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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 9/8/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week; Stephen Colbert, Briefly

Good Morning!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend — and perhaps you are still on holiday even as I type. The Moon is in Cancer, driving the energy of the day with a need for emotional security and a focus on home(land) concerns, Mom and apple pie. The Moon travels without conflict until 9:28PM ET, when it goes void for just over an hour on a stabilizing connection with Saturn.

Moon enters Leo at 10:36PM ET, trading the emotional sensitivity of Cancer for emotional drama and need to shine, play and put on a show. The Moon will cruise through Leo without input from other planets all day on Wednesday, and pretty much all day on Thursday. So is there anything of note happening in the cosmos this week? Sure!

Today at 3:53PM ET, action hero Mars (in Leo) makes an easy alignment with technogeek Uranus (in Aries), facilitating innovative action and perhaps militant/rebellious action, too. Mars refers to war and crusades; Uranus just has to break the mold. Tomorrow, mental Mercury is squared by Pluto at 3:23PM ET, suggesting a sharp perspective that can either be cutting in ways some might find hurtful, or can be aces at digging up buried facts. Regardless, this pattern suggests no need to mince words. It facilitates persuasive efforts.

So lets’s see…these two aspects, driven by the Moon in Leo tonight…sounds like a good time for quirky rebel geek Stephen Colbert to step into David Letterman’s shoes as the host of Late Night on CBS. More on Mr. Colbert in a minute.

By the time the Virgo Moon kicks in on Friday at 9:56AM, we will be well into the dark side of the Moon, a time to be wrapping up projects from this past cycle and preparing for the New Moon on Sunday at 2:41AM ET. As you may have heard, this New Moon is the first of two eclipses this month; the second will be on the Full Moon on September 27th.

I will write more about the particulars of Sunday’s eclipse later this week; for now, just know that an eclipse in Virgo is likely to add to Jupiter in Virgo’s expansive focus on Virgo concerns, including work routines, healthcare, service, diet, food production and labor in excruciating detail. Wherever 20 degrees of Virgo falls in your horoscope is the area of your life that will be affected. If you have a planet or angle at around 20 degrees of Virgo, the matters referring to that planet will be of exceptional significance, especially in the last week of October and November. Consult your local astrologer for details. Schedule a personal consultation. There is only so much that can be covered in a general forecast (even though I could go on for days and days about astrology…)

And now, the news.

Stephen Colbert. There was a big article about his Late Night debut last week in the New York Times. Two colleagues are quoted thusly:

…Mr. Dinello said. “Once he knows the game, there’s no stopping him.”

On their various projects, Ms. Sedaris said she also recognized in Mr. Colbert what she affectionately described as “the bully-bull-bull, the Taurus in him.”

“He takes charge, and you happily let him take charge,” she said.

How interesting to see a remark about Sun Signs casually quoted — as if of course everyone would understand what Ms. Sedaris was talking about — in the NYT. And someday maybe everyone will get the reference, when the practical insights astrology can provide are valued by more people.

Elsewhere in the piece, Mr. Colbert is described as

…quick-witted, acerbic and loquacious. He uses words like “catharsis” in casual conversation and can flawlessly pronounce the name of the Mesoamerican deity Quetzalcoatl.

Why was he tapped by CBS to replace Mr. Letterman?

 To CBS, Mr. Colbert evoked the best of Mr. Letterman, who Mr. Moonves said was “the smartest guy in the room — it was the thinking man’s thing, and the humor was something that soared.”

And by this point I’m thinking, “Mr. Colbert may well be a Taurus, but my money says his horoscope is driven by a Moon in Gemini”. And as it turns out, it is –(even without an exact birth time). His horoscope also has four planets in Taurus – Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars — and the last three are trine Uranus and Pluto, suggesting innovation and persuasion in matters of mindset and action — big time. Makes senses he’d be a huge fan of rocket science and science fiction. Break a leg, Mr. Colbert!

UPDATE: On the subject of “news from underground,” suggested by the Sun’s contact with Pluto over the weekend, rumor has it that the whereabouts of the mythical Nazi gold train we were tracking during last week’s equally mythic Sun-Neptune opposition have been determined — and have been sealed off by the Polish army.  Meanwhile, “archaelogy on steroids” made news near Stonehenge.

UPDATE: The murder of Cecil the Lion by Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer made headlines days after Venus turned retrograde on July 25th. Palmer’s dental practice was closed for several weeks. Now that Venus is direct (as of Sunday), Palmer’s practice has re-opened for business…but no sign of Dr. Palmer yet…

Thank you for reading this forecast.