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Monday 8/15/2022: Sneak Peak at the Week: Fiery Fun with Venus & Jupiter; Mars Enters Gemini

Alll-righty then!

After Monday, it’s a relatively light week in the cosmic sandbox — and we deserve it. Planetary highlights include:

  • Mars meets up with Algol on Monday
  • Mercury in Virgo trine Uranus on Tuesday
  • Venus in Leo trine Jupiter in Aries on Thursday
  • Third Quarter Moon on Friday
  • Mars enters Gemini on Saturday
  • Mercury opposes Neptune on Sunday

For a five-minute video sneak peek at this written sneak peek at the week, have the Whether Forecast delivered via email. Thrilled that Avid Reader Alison invited me to create this segment as part of her podcast, 2022: The Year of Love.

Here’s how it goes:

  • MONDAY: Moon is in Aries – driving the next few days with a need to lead – fearlessly. Getting something started could get a big boost, as Moon meets up with Jupiter at 6:59 AM ET. Arise, go forth and conquer. Mars is still working overtime — triggering the lunar eclipse of last November as it meets up with the Fixed Star Algol. If there is an extraordinary surge of action, it is reflecting that pattern. More likely, its reflection will be confined to people who have significant planets and points at 27 Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Consult your local astrologer for details.
  • TUESDAY: Keep thinking out of the box and get it done, the sooner the better. Moon sextiles Saturn at 7:13 AM ET, then trines the Sun at 10:47 AM ET. That’s your ease of action. The innovative thinking reflects the trine between Mercury — currently in high-functioning Virgo — and Uranus. No wonder the archivists are driving so much of the news these days. Mercury in Virgo invented archives, with its need to get things right in exacting detail. A power play or catharsis may capture your attention around 4:18 PM ET, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto. Chill during the ensuing six-hour Moon void. At 10:22 PM ET, Moon enters Taurus, driving the next couple of days with a need to build something materially comfortable and secure out of the bright ideas that hit you at the start of the week. If your need for comfort includes a few sensual delights, Moon in Taurus offers a fine time to indulge.
  • WEDNESDAY: Around 12 PM ET, a square between Moon and Venus suggests a potential conflict over show-stopping aesthetics/social expression — or perhaps too much of a good thing. Other than that, we are building to a rare harmony between two planets – Venus and Jupiter – that are associated with good fortune and good times. This happens at 4:02 AM ET on…
  • THURSDAY. If you have a favor to ask, and this Venus-Jupiter trine connects with your own personal horoscope, you may be in luck. We see potential speed bumps in the morning and afternoon, as Moon meets up with Uranus at 10:19 AM ET (an upset to the status quo), and squares Saturn (an effort to regain control) at 3:33 PM ET. Harmony among the Moon, Mercury and Neptune over the next few hours offer tools for sorting and smoothing things out. However, the Third Quarter Moon at 12;36 AM ET on…
  • FRIDAY: …suggests adjustments may be made as the Taurus Moon’s need for material security challenges the regal bearing of the Leo Sun. At 7:05 AM ET, Moon makes its last connection to Mars in Taurus, which is now at the verrrrrrry end of that sign. This “anaretic degree” (that is the technical term for any planet at 29 degrees of a sign), suggests action to preserve material comfort and security may be at a crisis point, and the poster child for Mars at 29 Taurus would be the former guy, as it will square his 29 Leo Ascendant. This is a provocative pattern — and we will not be surprised if action, assertion and aggression — in a last-ditch, bull-in-a-china-shop expression — makes news at the end of this work week. Note the potential for provocation earlier this week in President Biden’s horoscope, with his Sun-Venus at 27-28 Scorpio, is opposed by transiting Mars. Meanwhile, at 8:06 AM ET, after a one-hour Moon void (no biggie), Moon enters Gemini, driving most of the weekend with a need for fun facts and multiple forms of entertainment.
  • SATURDAY: The biggest planetary shift of this week happens at 3:56 AM ET Saturday morning when Mars shifts gears and enters Gemini.

A pause, while we discuss what Mars entering Gemini suggests. The good news is that Mars functions more effectively in Gemini than in Taurus – so we can expect things to move faster than they have over the past two and a half months — at least while Mars is direct in motion. Roadblocks may be released – and we see the potential for multitasking and double-talking to a fault. Gemini is a natural-born communicator and salesperson. With Mars in Gemini, we can expect notable action and assertion in communication and sales. Here’s an example: Mars refers to war; Gemini refers to words. Mars in Gemini increases the potential of a war of words – or perhaps even a war on words.

Mars will be in Gemini for seven months – three times longer than its recent travels through Taurus (or any other sign since 2021).  That’s because Mars will turn retrograde at the end of October won’t move forward until mid-January. Avid Readers know that when a planet goes retrograde, it offers an opportunity to turn inward and review matters related to that planet and sign. My sense is that this long journey of Mars in Gemini will challenge us all to review how honest we are about walking our talk. I’ll have more to say about that as we get closer to October and can begin to prepare.

  • SATURDAY: Clever lyrics and music would be fine expressions of this Moon-in-Gemini weekend, given that Mercury is opposing Neptune, exact on…
  • SUNDAY: AT 3:40 AM ET. Detailed discussions of faith, idealism, healing, refugees and other victims would not be unexpected — especially in the morning, as Moon squares Neptune and Mercury at 9:46 AM ET and 10:28 AM ET. Note your dreams — and double-check the directions. Sunday morning sermons may be especially inspired. On the other hand, Mercury-Neptune connections have a way of facilitating people who live in their own special fantasy world, wearing their own special rose-colored glasses.

Get some rest over the weekend; next week offers much more action, including  the Sun entering Virgo on Monday; Uranus — planet of disruption — turning retrograde on Wednesday; Venus challenged by Saturn and Uranus next weekend; and a taste of Mars in Gemini as it squares the Virgo Sun on Saturday.

And now, the news.

Headlines reflecting the weekend’s heavy Sun-Saturn opposition, amplified by the extreme force of Mars trine Pluto include:


Finally — so we can end on something lighter than stories of cuts and losses….

Horary is a specialized branch of astrology that uses astrology as if it was a deck of Tarot cards. I am a certified horary astrologer, in case you did not know. If you have a burning question and you are willing to consider what astrology has to say about it, you can pose your query to an astrologer. She will calculate a chart for the moment she receives and understands your question, and within that chart, an answer may be found. If the planet representing the person asking the question is opposed by the planet representing the matter being asked about, the message is, “if you continue along this path and acquire the thing/person you are asking about, you will regret it.”

In the spirit of yesterday’s Sun-Saturn opposition, I leave you with the Washington Post’s compilation of Most Regretted Baby Names — and More!”

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

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The recap of Sun-Saturn news may be heavy now,

but this week’s Venus-Jupiter trine offers sweet indulgence later.