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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 2/16/2011

Another day of few exact aspects, with a notable shift in emotional expression as Moon enters the sign of Leo at 4:14AM EST. Playful, regal, fiery — as opposed to protective, nurturing, sensitive. Inventive and expansive connections to that Moon suggest a good day for creative endeavors, especially with a waxing meet-up between Sun and nebulous Neptune on Thursday.  On the potential plus side: inspiration, soulfulness, sacrifice, healing. On the potential downside: fog, fanatics, deception, escapism. This rose-colored vibe will be in effect all through the weekend, as Mercury (mind, communication) and Mars join in the mix. Sunday could be…interesting…too bad the Oscars aren’t happening then — it’s a much better night for glamor and glitz than the 27th. Can we reschedule?

If you encounter a chill from the women in your life between now and Friday, chalk it up to a waxing square between Saturn (wet blanket, reserve, control) and Venus. Other issues related to love, social expression, money and beauty may also be challenged…making Friday’s Full Moon in Leo ripe for a scene or two. Watch the headlines for prideful stand-offs as the weekend approaches…and enjoy the relative ease suggested by today’s planetary patterns.