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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 10/25/2010

Does President Obama read this Astro-logical Forecast? On Thursday I wrote, “Friday we’ll have a Full Moon and nebulous Neptune challenging aggressive Mars. Be mindful of what you put in your system over the next couple of days as your sensitivity to toxins may be higher than usual. This includes people selling snake oil.” And wouldn’t you know it, on Friday, this item makes headlines: “President Barack Obama, fighting to keep Democrats in control of the U.S. Senate, accused Republicans on Friday of peddling discredited “snake oil ideas” about the U.S. economy.” http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSN2220863720101023

A quest for information is on deck for the next couple of days — as in “knowledge is power”. Watch the headlines for efforts to control the flow of information in an effort to wield power and influence — and yes, the planetary influences coinciding with this phenomena have been in effect for a couple of days — exact this AM at 9:17 NY time (Mercury conjunct Venus in substance-demanding Scorpio). This connection is often extremely idealistic — as in “rose-colored glasses” — so please do your due diligence regarding whatever news comes across your desk — it’s likely to be laced with seductive charm that may hide a subversive agenda. That being said, your own personal agenda could be pitched persuasively and successfully today — since whoever is on the receiving end of your pitch probably doesn’t read an astrology forecast, he or she might well accept it on face value.  The buzz begins at 7:47AM NY time, with the Moon’s entry into clever, chatty Gemini.

Meanwhile — another follow up to Thursday’s forecast regarding the impact of Venus retrograde in Scorpio on the chart of Clarence Thomas — note that on Friday, a past love surfaces and confirms several allegations made by Anita Hill. Note that Venus turned retrograde EXACTLY on his Midheaven (this is the highest point in his chart — representing career, status — an extremely significant point). A skilled astrologer could have alerted Thomas to this time period — suggesting that his reputation might well be in the spotlight — and that a lover returning to ruthlessly rehash the past would be one possible manifestation.