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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 10/28/2010

Say goodbye to Mars in Scorpio, which best uses energy by going deep in order to gain control. Today we welcome Mars in high-flying Sagittarius, an energy that needs to express its opinions and other big ideas — just in time for the final days of the campaign season. Look for enthusiastic waxing about all matters philosophical to increase over the next few weeks — it’s a pundit’s dream come true.

This morning might bring you a sobering, yet hopefully practical realization, thanks to a challenge from Moon (our needs) from restrictive Saturn (too bad; deal with it)…but the mood should lighten up as the day progresses: Sun in Scorpio is hooking up with loving Venus (also in Scorpio — and retrograde — as daily readers of this forecast well know), suggesting an urge to merge deeply and a tendency to see whatever is in front of you in the best possible light. If there’s a social invitation or an artsy event on your calendar this evening, go for it — or at least check out the nearest Happy Hour. You’re likely to appreciate the experience, though the astrological rules (Venus retrograde) advise caution in bringing a new object of desire home.