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Monday 9/13/2021: Sneak Peek at the Week; Mars Enters Libra

Alll-righty then!

The start of the workweek is driven by the Moon in Sagittarius, pushing boundaries with enthusiasm in its quest for truth. At 4:39 PM ET, the Virgo Sun squared the Moon, suggesting a challenge to last week’s New Moon agenda. Minutes later, Moon squared Neptune — and that’s about when Vogue’s live feed of the Met Gala started on Twitter and I started writing this forecast. This year, the celeb-studded event is officially all about “escapism,” I kid you not. “Escapism” is aptly timed, especially with the Sun-Neptune opposition that will be exact on Tuesday morning.

The Sun-Neptune opposition is one of only three patterns this week between two planets that does not include the Moon. On Thursday night, the Sun trines Pluto. The Sun refers to leaders; Pluto refers to power and resources. A trine suggests an easy flow of energy between the two, for better or for worse, and what flows may also reflect the idealism, healing, or obfuscation potential of the earlier Sun-Neptune opposition.

The third pattern is a square between Venus and Saturn, exact early Friday morning. Venus refers to money, values, women, and aesthetics, and it is in Scorpio, a sign that never forgets. Saturn refers to cuts, controls, and authoritarian advances. Here’s how the week goes:

  • TUESDAY: Note your dreams, under the spell of the Sun-Neptune opposition, exact at 5:20 AM ET. Will a leader experience a wipeout today? A square between the Moon and Mars at 6:57 AM ET  may get you up on the wrong side of the bed or prime you for a vigorous morning workout. Adding fuel to that potential fire is Mars, which is at the verrrry end of Virgo, about to enter Libra. A planet at the very end of a sign may operate as if it’s at a crisis point. In Virgo, the crisis for Mars is one of organization, service, work routines, and health. Not only is the energy of assertion at a crisis point today, but it’s also demanding prominence. Why? Because at 8:13 PM ET, Mars enters Libra, and the first degree of Libra is one of the four Aries Points (the others are 0 degrees Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn). Meanwhile, the Moon enters Capricorn at 7:34 AM ET, driving the next couple of days with a need to Make Things Happen, especially when it comes to business. A harmony between Moon and Venus at 3:20 PM ET can work wonders, so make your pitches before then.
  • TUESDAY: My money says that this prominent Mars energy is what Beth Owl’s Daugther’s Tarot Card of the Week reflects.
  • WEDNESDAY: More Moon in Capricorn, reaching out to friends and allies in the morning, as Moon trines Uranus at 8:30 AM ET. Some may not see eye-to-eye around 5:40 PM ET, as Moon squares Mercury in Libra, arguing for getting stuff done with another still weighing the balance. Mars is now also in Libra, which is not a comfortable place for the energy of combat and conquest. Libra is not a fan of unpleasantries and has been known to go to criminal lengths to avoid conflict. Mars in Libra can be an awesome warrior for peace, as exemplified by Nelson Mandela, Pope Francis, and the Dalai Lama. Mars in Libra may also suggest someone who uses words as weapons or prefers manipulation and passive-aggressive behavior to direct confrontation.
  • THURSDAY: Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto at 1:39 AM ET, suggesting news in the wee hours of a power play or catharsis. However, note that the Moon will be void for almost ten hours. Avid Readers know that Moon voids are apt for sticking to routine concerns and rolling with any twists or flakes that disrupt efforts to move forward in a straight line. A Moon void has the energy of a pinball in an old-fashioned pinball machine after it’s bounced off the bumpers and ends its play. Energetically, the pinball loses its focus as it falls back to the bottom of the machine. When launched into play again, it is driven and focused, like the Moon when it enters a new sign. Clear? For the next several weeks, we are going to have at least two days a week with a Moon void lasting ten hours or longer. Pay attention to these long voids and see if you notice the difference in the energy flow.
  • THURSDAY: Moon enters Aquarius at 11:23 AM ET, so East Coasters, the early morning void may reflect a slow start or twist in your day. Moon in Aquarius needs to network and be socially significant. You may foster diplomatic alliances, using the easy flow between Moon and Mars, exact at 1:18 PM ET. Power and resources, along with news from underground, are reflected in the news around 9:52 PM ET, when the Sun trines Pluto. Some items will reflect the tough love and cuts suggested by the square between Venus and Saturn, exact on…
  • FRIDAY: …at 2:14 AM ET. Venus-Saturn patterns may also bring “women of steel” into the spotlight. We may see a cut in someone’s market or budget. The only other aspect today is a square between the Moon and Uranus, exact at 12:44 PM ET. This suggests a jolt or rebellious pushback against whatever controls may have been imposed the day before.
  • SATURDAY: the morning begins with the exuberant and expansive energy of a Moon-Jupiter conjunction at 5: 14 AM ET.  Where will all that rah-rah energy go? Perhaps nowhere, given that Moon will then be void until 4:22 PM ET. That may take the wind out of the sails out of the rally that has been planned in Washington by those who believe that the January 6th insurrectionists (the ones that have been arrested and are being prosecuted) are “political prisoners.” Moon next enters Pisces, driving the next few days with a need for empathy and identification with ideals.
  • SUNDAY: emotions are on the rise, as the waxing Pisces Moon will be full on Monday night. Until then, the Moon flits easily from Venus (at 10:25 AM ET) to Uranus (at 6:25 PM ET), suggesting a good day for birds of a feather to flock together.

And now, the news.

So much of it is bonkers.

If you’re in California, there’s a bonkers election on the question of whether to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. Pollsters seem to think he will not be recalled, which is arguably good for much more than California. Still, the candidate who likely would have the most votes to replace Newsom is Larry Elder, who is already crying “voter fraud!” before the election has even happened.  Avid Readers in California, if you don’t vote, someone else will…and then you’ll be sorry. Vote!

Speaking of which…

…of all the 9/11 remembrances that made news over the weekend, the one that always gets me is the one recalling how the passengers on Flight 93 brought down their hijacked plane rather than allow it to be used as a weapon of mass destruction. It was posted again on Twitter, noting that they made their decision to act based on discussion and…by taking a vote. I had forgotten that if those brave passengers hadn’t been so daring, two fighter pilots would have enacted Plan B, which was to fly their jets into the commercial airliner. One of those pilots was the 26 years old Heather “Lucky” Penney, and her story is sobering, too. Fun fact: Penney has Mars in Libra conjunct Pluto — a warrior for peace in the extreme (birthdate: Sept 18, 1974, in Tucson AZ).

Meanwhile, in Shanksville, PA, George W. Bush spoke to a crowd, uttering what WaPo columnist Jennifer Rubin called “perhaps the most important words in his career…drawing a straight line between the 9/11 terrorists and the 1/6 ones.”  Avid Readers will recall that Dubya’s horoscope has been getting it from all angles over the past year or so, serving as a catalyst for change and action. Between now and the end of October, Saturn will station opposite his regal Leo Ascendant, making two exact hits. This is a sobering opportunity to step out into the public with greater authority, possibly reaching another peak in public status in seven years.

UPDATE: on the former guy, because there is a cluster of patterns happening in his horoscope over the next few weeks that may spark action that makes significant headlines. On September 23rd, we have two patterns suggesting suffering as a martyr to a cause, personal magnetism, losing focus and/or denial. On September 26th, we have a rare pattern suggesting a major new start, with a possible geographic relocation. I’m not convinced the new start will be a permanent gig as a color commentator for boxing matches, even though that’s how he commemorated the 20th anniversary of 9/11. The pattern suggesting a new start could involve a significant other or an open adversary. A pattern exact on October 2 echoes involvement with a partner, or an adversary. For astrology students and pros: the planets involved with these three patterns are Saturn-Neptune, Uranus-Ascendant, and Neptune-Uranus — quite a wiggy and volatile mix. We keep an eye on his horoscope in the hopes of anticipating a time when he will be held accountable, which clinical psychologist Mary L. Trump argues in her new book is one of the essential requirements of enabling America to heal.

UPDATE: on Britney Spears, whose horoscope is functioning as anticipated (see the write-up in the June/July issue of Mountain Astrologer). Last week, her father agreed to step down as her conservator — and she quickly announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari. “Baby One More Time” indeed!

In other news…

The Sun-Neptune opposition presented itself in many wonderfully weird headlines:


If America had six political parties, which one would you belong to? The NYT has a quiz — hope it’s not behind a paywall.


Water, water everywhere: click on the map to follow the path of a raindrop anywhere in the United States. Rain should never fall on Greenland, but it did for the first time ever last month and barely made headlines then, but it did over the weekend.

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