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Saturday & Sunday 11/21/2020: Mind the Looooooong Moon Void; Dolly Parton & Edward Norton Make Waves


Here’s the recap of The Forecast for the weekend:

  • FRIDAY: This is the last full day of the Sun in Scorpio and Venus in Libra. We may see headlines this evening that look like a last-gasp effort on the part of leaders, as well as women, money, values and art. Moon goes void at 7:49 PM ET and won’t enter the next sign until....
  • SATURDAY: …at 11:06 PM ET. This is a looooooooong time to chill, chill, chill! And darned if we all don’t need a long day off — take it! Meanwhile, Venus leaves Libra for Scorpio at 8:22 AM ET, where it will be until December 15th. Now is not the ideal time for cosmetic surgery, as Venus is not at her happiest in Scorpio. Given a choice, Venus would serve its time in a sign where it can be pleasing in every sense. In Scorpio, Venus suggests a need for control over what, whom and how we love. Venus in Scorpio values its own code of honor, integrity and loyalty — that’s an upside.  It is also inclined to keep score and pay back — which can be a downside.
  • SATURDAY: Sun enters Sagittarius at 3:40 PM ET, and this is an improvement. Whereas Scorpio seeks to control and master; Sagittarius pushes boundaries — even if it trips over its feet. Whereas Scorpio may be suspicious and keeps its cards close to its chest, Sagittarius expresses optimism — and its opinions. Even if its foot lands in its mouth. If you are a Sagittarius born two thirds of the way into the sign (around December 10th),  you may be feeling a need for a vision — or simply lost.  Same goes for Virgo, Pisces and Geminis born around the 10th of their birth months. When will the dreamy clouds disperse?  Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.  At 11:45 PM ET, Moon will be in Pisces squaring the Sagittarius Sun. This suggests adjustments made on the New Moon agenda set last week.
  • SUNDAY: Moon in Pisces drives the day with a need for compassion, idealism and going with the flow. It’s well-supported all day. Enjoy.

No sleeping in on Monday — much can be accomplished, with a well-supported Pisces Moon going with the intuitive flow all day. Keep an eye on your dreams, as the Moon meets up with Neptune in the early morning. At 11:40 PM ET, Mercury (how we need to think and communicate) trines Neptune. Inspiration, vision, healing are possibilities — as are rigid fantasies seeking power and control. Mercury is still in Scorpio, doncha’ know, hence the need for depth. This Mercury-Neptune thing is in effect all weekend, infusing your world with various shades of rose.

And now, the news.

But first, an announcement. I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Avid Reader Whitney for an episode of her series, docu-mental. We spoke for well over an hour about the astonishing synchronicity of planetary patterns and world events — and not once did Whitney ask me what color nail polish a Taurus should wear in the winter, or how to seduce a Sagittarius. I mentioned Whitney’s work (you can find it here on Substack) in a post a few months ago, and if you’re one of the Avid Readers who joined her community, my money says your IQ has increased by 10 points. And if not your IQ , then certainly your consciousness. Whitney is just that darned smart and profound — and quite courageous, frankly, to  present an astrologer’s viewpoint to a mostly Muggles audience. Much gratitude to Whitney for the fun opportunity to connect. You can see and hear our lively conversation via the link above.


Mercury is now officially out of its shadow stage, meaning that it has returned to where it was when it turned retrograde on October 13th. As anticipated, the election results have been sorted out, with all the states being called by the media, affirming Biden’s 306 Electoral College votes  — the same number as P45 collected in 2016. Sixteen states have certified their results.  Joe Biden is our president-elect, period.

BUT…also as anticipated, P45 persists in trying to maintain his position by underhanded means, enabled by loyalists willing to destroy our democratic process. Lindsey Graham was reportedly happy to call the Secretary of State of Georgia, wondering if the S.O.S. could toss out a bunch of ballots he didn’t like. The S.O.S., Republican Brad Raffensperger, declined. Let’s watch for more boundary-pushing action from Graham December 2 through December 14. Jupiter (expansion) will be activating his potentially reckless Mars-Uranus conjunction. Wish we had a birth time for him.

Reflecting the disruptive communication potential of the week’s shocking Mercury-Uranus opposition and the lean, mean potential of Venus square Saturn, we have:

Not all women of steel are mean. Dolly Parton has a Venus-Saturn opposition in her horoscope, and it’s also square to Jupiter. She can be all business — in ways that are simply grand. Her militantly disciplined Mars-Saturn conjunction in Cancer was eclipsed on January 10th…and darned if its triggers didn’t coincide with her giving $1 million to the Covid research fund (in April) that produced Moderna’s promising vaccine! Her horoscope is lit up like a pinball machine this month and next. The fabulous press she’s getting reflects Mars (action! crusades!) activating her Mercury, which rules her Gemini Midheaven (professional status) and her Virgo Ascendant (how she needs to be seen) all through November!! Of COURSE we’re going to hear about her now — and if we’d been looking at her horoscope in January, we could have made a note to watch for awesome news. Astrology is amazing!

Edward Norton also has the Muggles scratching their heads. Today he “came out of nowhere” (said the Muggles pundits and journalists) and posted a “poker-style analysis of P45 we never expected” (said the LA Times).  As with Dolly Parton, had we been looking at Norton’s horoscope before today, we could have anticipated an expansive broadcast at this time — with more to come between now and early December. Patterns exact today include the Scorpio Sun (which rules the area of his life related to broadcasting), crossing his Scorpio Ascendant (which explains why the pundits are so surprised by his usual need to present an image of mystery and control). Venus (which rules the area of his life referring to the public) is right on his Libra Moon (an apt pattern for action that is well-received). What else do you see?

In other news…

Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Stay away from gatherings of people, large and small. If that doesn’t convince you, maybe Rachel Maddow’s recent revelation will.

Meanwhile…enjoy this long Moon void in Aquarius. Roll with the twists and flakes, such as the totally bonkers press conference Rudy Giuliani had during Thursday’s Moon void in which he literally melted down. Remember that crises which crop up are usually much ado about nothing.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Here’s how you can support the hours of research and writing it take to produce each installment — I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Here’s a photo of a friend of the saw-whet owl they found in the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.