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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 11/18/2014: Gravitas

Today’s Libra Moon puts a focus on people-pleasing, fairness and balance in relationship, with no small amount of talk and rationalization about it. Bumps and jolts, minor emotional power plays and catharses may also be experienced around 1:39PM and 4:03PM ET, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with Uranus and Pluto. On the plus side, this clash offers the potential for breakthrough and revelation.

West Coasters, take note of a third lunar clash — this time with aggressive Mars — at 1:30AM ET. Zip it, and yield graciously to the self-absorbed troglodyte on the freeway.

Meanwhile, use this morning’s infusion of gravitas suggested by the annual meet-up between Sun and taskmaster Saturn  (at 3:50AM), to take care of some heavy lifting.

And now, the news.

First, gratitude to Helen, who shared this heavy news item and the no-nonsense consortium of journalists who regularly break all sorts of status quo-disrupting, Uranus-Pluto corruption-exposing stories:

The ICIJ – International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is a hard-hitting group of global investigators who are making huge inroads in opening global cans of worms involving financial corruption on an international scale, and also investigative stories within their individual countries.  They aren’t well enough known and of course a lot of what they uncover is suppressed in local media.

They have recently ripped the veil off of the illegal agreements made by Luxembourg to help big corporations avoid taxes in their home countries – and the guy tasked with policing this activity happens to be – yep, the European Commission President who is from Luxembourg.

Second, sobering news on the increasing levels of income inequality in the United States. Those at the top are still rising; incomes for everyone else are declining….but what’s really sobering is how the U.S. compares to a whole bunch of other countries.

Before the impact of tax and spending policies is taken into account, income inequality in the United States is no worse than in most developed countries and is even a bit below levels in Britain and, by some measures, Germany.

However, once the effect of government programs is included in the calculations, the United States emerges on top of the inequality heap.

Add the sobering Sun-Saturn realism to the focus on intangibles and spirit suggested by Neptune turning direct on Sunday, and we find in the NYT a frank piece on one woman’s near-death experience. So what? Big deal.

Neptune also refers to empathy, and I was truly delighted by this op-ed titled, “On Smushing Bugs”.  Neptune also rules Pisces, which rules the feet. So as a break from the gravitas of all the Sun-Saturn in Scorpio headlines (especially the ones I did not report that made headlines this morning), I leave you with this story of a family that inherited a building in which they discovered a perfectly preserved shoe store that closed 50 years ago. I bet none of the shoes pictured were made in China.

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