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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 9/9/2016: High-Flying, High Fashion

Good Morning!

The day is driven by the Moon in high-flying Sagittarius, needing to tell everyone and their dog what they think in very blunt and righteous terms. Sagittarius at its best is an optimist that loves a good gamble or gambol, even if that means it sometimes trips over the furniture. With the Moon in Sagittarius until 8:51PM ET on Friday, consider ways to broaden your mind. Get out in nature; treat yourself to a foreign movie or some other culture that is not your own. The sky’s the limit…at least until just before 6PM ET, when the Moon meets up with Saturn and then clashes with Neptune. Heavy and controlling on the one hand; nebulous, scandalous or visionary on the other. If your exuberant beliefs are walloped by a weird, wet blanket around Happy Hour, you’re experiencing the downside potential of a Saturn-Neptune thing.

Important Safety Tip: Mercury is still retrograde. It turns direct on September 22nd. Double check everything thrice before you hit send. If you find yourself having to repeat things you just said, because your target audience didn’t fully understand, be grateful for the opportunity to clarify. Patience and focus are your best friends when Mercury is retrograde. So is silence, especially when rumors are flying.

And now, the news….

…brought to you mostly by this year’s most-talked about planetary pattern: a series of squares between reality check Saturn and surreal Neptune. The second one was on June 17th; the third one is on Saturday.  Themes we expected to see — and have seen — in the news since last September include: refugees, borders, freedom of the press (and lack thereof), thought control, media restructuring, drugs, oils, faith-based beliefs, bubbles and other event that suggest we have fallen down a rabbit hole.

Exhibit A: an in-depth exclusive in Vanity Fair about Elizabeth Holmes, the Stanford dropout whose “revolutionary blood diagnostics company” — Theranos —   has since been exposed as a fraud. Neptune refers to blood and fraud; Saturn refers to the proverbial brick wall. Fun fact: in Ms. Holmes’ horoscope (Feb 3 1984 in Washington DC), her Neptune is at the Aries Point, suggesting Neptune themes will be especially prominent in her life.  The timing of the Vanity Fair expose coincides with a pattern in her horoscope suggesting that her “Neptune issues” are about to pull even bigger focus this month. In the Vanity Fair piece, the reporter notes that Ms. Holmes has a habit of blinking her eyes — enough to be a distraction. In October of 2012, I wrote about what that likely suggests about people with this unconscious habit.  It’s a tangible expression of Neptune’s bewildering fog at play.

Exhibit B: Creepy clowns — creeping people out —  in North and South Carolina? It’s surreal.  The bewildering potential of Saturn together with Neptune is reflected in an NYT headline about the start of Fashion Week: “Everything You Need to Know About This Crazy, Mixed- Up, (Maybe) Very Good Season.”

Speaking of Fashion Week, if you happen to be at the shows in New York and you happen to pick up a copy of Daily Front Row, you’ll see a headline “Astrologers Weigh in on Vous!”  right on the cover. Wow, right? Actually, it was one astrologer (me) and one astonishingly gifted psychic (my dear friend Peri Lyons) who were invited to speculate on the futures of six fab fashion designers. Astrologer, psychic — eh — what’s the difference? A lot.

The article reports that Peri and I both looked at the horoscopes of the designers in question. Not true.  Peri downloaded her impressions from what I call the cosmic iCloud.  I studied the horoscopes based on available data. Only one designer has an exact birth time on public record. Three have exact birth dates. One has a confirmed Sun Sign and birth year (no confirmed birth day). One has only a confirmed Sun Sign — no birth year or birth day — but fortunately your Aries astrologer loves a challenge. What’s super duper cool is that Peri and I arrived at similar conclusions about our subjects, even though our techniques are vastly different.

If you are reading this forecast now because of Daily Front Row, you’ve earned my thanks and a reward for your follow-through. Mention Daily Front Row when you book a consultation, and I will be pleased to offer a 15% discount. This offer is valid until September 30th.

UPDATE: When last we heard from Elizabeth Gilbert — the author of Eat, Pray, Love — she was getting a divorce. Crushing perhaps for millions who were inspired by her relationship with her husband, as it appear to fulfill a dream of finding true love. A look at patterns on her birth date back then revealed:

Certainly we can see the potential for a break, given patterns on her birth date — July 18, 1969 in Waterbury, CT (birth time unknown). Cancer Sun; Moon in perfection-seeking Virgo. Sun conjunct Mercury. Transiting Uranus is putting pressure on Ms. Gilbert’s Sun and Mercury — likely in the form of a need for greater freedom of expression and communication.

We don’t know the exact degree of her Virgo Moon, but it may well be in a hard aspect to her Venus in Gemini, which is definitely under the streamlining influence of Saturn through this fall. Moon-Saturn and Venus-Saturn transits can be isolating and stark…but the silver lining is that out of the sense of lack or loss, a plan for advance may emerge. Finally, we see in her horoscope another pattern between Pluto and Saturn which was exact last month and in effect for most of the year. Pluto-Saturn measurements nearly always suggest hard work required under threat of loss, often with anguish. The NYT report on the split notes that there were hints months ago that this decision was not a sudden move.

Yesterday Ms. Gilbert revealed that her marriage ended when she fell in love with her best friend — a woman — who has been diagnosed with incurable cancer. So now we have a context for the potential suggested by current planetary patterns in her horoscope. Sudden upsets, a need for freedom — unconventional as it may seem, and an ambition realized in the face of something undeniably heavy. She is, as she writes on her Facebook page, “exactly where she is supposed to be.”

Are you exactly where you’re supposed to be? Use your horoscope as a tool for guidance. Here’s how to schedule a personal consultation about you, your significant other, your child, your career — or any other pressing concern. We will have an excellent discussion together.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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