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Friday 12/18/2020 & the Weekend: Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius


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Here’s the recap for the weekend and MONDAY:

  • FRIDAY: This is the last full day of Jupiter in Capricorn, where the ability to be  rewarded has been exhausting, thanks to authorities demanding either a truckload of work in exchange — or that recipients be of an acceptable social status. Pay attention to those receiving these last-gasp rewards today. The humanitarian Moon in Aquarius is inclined to be ever-so-helpful.
  • SATURDAY: Moon goes void at 3:45 AM ET and enters soulful Pisces at 7:39 AM ET. Now is the time for empathy, intuition and working with ideals. Minutes later — at 8:07 AM ET, Jupiter leaves Capricorn for Aquarius, and there will be much rejoicing in the land. Jupiter refers to expansion, for better or worse.

A pause, while we discuss Jupiter’s path in 2021. Next year Jupiter will expand issues related to Aquarian concerns: humanity, groupthink, friends, airwaves, technology, circulations and networks of all kinds. Aquarius needs to be unique — but also hang with like-minded souls. If you were born between the 10th and 17th of February, May, August or November, you’ll get three hits of Jupiter’s expansive boost to your Sun. Any other planet between 22 and 30 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus or Scorpio will have a similar encounter with Jupiter, a.k.a. the Great Benefic.

Jupiter rushes through Aquarius in less than five months! Its expansive drive will be egged on by supercharged contacts with Mars and Uranus. On May 12th, Jupiter advances into the early degrees of Pisces — which may be fortunate for Pisces, Geminis, Virgos and Sagittarians born in the first three days of their respective signs.  Jupiter turns retrograde just before the Summer Solstice, returning to Aquarius on July 30th. When in Pisces, Jupiter expands issues of empathy, refugees, oceans and faith, to name a few. Jupiter was in Pisces in 2010, when the Affordable Care Act was passed.

  • SATURDAY: at 10:26 PM ET, Mercury and the Sun meet up at the verrry end of Sagittarius, demanding prominence in matters of boundary-pushing opinions. Watch for significant news in publishing and all other Sagittarius concerns.
  • SUNDAYMoon in Pisces all day– go with the intuitive flow. Mercury leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn at 6:08 PM ET. Thoughts and communication are not so fiery and boundary-pushing for the next few weeks. They are more likely to be earthy and practical. The first news we hear may be notably visionary or delusional, as Moon meets up with Neptune at 6:35 PM ET. This is the last day of the Sun in Sagittarius — look for prominent news involving leaders, as the Sun is at the Aries Point — about to enter Capricorn on Monday’s Winter Solstice. P45′s need for control has likely been driven to extremes in the past few days — and the pattern reflecting this anguished effort against the threat of loss is exact today.
  • MONDAY: At 5:03 AM ET, the Sun leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn. Happy Winter Solstice! We’ll look at that chart for Washington DC in the next forecast. At 5:24 AM ET, Moon harmonizes with Pluto and then goes void until 5:32 PM ET. East Coasters, that Moon void affects your entire business day.  It’s fine to sleep in. Roll with the twists and flakes that disrupt efforts to move forward in a straight line. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Crises that arise during Moon voids are usually much ado about nothing. Stick to routine concerns; give yourself permission to wander — and CHILL!!!
  • MONDAY:  Void or no void, it’s a whole new ball game at 1:21 PM ET, when Jupiter and Saturn form their Great Conjunction — and also a Great Mutation.    That last link will take you to the article I wrote for the ISAR Journal, which some Avid Readers may have already seen.

Humming in the background this past week and through early next week is the last of three squares between Mars and Pluto, exact on WEDNESDAY at 9:44 AM ET. Mars refers to action, courage, assertion and anger and it functions effectively in Aries, where it is also inclined to rush. Pluto refers to extremes, and this is what we expect: extremes in machismo, warfare, courage, sports — some of which may be explosive. You are personally affected by this ruthlessly energetic pattern if you have a planet around 23 Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn — and this includes the current White House occupant. We can expect him to assert a need for executive authority, which may or may not be blocked. An example of a block might include the return of a story that first broke in May; i.e., that his neighbors in Mar-a-Lago may block this use of his private club as an official residence, or that you, too, can bid for the chance to push the button that blows up his old casino in Atlantic City.


As we’d expect, the headlines this week have perfectly reflected Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius yesterday (December 17). Before I list those stories, here’s a post from March 6th, outlining expectations for Saturn’s initial dip into Aquarius and its subsequent backtrack into Capricorn:

Avid Readers will recall that in the language of astrology, Saturn refers to necessary controls, structure, ambition, streamlining, patriarchy and authority. It functions well in Capricorn, the sign it rules. Saturn in Capricorn is good for business and good for authority, especially patriarchy (“patriarch” just happens to be the Spelling Bee seven-letter word in this weekend’s NYT Sunday magazine!).

Saturn is even stronger in Aquarius, where its ambition may more easily serve humanitarian purposes (anyone born with Saturn in Aquarius needs to help others in their vocation, if they are to be fulfilled). How are we likely to see the energy of structure, control, authority and ambition applied while Saturn is in Aquarius? We’ll see it in areas associated with Aquarius: e.g. networks, technology, astrology, aviation, circulation, groups, freedom, unconventional expression, friendship, the masses — to name a few. Here is a lengthy list of keywords for Aquarius.  If Capricorn is the old guard, Aquarius is the avant garde. Same comparison applies to Saturn vs. Uranus.

Saturn [turned] retrograde on May 11th. It will backtracked through Aquarius until July 2nd, when it re-entered Capricorn. Saturn turned direct on September 29th, but won’t re-enter Aquarius until December 17th. While Saturn is at the verrrry end of Capricorn, the needs of the Capricorn “old guard” Establishment are intensified and facilitated — in a “last gasp” effort to maintain authority and control!  We can expect the needs of the “avant garde” Aquarian keywords to demand attention and support when Saturn enters Aquarius.

With respect to politics in the United States, note that Super Tuesday happened with Saturn at the very end of Capricorn.  So whatever traction the “avant garde” gets between March 21st and July 1st may be challenged or stifled during Saturn in Capricorn’s last stand between July 2nd and December 17th, during which we’ll have the Democratic Convention and — presumably — an election. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss?

And now, the news.

The story of the hacking of US government agencies and other Entities We Would Rather the Russians Not Infiltrate is getting worse and worse, as Heather Cox Richardson explains. Guess what? The hack initially started in March, when Saturn was where it is right now. This is not a coincidence. It’s also a clear example of how the paradigm of power will shift as Jupiter-Saturn meet up in Air Signs for the next 200 years. Networks, data, ideas — whoever can exploit these intangible forms will prevail. Here’s how Microsoft fought back against the hacks.

This story will continue to be awful — and not just because P45 hasn’t said a single word about it. For example, the Pentagon — for some unknown reason — stopped briefing President-Elect Joe Biden today.  In other news, investors in Solar Winds (the hacked company) apparently traded $280 million dollars of stock right before the breach was announced.

Ohh….last day of Jupiter in Capricorn...what other tales of rewards flowing only to those of a certain class will you tell? How about the FBI and FEC being asked to investigate Jared Kushner, who allegedly set up a shell company tied to P45’s campaign, which then funneled hundreds of millions of dollars to family members? Or how about this Big Giant Myth debunked: “a huge study of 50 years of tax cuts for the wealthy suggests trickle-down economics only makes inequality worse.”  Never fear…by 2022, Karl Marx’s horoscope will be on fire. And in the meantime, Amazon workers are working on...organizing.

In other awfulness, on the day that transiting Mercury activated Monday’s total solar eclipse (suggesting news breaking in the way a genii comes out of a bottle), a ghastly memo written by one Paul Alexander, an alleged HHS science advisor and P45 appointee, was published in Politico. “We want them infected,” reads the memo –in reference to hundreds of millions of Americans.

Yes — herd immunity was the advocated strategy for defeating Covid-19 — not that we all didn’t know this from observing the P45 Administration’s response. There’s a time stamp on the memo — sent from Washington at 1:57 AM on 7/27/2020. It’s fascinating to see 8 Gemini on the Ascendant for that event chart, as that was the degree of the illuminating lunar eclipse on November 30th. Paul Alexander has certainly been eclipsed, according to Stephen Colbert. His team couldn’t find a single photo of Alexander to illustrate their segment about the memo.


Thanks to Avid Reader Jennifer for making sure I didn’t miss two stories about women in business pushing boundaries sky-high, as anticipated:

UPDATE: on Pete Buttigieg. Who remembers this forecast from early February?

  • PETE BUTTIGIEG — Capricorn Sun; probably Scorpio Moon; no birth time. His high-functioning Saturn is at 22 Libra, which isn’t the most pleasant planet to be supercharged by transiting Pluto. Avid Readers will recall my mentioning this in a few posts from last year. Mayor Pete’s Sun is at 29 Capricorn — going to be squeezed by transiting Saturn. Jupiter will meet up with his Sun by the end of the year, suggesting a potential reward. I’m more interested in seeing where he’s at in 2023 and 2024, when transiting Pluto will be on his Sun. That can be quite powerful.

Let the record show that on the day before that measurement for reward was exact, Buttigieg was nominated by Biden to serve at the next Transportation Secretary.

The full list (so far) of Biden’s cabinet picks are here. They’re diverse…but many of them are arguably more old guard than avant garde.  Isn’t that interesting? Are we surprised?

Speaking of Biden, his horoscope has more than one heavy pattern over the next couple of weeks. We can now understand the upside potential (ambition, focus, structure, control) and the downside (grief, loss, isolation), given this week’s heavy news. P45 and his enablers have done their best to wreck the country. Over the next couple of years, as the U.S. has its first Pluto Return, I hope we’ll uncover the paper trails that explain why.

The President-Elect and Second Lady-in-waiting (a.k.a. Dr. Jill Biden) were interviewed by Stephen Colbert last night. Dr. Biden said she was certain her husband was elected because of his empathy. I believe she’s right. Until Covid was allowed to run amok in the U.S. by the cruelty of P45, I could not fathom how the patterns in Biden’s horoscope would enable him to prevail. They suggested scandal and fog…but that was the downside potential. The upside potential was vision and healing…and that’s how it worked out.

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Thank you for reading this forecast.

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