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Wednesday 9/18/2019: Late Sneak Peek at the Week; Saturn Turns Direct; Jupiter Squares Neptune

It’s Wednesday and the Moon is in Taurus, driving the day with a need to build and maintain material comfort and security. It was in Taurus all day yesterday, starting at 6:31 AM ET. Barring planetary action in your own personal horoscope (consult your astrologer for details), much can be accomplished this week. Today’s Taurus Moon harmonizes with Saturn, Mars and Pluto in another one of those rare Earth Grand Trine formations (imagine an equilateral triangle). Whether it’s true or not, the need is to project an image of material self-sufficiency, as the Federal Reserve of New York did last night when it covered $53 billion in the overnight lending market. Yeah, sure — no problem — we got this.  So why the sudden squeeze?

You might have been feeling a squeeze — or an urge to make an ambitious advance — if you have a planet around 13-14 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra. Saturn — planet of structure, ambition and control — has been at 13-14 Capricorn since mid-August. This week it was at a virtual standstill, preparing to end its retrograde period and turn direct. When a planet nears its station (a.k.a. its turning point), it demands focus, not unlike the way a car horn demands focus when a driver leans on it. So when did Saturn’s retrograde period end? Today!! At 4:47 AM ET, in fact. And, as Avid Readers will recall, the U.S. horoscope has its Cancer Sun and Libra Saturn at 13 and 14 degrees, respectively. The last time transiting Saturn made a tough connection to the U.S. Sun-Saturn square was in 2011 — and one squeeze that occurred was the downgrade of the U.S. credit rating.   In the horoscope most commonly used for the U.S., Saturn rules the Second House: our finances, values and self-worth. The Sun rules the Ninth House: foreign affairs, publishing, collective beliefs. How are we feeling on the world stage these days? Squeezed? Diminshed? Controlling?

When Saturn turns direct after being retrograde (since April 29th), projects that have been delayed may now move forward, especially in Capricorn matters such as government/corporate structure and authority. You may find it interesting to read this post from June 2012, when Saturn turned direct in a week with a Jupiter-Neptune square (pushing boundaries in matters of faith and other Neptune concerns). Jupiter will square Neptune on Saturday.  Meanwhile, the Sabian Symbol for Saturn turning direct is 14 Capricorn (“an ancient bas-relief carved in granite). Blain Bovee’s insights on how to apply this symbol can be found here.  Here’s a breakdown for the rest of the week:

  • THURSDAY — the Taurus Moon trines the Virgo Sun and goes void at 9:57 AM ET — not to enter Gemini until 4:58 PM ET. Roll with the flakes and twists and do not freak out over a crisis that may crop up. Specifically, do not lose your head over it — and I say this because the Moon will go void in conjunction with the fixed star Algol. Avid Readers will recall that Algol is associated with losing one’s head — figuratively and literally. It is also associated with women who have been scorned, and as you know, Hell hath no fury, etc. The horoscopes of P45, Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell will be activated. Let’s see how they make headlines tomorrow. Whatever does demand our attention tomorrow will be riding the surge of perfect and correcting action, backed by awesome power and resources. Mars (in perfecting Virgo) will trine Pluto (in Capricorn). Of course we are seeing awesome physical feats in the news, like Sarah Thomas, who just swam the English Channel four times — NON-STOP. And of COURSE this is a BIG story about a WATER sport, because Jupiter square Neptune on Saturday. Astrology is amazing.
  • FRIDAYMoon in Gemini drives the day with a need for news, entertainment and diversity. Boundaries of belief and faith may be pushed around midnight, as the Moon
  • SATURDAY — …opposes Jupiter and squares Neptune, within minutes of 1 AM ET. Anger or assertion crops up around 10 AM ET, as Moon squares Mars. The biggest fish in the planetary pond is the third Jupiter-Neptune square, exact at 12:47 PM ET. Are you marching in the We the People March? Taking a stand for climate change? Otherwise trying to save the world? Moon squares the Sun at 10:41 PM ET –– time to wrap up projects from your New Moon agenda. Moon goes void at 10:41 PM ET and enters Cancer on…
  • SUNDAY — at 12:50 AM ET. Thoughts turn to emotional and home security needs — sobering and disciplined. Why? Because at 12:19 PM ET, Mercury (how we need to think) squares Saturn (controls, authority). But hey — with no Moon void, you can indulge in practical purchases to secure your home and country. Today is the last day of summer — the Autumnal Equinox is on Monday.

And now, the news…

…brought to you by the following:

  • Mars (anger, guns, action, desire) opposing Neptune (fog, glamour, viruses, ideals, oil oceans, drugs, magic, film), square Jupiter (big, horses, pancreas, liver, publishing, education, collective beliefs)
  • Mercury and Venus at the Aries Point — suggesting prominence in publishing and women, money, art, values
  • Sun-Mars trine Pluto — easy application of power and prowess; resources
  • Saturn stationing direct

The New York Times was right on schedule. Much as it publicly dismisses astrology because it is not “scientific,” it sure has served astrology well by consistently publishing stories in synch with planetary patterns. I just loved the cover of the NYT Sunday Magazine: a white rabbit being pulled out of hat (magic!) The hat was a mortarboard (worn by academics at graduation ceremonies — education!) The background color was rose (idealism!) What’s on the cover?  “The Hocus-Pocus of College Admissions.”    Gail Bichler, the design director of the cover photo says, “This week’s cover is a comment on the impossible challenge college admissions officials face in trying to achieve diversity and meet the university’s financial needs. The casting of the rabbit, for which we considered everything from fur color to ear shape, was crucial to the end product, a composite several images designed to look like the rabbit is being pulled from the graduation cap.” Dear NYT, you may not believe in astrology, but it clearly believes in you.  Keep up the great work!


Finally…although there is so much else we could report…an UPDATE on Israel. Back in May, we wrote:

UPDATE: on exciting news from Israel. You may recall that Israel’s horoscope is ripe for an upset this summer — and we were alerted to this potential before its most recent election. Thus it was disappointing to see the status quo preserved, and Netanyahu re-elected. Ohhhh — but wait! The fat lady has not yet sung in this opera, as Netanyahu has failed to form a government. That means there will be a new election on September 17, and we’re finding this out just a few days after the first disruptive square from Uranus to Israel’s stability-seeking Leo Moon. After September 17, whoever wins will have 42 days to form a government…and on November 3rd, Israel will have the second hit of Uranus square its Moon. Hmmm. Things get even more interesting in January 2020.

Israel’s election was held yesterday…and as of righthisminute, Benny Gantz has a closerthanthis lead over Netanyahu.   Stay tuned, as the fat lady is still waiting for her cue.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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Concept by Pablo Delcan. Photo illustration by Jamie Chung.

Prop styling by Anna Surbatovich. Astro-logical commentary by Elisabeth Grace.