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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 1/24/2014 & the Weekend: A Vision for Obama?

An easy flow of inventive and impassioned thought and communication is one potential of this day, egged on by a intense, depth-seeking Moon in Scorpio. How does it all relate to the New Moon agenda you set on January 1st? Why do I ask? Because today (Friday) also starts off with the Third Quarter Moon, suggesting a significant piece of information or action taken on said agenda. And yes, it may be especially ambitious or weighty, given the challenge between mental Mercury and “get real” Saturn written about earlier this week, exact Saturday (a.k.a. “Saturn’s Day”) at 6:56AM ET. However, this does not mean that your Friday Night Happy Hour has to be a downer; on the contrary, lunar aspects are rather buoyant, lightening the Moon in Scorpio just a tad.

Moon will be void almost all day on Saturday — from 8:55AM ET to 10:13PM ET — avoid the malls; expect the unexpected; go with the (likely intense) Moon in Scorpio flow. After the void, Moon enters gamboling/gambling Sagittarius, likely lifting spirits and facilitating a need to broaden horizons — and this carries us through Sunday and into Monday.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten a few emails about President Obama and what’s up with his horoscope. I haven’t taken the time to study it in-depth, but last weekend it was discussed at a conference, where a colleague pointed out a measurement suggesting that nebulous Neptune would be pulling focus this year and next. I found it fascinating to note three stories about Obama this week, all of which espoused Neptunian themes! First, he went all charitable (Neptune!) on us, saying he planned to focus on “income equality” for the rest of his term. In fact, it’s going to be a big focus in next week’s State of the Union speech.

Then he said that marijuana was no more dangerous than alcohol, both of which are Neptunian escapes. And now he’s scheduled a meeting with Pope Francis on March 27th — on a day with Moon in Pisces (ruled by Neptune) — and let’s hope the meeting happens in the morning, before it goes void of course.  More vision and more compassion are two potentials we could expect from someone going through a heavy Neptune emphasis. Another potential would be bewilderment or bewildering behavior. Coincidence or conspiracy? Time will tell…

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