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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 5/14/2015: Maxwell’s Silver Hammer & More on Mars vs. Saturn

Pace picks up as of 1:13AM ET, as the Moon enters me-me-me Aries. Arise, go forth and conquer. If inspiration and courage are on your agenda today, this Moon can help you move it along. A clash between your selfish desire and the emotional security needs of others may be dealt with around 1:30PM ET, as the Moon is challenged by Venus in Cancer – but this should quickly pass. At 9:59PM ET, Moon and Mercury are in cooperative alignment, suggesting a chatty buzz to the evening.

And now, the news.

The militant Mars-Saturn face-off we’ve been talking about all week will be exact Friday at 2:03AM, but it’s already being reflected in the headlines. How cool that the U.S. Defense Secretary nominated new chiefs for the army and the navy.

The opposition is happening in Gemini and Sagittarius, signs referring to mindset, communication, media, travel, law, foreigners, religion and other big picture collective belief systems. Thank our friends across the Pond for one of the poster children for this planetary pattern: Prime Minister David Cameron apparently wants to combat extremism by taking action (Mars) to control (Saturn) what is thought (Gemini) and communicated (Gemini) in all media (Sagittarius):

Details have yet to be made public, but according to British news reports, the orders could include a requirement that anyone subject to the restrictions submit in advance any material to be published in print, digitally, or on social media.

Such efforts to righteously control what is published were anticipated months ago, just before Saturn entered Sagittarius.

Meanwhile, Facebook launched a revenue-generating initiative in which it will publish “instant articles” created by media outlets including the NYT, The Guardian, the BBC, The Atlantic and NBC. We all know how militant Facebook can be about controlling what shows up in newsfeeds.  Be afraid, media outlets. Be very afraid.   Elsewhere, information controls were on the House agenda, as it voted to end NSA’s massive phone data collecting operation. Now we’ll see what the Senate does.

If you’re on the receiving end of someone operating under the influence of a heavy Mars-Saturn transit, it may feel as if you’re being hammered. And by that I mean “attacked or criticized forcefully and relentlessly”.  Add Neptune to the mix, and “hammered” can also mean “drunk”. How weird to read in the NYT about a man who randomly attacked four people in Manhattan on Monday — with a hammer. The chart for the first attack on Monday at 1:45pm has Saturn, Mars and Neptune on three out of four angles. Freaky.

This man was arrested Wednesday morning in a violent confrontation with police. He reportedly suffered from mental illness (no surprise) and in more lucid moments, “dreamed of completing a college degree in biology”. Which made me wonder if his actions were influenced by this Beatles’ song. Which then led me to wonder why Paul McCartney would want to write such a disturbing (yet catchy) melody. That’s a subject for another day. But oddly enough, when the song was recorded in July of 1969, Mars was in early Gemini, opposing Saturn in Sagittarius — and in touch with Neptune. Coincidence or conspiracy?

And that’s where a train of thought can take you when you’re reading and  writing about the news during a Moon void.

Maxwell Edison, majoring in medicine…

Now I can’t get that song out of my head.

Speaking of trains (of thought),  a bill to increase funding for Amtrak was smacked down in Congress, despite Tuesday’s train wreck in which at least seven people were killed. It was reported that had certain safeguards been installed on the tracks, the accident could have been prevented.

The train derailed around 9:30PM in Philadelphia. What stands out in the chart is Neptune exactly square the high-flying Sagittarius Ascendant, suggesting a bewildering fog around the event. Even now, some passengers on that train are still missing. With Neptune in the 3rd house, in touch with the Pisces Moon and Mercury, one wonders about a bewildered mindset and sense of direction. Will we learn about an influence of drugs, alcohol or some other distracted state as investigators seek to understand why the train was going 106mph in a 50mph zone?

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Thank you for reading this forecast.