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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 6/21/2012: Here, There & Everywhere

East Coasters, take note: Moon in pro-active Cancer goes void of course at 12:48PM…not to enter playful Leo until 11:47PM ET. You can still be productive  in the afternoon when the Moon is void, so long as you are mindful that efforts to move decisively in a straight line (think of an arrow fired at a target), are more prone to twists, delays and a certain “flake factor”. If you are new to this forecast, the post on February 10, 2012 has more on Moon voids and how to use them efficiently.

We continue to charge ahead in this New Moon cycle. This morning we see mental Mercury in an easy relationship to willful Mars (exact at 6:15AM ET), facilitating communication and the issuing of directives. Writers, you could draft pages and pages today! Meanwhile, stern Saturn squaring the sensitive Cancer Moon at 9:58AM ET may 1) fuel ambition or 2) hurt someone’s feelings or dampen enthusiasm. Let’s hope it’s 1); if not, I promise you’ll feel lighter tomorrow.

Yesterday I wondered what we might see happening in Europe  just after 6AM ET that could be experienced as ruthless and/or disruptive. Here’s what hit the New York Times at 6:19AM ET: a gunman takes four hostages in a bank in France. I also wondered — to myself, not in this forecast — what piece of news coming out of Hawaii would be as big an upheaval as the chart for the Summer Solstice suggested. Another  volcano erupting? Why did I wonder this, you ask…

Looking at the astro-cartography of the Summer Solstice, I noted rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto going right through the Hawaiian Islands — close to Maui, in fact. In other words, when you take the chart for the Summer Solstice (remember, solstices are turning points), and lay it over a world map, Hawaii shows up as a potential hotbed of activity. And wouldn’t you know it, today it was announced that the island of Lana’i (98% of its 141 square miles), is being purchased by an American businessman (Larry Ellison of Oracle) — from its current owner. Fascinating! We can keep an eye on Botswana, the Dominican Republic and Malaysia for the next few months, too. They are also “hot” in the chart of the Summer Solstice — and in Malaysia, I’m already seeing disruptions consistent with planetary patterns.

Astrologers use astro-cartography to help clients anticipate what kind of experiences they are likely to attract in a particular location. Moving to a place where Venus is prominent, for example, often attracts a serious romance — even a life partner. If the Sun is prominent where you live, it’s probably a place where you can easily shine. A place with Saturn prominent can be challenging, but also where disciplined, hard work really pays off. You can even use astro-cartography to plan your next vacation.