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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 7/2/2012: Mars Leaves Virgo (Finally!)

Ready for another week of excitement? Well, here it comes…

You can bounce out of bed with Moon still in opinionated Sagittarius, supported by a constructive connection to disciplined Saturn at 7:08AM ET. That can help launch you into action — or at least a grounded philosophical discussion. Note Moon goes void at 6:21PM ET on a challenge from aggressive Mars in perfectionist Virgo, so try to engage your brain before flying off the handle because you’re finding fault with the way someone decided to get things done.

Speaking of Mars, today is the last full day of Mars in Virgo, where it has been all year long — and feeling like since forever before that. Is your work routine now perfected? Is your life completely organized? How about your office? Your diet? Your workout routine? Good, because when Mars enters Libra at 8:32AM ET on Tuesday, we can apply our assertive energy to bringing our perfected work to the public. Or focus it on a relationship. We’ll be working towards fairness, justice, equality and being appreciated. Being balanced will become more of a priority than being perfectly efficient and organized.

Moon enters “make it happen” Capricorn at 6:51PM ET, with all of that proactive, authoritative energy building to emotional fullness at 2:52PM ET on Tuesday. Hmmm…another Full Moon…that’ll be the topic for tomorrow’s forecast. That, and Julian Assange…by special request.

Voids of note for the week:  Wednesday July 4th 8:25AM – 8:26PM ET — good thing it’ll be a holiday in the US. Also: Friday 11:48AM ET – 12:29AM ET Saturday.

And now, the news. As anticipated, we saw some big break-ups in the headlines on Friday. Break-up #1: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing. We don’t have an exact birth time for Cruise, but Katie Holmes was born on December 18, 1978 at 9:32PM in Toledo Junction, OH. In March we see the last of three exact hits by rebel Uranus (which rules her house of partnerships) to her natal Mars (willpower), suggesting a need for freedom in self-expression, matters relating to children and in matters of the higher mind (e.g., religion, law and other belief systems). Also in March we see ruthless Pluto making a challenging aspect to the area of her horoscope relating to her home and family, as well as personal identity. Thus we anticipate a transformation or breakdown leading to empowerment. Isn’t that interesting? Finally: another measurement (solar arc Sun = ASC, for the students and pros reading this), suggesting being seen for who one truly is — and that was exact on May 30th. No surprise at all that the divorce was filed by Holmes, not by Cruise. .

Break-up #2:  Dominique Strauss-Kahn, whose horoscope we have been following for over a year in this forecast (in the archives here and here and here), has separated from his wife, according to a French tabloid. DSK just experienced the second hit of ruthless Pluto to his Midheaven, which suggests a major change in areas of career and family status. However, this story is far from over, as more hits are in store through 2013.  As the New York Times reported, the couple would neither confirm nor deny the tabloid’s story. They are, however, suing the tabloid. Stay tuned.

The point here is not to chatter mindlessly about celebrity couples going through difficult times. The point is to show how astrology can be used to help us understand phases of development and events that can happen in our own lives.

See you tomorrow!