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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 5/1/2013: Light the Beltane Fires

No break in the action today. The enterprising Capricorn Moon goes void for all of thirteen minutes at 10:07AM ET, on a tense challenge to mental Mercury, suggesting the potential for a brief spat.  That should calm down before noon, with 1) the Moon’s ingress into detached, humanitarian Aquarius and 2) Mercury’s ingress into earthy Taurus, which slows down the impulsive rush-to-judgement thrust brought to you by the past few weeks of Mercury in Aries. Adding depth, potency and the discovery of resources you did not know you had is Pluto’s easy connection to the Sun at 1:33PM ET. It’s a great day for connecting the dots and mingling with your mover and shaker friends, though we may encounter a limitation of some kind when stern Saturn challenges efforts to be socially significant at 11:51PM ET.

So much in the news continuing yesterday’s stubborn opposition between Mars in Taurus and you-better-believe-we-are-going-there Saturn in Scorpio. The morning-after pill is now available without a prescription to girls and women aged 15 and older, just in time for a particularly stubborn and nasty “sex superbug” to make headlines, a bill allowing limited abortion rights is introduced in Ireland and Larry Flynt endorses former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford’s bid for Congress, hailing him as a “great sex pioneer”.

In other news, an ongoing hunger strike — 100 of 166 prisoners held at Gitmo are participating in this militant protest —  has finally drawn the attention of President Obama, who reaffirmed his intention yesterday to close controversial prison. I am overwhelmed by the literal sludge that I’m seeing in the headlines and find my thoughts going across the Pond, where fires were lit in celebration of Beltane. And if it seems as if I’m abruptly ending this forecast because the dynamic energy of this day demands I get moving, it’s a perfect reflection of planetary patterns. Don’t miss a minute of the creative potential this day holds.