaps a battle for control, too (thanks, Moon in Scorpio!) — who will win? It makes sense that we might see headlines reflecting such themes after last night’s SOTU; the whole morning is ripe for potential challenges, especially to the agenda set on the New Moon of the 4th. On the plus side, you may find your mind more disciplined and focused than usual, even if what you need to focus on isn’t as entertaining as you might prefer.

Meanwhile, Saturn, planet of ambition and control/structure turns retrograde at 18 degrees of Libra at 1:11AM NY time until June 12th. The Sabian Symbol for 18 Libra is “two men under arrest” — suggesting, writes Blain Bovee, the Sabian Symbol Specialist I’ve often cited in this forecast, “a manifestation of irreconcilable differences”….hmmm…such as three Supreme Court Justices recusing themselves from SOTU? Bovee has these additional thoughts on Saturn at 18 Libra (Google Blain — buy his book — a must-have for any astrology aficionado): “When Saturn is in 18 Libra, there is a tendency to dig in rather than to negotiate. negotiation may seem impossible, plus the ‘other side’ is just as intractable in their beliefs.” Coincidence or conspiracy?

And while I’m raving about the great work of other astrologers:

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Back to our regularly scheduled program:

Wherever 11-18 degrees of Libra falls in your horoscope will be an area that’s up for focus and review over the next five months. The challenge is to bring this area of your life into balance (Libra) with a mature, constructive perspective (Saturn) that will realize your ambition. Relationships in this area of your life may also be up for review, renewal or release.

More anon….