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Monday 4/17/2017: Sneak Peek at a Wobbly Week; Waltzing with Mars and Venus (and Saturn)

Good Morning!

The work week begins with the Moon in enterprising Capricorn, moving forward on its need to make things happen, Mercury retrograde be damned. A rare harmony between the life-giving Sun in Aries and Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) at 8:43 AM ET facilitates leaders/initiatives fixated on righteously opinionated control, for better or for worse. On TUESDAY, the Capricorn Moon makes its weekly clash to Uranus and Pluto, along with expansive Jupiter. Watch for moments of upset, revelation and/or catharsis around 9:58 AM ET and 8:32 PM ET.

WEDNESDAY features the first of four planetary “wobbles,” i.e., planets changing direction and/or signs. On Wednesday at 5:27 PM ET, the Sun leaves Aries for Taurus, slowing down to smell the roses instead of charging madly off of cliffs. On THURSDAY, Pluto turns retrograde at 8:46 AM ET, bringing to light “news from underground” involving power and resources, no doubt. At 1:37 PM ET on Thursday, Mercury backs up into Aries, speeding up the information flow. With Mercury retrograde, avoid jumping to conclusions.

Here are some thoughts on Pluto retrograde:

Retrograde planets suggest a time to look inward for authority in whatever matters ruled by that planet. Pluto is power, control, regeneration, transformation, healing. So stop trying to control the world around you, already. Work on controlling (mastering) your own inner world — and then the world around you will start to reflect your newly-masterful self.  Y’know? You’ll feel the potential for a change of perspective more personally if you have a planet or angle two thirds of the way through  Aries, Libra, Cancer — and especially Capricorn.

On FRIDAY at 6:32 AM ET, Mars leaves Taurus for Gemini. This is another suggestion of speed — but in action, not information. We see the potential for stubborn blocks to be released. We also see the potential for multitasking to a fault. Mars will be in Gemini until June 4th, when it enters Cancer. Generally speaking, Mars functions more effectively in Gemini than it does in Taurus or Cancer.

Also on FRIDAY: the third and final challenge between Venus in Pisces (women, loving kindness, money, values, art) and Saturn in Sagittarius (control, patriarchy, censorship, opinions, foreigners). The first one was on January 27; the second was on April 8th; the overall theme is, “Man, that’s harsh.” Venus backed up into Pisces on April 2nd, raising awareness of vulnerability and compassion. It was hit by Saturn on April 8th. Venus then turned direct on April 15th, but is still in a close relationship with the heavy potential of Saturn. With Venus direct, whatever aesthetic/relationship choices we made during the retrograde will be up for a third and final look Were those choices true to your authentic self — or were they more like a coyote date? A coyote date is when you sleep with someone for the first time and wake up the next morning thinking that you’d rather chew your arm off than wake them up. Yikes.

Meanwhile, on April 16th, Venus made a harmonious connection with Mars (action, masculine, courage) — finally. I say “finally” because these two planets of yin and yang were dancing ohsoclose in February, looking like they were going to get together — but they didn’t. So now they finally have made a connection — and that’s good, right? I’m not convinced. Why? Because what sensitive and compassionate entity (Venus in Pisces) would want to go along with a macho force like Mars when Mars is sitting at 26 degrees of Taurus, in lockstep with the Fixed Star Algol? Avid Readers of this forecast know that Algol is not a happy camper in the language of astrology. In fact, it suggests one bad ombre/hombre. If you’re going to pick a time to do something, conventional wisdom strongly advises keeping Algol out of it. Pay attention to cooperative deals that have been made over the past few days (I’ll give you a few examples when I get to the news in the next forecast).  Because the next stop for Venus is that third challenge from Saturn on Friday the 21st. Harsh….and then a week later (April 28th), Venus leaves Pisces for crusading Aries.

Your Moon voids for the week — natural rest periods when your quest to move forward in a straight line is more likely to be derailed by a flake or a twist — are as follows:   Wednesday 5:57 AM ET – 6: 52 AM ET; FRIDAY 2:23 PM ET until 3:43 PM ET. No biggie.

Thank you for reading this forecast and sharing it with your friends. To schedule a personal consultation, here’s how to contact me. Astrology is an amazing tool for understanding why you are the way you are, why things happen when they do — and when things are likely to happen in the future.