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Charts in the News: Jane Austen, Rudy Giuliani, Adam Schiff & a Manhole Mishap

This commentary was written in December 2019 and published in the Feb/Mar 2020 issue of Mountain Astrologer:  Charts in the News February/March 2020

We now have a confirmed birth time for Adam Schiff — and here is a link to his horoscope. Schiff has a 13 Cancer Ascendant, conjunct the 13 Cancer Sun of the United States. His 13 Gemini Moon falls on the US Descendant; his 0 Cancer Sun and Venus are conjunct the US Venus and square the US Midheaven; his Mercury is conjunct the US Mercury and opposite its Pluto. With this confirmed birth time, we can see how personally connected Schiff is to this country — and how, during the impeachment hearings, he worked tirelessly to speak for the high ideals our national horoscope suggests.

Schiff’s Sun and Moon will be affected by three eclipses in June and July. These eclipses are similar to the series of three lunations (one of which was an eclipse) that happened in December 2018 and January 2019. That’s when the House Democrats reclaimed their majority, and Schiff became Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. So we should keep an eye out for a sudden shift in the weeks after the Summer Solstice.

Meanwhile, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of a pattern in Rudy Giuliani‘s horoscope suggesting a stroke of luck or a possible expansion, exact this summer. Now we know that while he’s faded from the front page, he’s launched a YouTube channel. True to the potential of his natal Neptune on the Ascendant, several of the videos posted promote certain drugs that could be used in the battle against Covid-19. These drugs have since been debunked by actual scientists. The stroke of luck is that the trial of Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman (Giuliani associates charged with campaign finance violations), has been pushed back until 2021 — after the November election.

Finally, fellow TMA scribe and asteroid astrology specialist Alex Miller was inspired to add to the analysis of Cesar Gabriel Cortez’s fatal fall (into a manhole) in a recent blog post. 

Read the full commentary here: Charts in the News February/March 2020