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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 11/2/2012 & The Weekend: Blinded by the Light

A feisty combustion of words and ideas is likely building to release at 5:21AM ET, suggested by a combative opposition between Mars in opinionated Sagittarius and Moon in oh-so-clever Gemini. Think about this if you’re around someone who challenges you to a duel, and go for a run around the block instead. Given that the Moon goes void of course until 3:43AM ET on Saturday, the high energy may either wander off track or snowball into something that later turns out to be nothing. This will be another long day of going with the flow, but with more of the buzz Gemini craves than the steadiness of Taurus we saw earlier this week. By all means, start the weekend early if you can.

Saturday is ripe with potential for emotional/passionate encounters (some juicier than others); power struggles and/or initiatives; and cuts made in budgets and relationships — which will either challenge or build upon our need for emotional/home security. Why? First, because Moon enters sensitive Cancer at 3:43AM ET and immediately makes supportive connections with visionary Neptune and disciplined Saturn. So far, so good — and helpful for making dreams become real.

However, an intense challenge to loving Venus from ruthless Pluto (1:26PM ET) is immediately followed by a disruptive shock/revelation to the emotional Moon from rebel Uranus. Four hours later, Moon is challenged again by potent Pluto and by Venus, looking for another expressive release. On the plus side, this can be an excellent opportunity to rid yourself of an outworn pattern, or give birth to something entirely new. Artists and other creative types, take note. You’ll be feeling the punch of this T-square more than most if you have planets or points in your horoscope around 5-9 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn…or if you were born around the 27-30th of December, March, June and September.

On Sunday, don’t forget to set your clocks back, as Daylight Savings Time ends just before Moon goes void again — ready for this — for 23 hours, starting at 3:37AM ET.  You’ll have all day Sunday to chill, contemplate and indulge in activities that give you a sense of homeland security. Cooking and caring; creating a safe space where you can  connect with your roots and your family — whether blood relatives or not — it’s all good. Thousands have been displaced by Hurricane Sandy; maybe you can take some time to care for them — maybe these pics will inspire you.

Meanwhile, I can’t stop thinking about the patterns in Monday’s Full Moon, especially the Sabian Symbols for the Moon-Sun opposition at 7 Taurus-Scorpio. Anyone remember these from Monday’s forecast?  “A woman of Samaria and “deep sea divers”, which correspond to the keywords AWAKENING (a moment of truth) and INVOLVEMENT (getting in deep; also, a lifeline, as in the lifeline that allows divers to breathe underwater). And if this is not part of the message of Hurricane Sandy, against the backdrop of the megavolt electric cattle prod of the Uranus-Pluto square, then someone show me what that message is. Oh — wait — I believe Bloomberg Business Week has done it. Exactly!

What we have is the continuation of a huge shift in consciousness, the seeds of which were planted in the mid-60s, at Uranus-Pluto conjunction (think of it as the “New Moon” for those two planets).  Anyone remember Rachel Carson’s ground-breaking book, Silent Spring, published in the early 60s? Here it is, being hailed in the Times just last week.  And right in synch with the sudden attraction suggested by the Venus-Uranus-Pluto T-square we’ve been talking about all week, today New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a registered Independent, wrote a compelling endorsement for Barack Obama. Why? Two words: climate change.

Bloomberg (Feb 14 1942 3:40PM in Brighton, MA) is an Aquarius with three other planets in Aquarius, including the Moon. Talk about a need for social significance! Aquarius is a fixed sign, which suggests an aptitude for organization and stubbornness. Sun, Moon and Mercury (all in Aquarius) are square to another group of three planets in Taurus (Mars, Saturn & Uranus). What does Taurus need to do? Build material security! Did you know Bloomberg got his BA in engineering? Me neither. Taurus is also supremely stubborn, and all of that fixed sign energy in his horoscope makes perfect sense for a man who was determined to serve three terms as mayor, term limits be damned.

Bloomberg’s Neptune (keywords: vision, airwaves) is at the Aries Point, suggesting this placement will strive for prominence. In Bloomberg’s chart, Neptune rules the area (9th house) related to publishing and “big picture” thinking. Yep, got that. Still more prominence is suggested by Bloomberg’s Midheaven (career/public status) at 8 degrees of independent, pioneering, me-me-me Aries. It’s prominent because 8 Aries is currently being supercharged by the Uranus-Pluto square…from now through 2013.Hot!

Wrapping up the whole package is a Cancer Ascendant.  Bloomberg needs to be seen as someone who cares. Yes, he will nurture you, right down to taking away your cigarettes, your trans-fats and your mega-slurpee sugar-packed sodas. Sure, it’s controversial. But he cares! Think about that over the weekend, when the Moon is in Cancer…

And how about Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey and his “sudden attraction” to Barack Obama? Christie has said some harsh things about the Obama, and some members of his political party (Christie is a Republican) were stunned when he had nothing but praise for the President’s response to the havoc wreaked by Sandy in New Jersey. Here’s a fun clip of that from The Daily Show.

Moments of truth. Focusing on essentials. Sudden disruptions of the status quo. It’s all reflected in current planetary patterns…and as for Christie’s horoscope, we don’t know what time he was born. He’s a Virgo — probably with Moon in opinionated Sagittarius, although it could be Scorpio. Christie is known for his blunt, often provocative and/or cranky outbursts. He snaps at people, just like Mike Bloomberg. And guess what? Both Bloomberg and Christie have a square between Mercury (mind, communication) and Mars (action), suggesting aggressive/angry outbursts. In Christie’s case, both his Mars and his Mercury are at 9 Cancer and 10 Libra, respectively…and you know what that means, right? You should! It means that these planets, like Bloomberg’s Midheaven at 8 Aries, will be supercharged by the Uranus-Pluto square throughout 2013. That’ll keep Christie in the public eye for sure…but not necessarily his foot out of his mouth.

OK, basta. No Lance Armstrong today. That was a long bit of writing, and it means the world to me that you read it, but right now, your astrologer is toast. Book an appointment for a consultation already…or give one as a gift to a very dear friend. I am extremely grateful to have phone service and electricity when so many others do not & thus may happily return to work…