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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 7/16/2014: Jupiter in Leo

More of the same intuitive, sensitive flow from yesterday, courtesy of the Moon in dreamy Pisces, which forms a harmonious alignment with the Cancer Sun around 2PM ET. An indulgent connection between the Moon and Venus at 8:57PM ET suggests the potential for an especially pleasurable evening.

Big news today is Jupiter, a.k.a. The Cosmic Sugar Daddy, ending its year-long stay in Cancer and moving into regal Leo at 6:30AM ET, where it has not been since August of 2002. It will remain in Leo until September of 2015. What does that mean? Well, Jupiter suggests expansion and enthusiasm, sometimes excessive and otherwise overblown. Keywords associated with Leo include the sun (solar power?), gold, kings and queens, leadership, drama, creative self-expression, pride, lions, the heart, love and adoration (lionizing), the need to shine (and help others shine, too).

If you’re a Leo — or have a significant planet or angle in Leo, this suggests an opportunity for you to expand your reach and/or receive recognition for being the magic that is you. Look back to what was going on for you in late 2002-2003. You can also look back to late 1990 – late 1991 and late 1978 through most of 1979. What happened?

Following up on the adjustment challenge of assimilating new information into old paradigms as reflected by planetary patterns and discussed yesterday, here’s an interesting article on how Miami is currently being impacted by climate change — dramatically so — and the equally dramatic response by the “powers that be”. Meanwhile, you’ve probably heard by now that 97% of the scientific community believes that climate change poses a dire threat to humanity. Here’s an article about one scientist who is in the 3% that believes otherwise.

Finally, here’s an intriguing article about how the Moon influences our mind and our sleep patterns…just because it is intriguing.

What’s going on in your horoscope? Make an appointment for a personal consultation and find out. Really, there’s too much going on in the cosmos, reflected in world events, to remain clueless about how it is all likely to impact YOU.