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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 4/13/2012: Real and Surreal; Mars Turns Direct

Keep on makin’ it happen this morning and see if you note a shift in energy when the Moon in enterprising Capricorn goes void of course…with a sigh…at 1:05PM ET. If you’re on the East Coast, maybe you can sneak out of the office early, as the void will continue until 5:48PM ET, just in time for happy hour. On the West Coast, that 10:05AM PT – 2:48PM PT time frame may toss a twist or a flake your day, or bode well for an especially long lunch.

It’s a mixed bag today. On the one hand, the potential for magic, escape, the surreal or the sublime illusion/ideal, especially in areas of relationship, money and beauty (nebulous Neptune opposing sexy beast Mars, with an especially glib and charming Venus in the middle). On the other hand, the potential for ambition, cuts and boundaries from a “get real” perspective (that wet blanket Saturn opposing Sun configuration I wrote about yesterday, with the added oomph of the Moon raising the emotional impact). Planetary patterns today remind me of an optical illusion that is almost 100 years old. Look at this picture and what do you see? A young woman or an old crone? Both images are there — it just depends on what pulls focus for you: http://www.grand-illusions.com/opticalillusions/woman/  In the news, here’s a story that reflects both: Brian Dunn, the (married) CEO of Best Buy, abruptly resigns. The company announces it is investigating Mr. Dunn’s “personal conduct”. Gee, I wonder what they will find? A  scandal and a cut.  Film at 11. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/12/business/best-buy-continues-investigation.html?scp=1&sq=brian%20dunn&st=cse

Of course the biggest planetary news today is Mars in Virgo finally turning direct after being retrograde since — oh — January 23rd, if memory serves. In your own personal world and in world events, we may see a  release of pent-up frustrated energy…followed by a sense of relief.  If you used this retrograde period productively, you worked out a fine strategy for your ambitions and are now poised to move forward. Stay tuned to this channel for details on the next significant retrograde of the year, brought to you by Venus. That happens in May.

To be continued…