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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 3/27/2013: Full Moon in Aries

Writing this shortly after the exact square between Mars and Pluto (11:44PM ET on Tuesday),  suggesting “news from underground”. Not surprisingly, an earthquake in Taiwan just made headlines. Not a monster one, mind you, but still…and here’s an article about earthquakes in The Netherlands, caused by the natural gas industry.

This volatile day kicks off with the Full Moon in Libra opposing the Aries Sun at 5:27AM ET, putting relationship issues in the spotlight. Fairness, equality, the letter of the law — all that jazz. A surprise jolt, revelation or other disruption of the status quo (especially demands for independence) is due around 8:05AM ET, as rebel Uranus opposes the balance-seeking Moon. But wait, there’s more: a jolly trine to Moon from Jupiter expands the fullness of emotions already heightened, and minutes later, that Moon is sorely challenged by combative contact from ruthless Pluto and aggressive Mars at 1:27PM ET and 2:17PM ET, respectively. Curb your temper and duck if someone wants to pick a fight; passions are running high, especially for those with planets between 8 and 11 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.  Otherwise, you can make your case with great conviction, especially if you do so before the Moon goes void at 2:14PM ET.

In the void, debate over what’s fair and just may well continue. As reported earlier, Moon will be void until 8:54PM ET on THURSDAY. Chill and roll with whatever twists crop up. Learn to be patient. There’s still a lot going on that is building to a release tomorow — and we’re already seeing events in the headlines today. For example, on Thursday, Venus (art, women, finance) in pioneering Aries, meets up with the Aries Sun and ground-breaking Uranus, suggesting self-absorbed idealism and also unconventional attractions, relationships and shake-ups in the financial and aesthetic sectors. Tuesday’s headlines included a woman being nominated to head the Secret Service (a first); an outrageous fine art purchase by a hedge fund manager whose company was recently fined over $600 million, apparently without impacting said manager’s standard of living; and Panera announcing a “pay what you want” pricing system in some of its stores.  Innovative! Another startling headline: “BRICS Nations Plan New Bank to Bypass IMF, World Bank” is sure to shake up the status quo (with thanks to the avid reader who sent that in).

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the gripping arguments presented to the SCOTUS yesterday and today (highlights and audio are here — and they really are gripping), a court in Italy overturned the acquittal of Amanda Knox, and ordered a new trial. Shocking! When Knox’s horoscope was discussed in this forecast a couple of years ago, I did note that right about now, rebel Uranus, ruler of her 10th house (career/public status) would square her Mercury (communication, mindset), which rules her Gemini Ascendant and her 5th house of creative self-expression. Seemed like a perfect time for Ms. Knox to publish a book (due out on April 30th). But as we saw in Matt Lauer’s horoscope last week, Uranus transits can be unpredictable and stunning. They disrupt the status quo! Looking at her horoscope again, it is also clear that stern Saturn (ruling Knox’s 9th house — the law) is also challenging the area of her horoscope related to public status, as well as ruthless Pluto. Saturn-Pluto transits are usually difficult, and this one is in effect for Ms. Knox until fall.

Regarding the Defense of Marriage Act, which is the headline event at the Supreme Court today. President Bill Clinton signed this bill into law (read about that here) at 12:50AM on September 21, 1996 in Washington, DC. The chart for DOMA is amazing because it is so clear that it would be prominently in the public eye at this time, and so ready for change! No time to get into the details, at 648 words and counting — but if you’re a student of astrology, take a look at it.