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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 9/9/2015: News, News and More News

Recapping today’s planetary patterns from yesterday’s forecast:

Moon enters Leo at 10:36PM ET on Tuesday,  trading the emotional sensitivity of Cancer for emotional drama and need to shine, play and put on a show. The Moon will cruise through Leo without input from other planets all day on Wednesday, and pretty much all day on Thursday.

Today’s only exact pattern is mental Mercury squared by Pluto at 3:23PM ET, suggesting a sharp perspective that can either be cutting in ways some might find hurtful, or can be aces at digging up buried facts. Regardless, this pattern suggests no need to mince words. It facilitates persuasive efforts. Consider that drama king/queen Leo Moon and we could witness quite a show over the next two days.

And now, the news.

Yesterday’s alignment between Mars (action, war, athletics, crusades, assertion, aggression) and Uranus (aviation, innovation, technology, freedom, rebellion, eccentrics) occurred in two willful fire signs — Aries and Leo. How interesting to see two aviation stories making the headlines. First, there was a British Airways plane that caught fire during takeoff in Las Vegas. Yikes. Factor in today’s dirt-digging Mercury-Pluto square and the CEO of United Airlines resigns in a corruption scandal. Just how friendly were those skies, hmmm? Depends on what you could do for United, apparently. Elsewhere, no words were minced for the former publisher of the Los Angeles Times. He’s been fired, and it isn’t pretty.

Here’s an innovative action that happened underground: in Russia, two five-year-olds dug their way out of a nursery to buy a sports car. That’s what the headline says — amazing! Elsewhere, tech titan and self-described “eccentric millionaire” John McAfee announced he would be running for president under the banner of a new political party, the “Cyber Party”.

In Kentucky, crusading rebel and county clerk Kim Davis was set free. Will she now do her job as required by the law? Whatever happens, her husband loves her. Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz love her. Lots of people love her — and looking at her horoscope, patterns between the Sun and Venus — and possibly the Moon and Venus, too (we do not know her birth time), suggest that receiving love, love, love is a theme for her right now. However, the band Survivor does not love her,  since its copyrighted song, “Eye of the Tiger,” was played at her press conference. I’m seeing a pattern here….

…and I’m wondering if Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz also love Charee Stanley, a Muslim flight attendant who claims she was suspended because she refused to serve alcohol to passengers. We’ll be reading many more of these “my religion trumps your law” stories as Saturn moves back into Sagittarius and engages with Jupiter and Neptune this month and into 2016…..

Meanwhile, there was a killer tennis match at the U.S. Open between Serena Williams and Venus Williams.  Serena’s horoscope is driven by a perfectionist Virgo Moon at 20 degrees. That’s the degree of this Sunday’s eclipse. Her sister, Venus, has Saturn at 20 Virgo. In both horoscopes, these soon-to-be-eclipsed planets rule the Fourth House, which refers to the mother (in modern astrology) or the father (in traditional astrology), home and foundation. It will be interesting to see how this area of the Williams sisters’ lives is affected over the next several months, as 20 degrees of Virgo is triggered by transiting planets.

I could write paragraphs about the fascinating horoscopes of the Williams sisters, in my spare time between midnight and six AM. But I need to finish preparing the fascinating horoscopes for a multitude of client consultations so they will understand why things are happening now and how to plan a strategy to maximize likely opportunities in the future. Does that sound like an intriguing discussion? Then I invite you to schedule a personal consultation.

Thank you for reading this forecast.