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Thursday 11/8/2018 & the Weekend: Election Day Wrap

TGIt’s almost F!

The Scorpio Moon will be void between 5:42 AM  and 1:59 PM ET. That’s your excuse for any slow starts, twists and flakes that disrupt your effort to move forward in a straight line. No impulse shopping and no freaking out over “crises” that may crop up. Your purchase may not deliver as promised, but that crisis is likely to go away when the Moon gets back on track.

Once the Moon enters Sagittarius, see if you notice a lift in spirits — and for some, an exaggerated exuberance — as Moon meets up with Jupiter at 2 PM ET.  Take a walk in nature; see a foreign film; engage in a righteous debate. All are favored until 10:55 PM ET on SATURDAY, when the Moon leaves Sag for Capricorn. On FRIDAY, thoughts and communication may be expansive and sloppy in the AM; somewhat bewildering, inspired or delusional in the PM. Moon meets up with Mercury at 8:37 AM ET; it squares nebulous Neptune at 3:42 PM ET. In between, there’s a lovely harmony between the yin and yang, suggested by a trine between Venus and Mars, exact at 10:12 AM ET.  This pattern suggests a fine time to work things out with a significant other.

Patterns on Saturday are light. SUNDAY is driven by the Moon in Capricorn, seeking to take care of business. A heavy meet-up between the Moon and Saturn at 10:25 AM ET adds gravitas; a harmony between the Sun and Pluto suggests an easy power play.

No sleeping in on Monday. The Moon continues in Capricorn, and it won’t be void.

And now, the news — tons of it.

Building to a release at 5:42 AM ET today was a tense square between Mars (action, guns, military, courage, aggression) and the Scorpio Moon. Mars is in Aquarius, suggesting a rebel with a cause. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. On Tuesday, Uranus re-entered Aries. Mars rules Aries. So we see that there is now a relationship between Mars and Uranus (technology, eccentricity, disruptor, shocks), as each planet is in the sign ruled by the other. It’s a mutual attraction, suggesting an ease of expression in matters symbolized by these two signs and planets. The technical term for this relationship is “mutual reception.” I’m seeing it reflected in the morning headlines by yet another mass shooting — this one in Thousand Oaks, California. Two of those killed were “good guys with guns.” The perpetrator was a 28-year-old Caucasian male and an ex-Marine who apparently suffered from PTSD. Mars will leave Aquarius on November 16th.

In other news,  Jupiter is now officially in Sagittarius (as of 7:38 AM ET), where it happily pushes boundaries in matters related to free speech, publishing, law, borders, travel, righteous opinions, hot air, etc —  until December 3, 2019. What does this suggest in your own personal world? I will be happy to write up a few paragraphs about what opportunities Jupiter in Sagittarius is likely to bring for you. Reply to this email with your date, time and place of birth. Then toss $44 into my Cosmic Tip Jar — a.k.a. the Big Gold DONATE button in the left side of this page on my website (you do not need a PayPal account; just use your credit card).  I will send you insights within a day or so. Fun!

Meanwhile, right on schedule, here is the big story reflecting Jupiter’s ingress into Sagittarius (file this under “I told you so”): CNN Jim Acosta was actually accosted yesterday during a P45 press conference. Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders lied and implied Mr. Acosta inappropriately touched a White House intern. She tweeted as evidence  a video edited by Infowars (a conspiracy-theory outfit which has been banned from Twitter and other social media sites). Later that night, Mr. Acosta was denied access to another White House press event. But let WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin explain it all for you (and argue that Mr. Acosta should sue).

Mr. Acosta (Apr 17, 1972) is an Aries with Moon and Mars in enterprising Capricorn. His Mercury is at 0 Taurus. His Sun and Mercury are being supercharged by transiting Uranus; transiting Pluto is supercharging his Mars. Perhaps transiting Saturn is now on his Capricorn Moon; without a birth time, we do not know. Translation: we see the strong potential for his communication to be disruptive and for actions to be provocative and powerful. Fun fact: his Mars opposes P45’s Venus-Saturn conjunction in Cancer; his Saturn squares P45’s natal Mars in regal Leo. We can see in the astrology why P45 experiences Mr. Acosta as a threat to his authority and would want to shut him down. Exhibit A: “White House Goes Authoritarian on CNN’s Jim Acosta.”   The authoritarian dreams referred to in last Friday’s forecast are quite real.

The timing of this brazen move is also in sync with P45’s horoscope. From Monday’s post:

A power play the day before Election Day? With transiting Mars (action) and Jupiter (expansion) about to make contact with the Midheaven and Ascendant of P45’s horoscope on November 6th and 7th, respectively, we’ll find out soon enough.

I would argue that the dismissal of Attorney General  Jeff Sessions qualifies as a P45 pre-Election Day power play. Mr. Sessions’ letter of “resignation” was not dated (suggesting it was written earlier than yesterday), and it was released hours after the Democrats regained control of the House. (Fun fact: P45 immediately threatened to take “a warlike posture” if the House initiated Certain Investigation. That’s consistent with what we’d expect with Mars and Jupiter activating P45’s horoscope.)

The timing of Sessions’ firing should be no surprise to Avid Readers, who were informed back in January that transiting Saturn would be hitting Mr. Sessions’ Capricorn Sun and Mars three times in 2018. Strong potential for advancement (upside) and for hitting a brick wall (downside). So when did transiting Saturn clip his highly effective potential for action, symbolized by his natal Mars in Capricorn? ON NOVEMBER 7TH. Coincidence or conspiracy?

A pause, while I create for myself the Sabian Symbol for yesterday’s New Moon in Scorpio: “A girl’s face breaking into a smile.”   Mix it up with Uranus in Aries opposing Venus in Libra, a pattern facilitating “unconventional” attractions; Venus and Uranus in harmony with Mars in Aquarius:

I did believe that Democrats would take the House, and here’s why. Patterns in 2019 are more expansive than restraining for P45 in 2019. But in 2020, he will have transiting Pluto opposing his natal Saturn. This suggests an anguished year; great effort with high stakes. I did not believe this pattern could manifest without a change in House leadership. With few exceptions, Republicans in Congress have demonstrated that they are fine with enabling the man who would be king. It will be up to the Democrats in the House and the Attorneys General in Democratic states to put him in a power squeeze. This is going to take some time. So even if P45 acts rashly (see paragraph below) and tries to squash Robert Mueller’s investigation, as NYT’s Paul Krugman is currently tweeting, House Democrats now have subpoena power, so the truth is going to come out. I pay attention to Mr. Krugman because history and statistics prove he is an accurate pundit.

Meanwhile, despite the hard reality check transiting Saturn delivers to P45’s smoke and mirrors Neptune on Sunday 11/11, we can expect him to be swinging wildly against perceived attacks, as transiting Mars continues to activate aggressive patterns, exact on November 10th and 15th. Another hit of gravitas falls on December 10th, as transiting Saturn opposes his natal Mercury. This is followed by a rash/shocking initiative around December 13th, when transiting Mars activates his natal Uranus (rebel). Exhibit A: Kellyanne Conway’s husband just co-wrote an op-ed declaring that P45’s appointment of Matthew Whitaker as Acting Attorney General is totally unconstitutional.  With Jeff Sessions now gone, Whitaker is now overseeing Mueller’s investigation. Did you know that Whitaker was on the board of a company that settled a “vast scam” in May? It was like Trump University — but for inventors.

In other news, I did not expect Beto O’Rourke to defeat Ted Cruz in Texas. Ted Cruz is under the protective aura of transiting Jupiter conjunct his natal Venus, exact on November 16th, along with other expansive patterns.  No one should be surprised that Mitt Romney is now Senator Romney (R-UT). Told ya so back in January.  Not surprised Scott Walker tanked. His horoscope just doesn’t have the heat it did back in 2011. I can’t believe I’ve been following him for seven years. Bye, Felicia!

Meanwhile, fingers crossed for Nancy Pelosi — last discussed in March. With transiting Saturn on her pioneering Aries Sun righthisminute and transiting Uranus just off her hard-working Saturn-Pluto square, she is due for an upset to the status quo. Whether it puts her back in power as House Majority Leader or cuts her off, I can’t say. Transiting Saturn could go either way, and we do not have a birth time. But if P45 is telling everyone he wants to work with her, you know darn well he’s only doing it in the hopes that her colleagues won’t vote for someone he says he supports.  Here’s her horoscope.

One last political note: as predicted, there were massive technical snafus at the polls. At my New York polling place, our electronic scanner crashed, creating huge lines and delays. Every person in America should be screaming for the return of non-electronic voting machines. Contact your local board of elections and state lawmakers.

Meanwhile, in non-political news, here’s an interesting one reflecting the dreamy healing potential of last weekend’s Sun-Neptune trine: “What If the Placebo Effect Isn’t A Trick?” Reflecting the disruptive potential of Uranus in Taurus, opposed by Venus (unconventional creative expression, likely involving innovation and/or technology): “A Portrait Created by AI Just Sold for $432,000” — yeah, two weeks ago — but at least it’s not politics.

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