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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 5/26/2016: Lookie, Wookiee & Oh Yeah, the New York Times, Right on Schedule

The Moon is void in Capricorn until 10:27AM ET, when it enters Aquarius.  East Coasters, that reflects the slow start you may experience on your way to the office. Aquarius is a cerebral sign, ready to help your humanitarian cause or hook you up with a fresh group of contacts, the more unconventional the better. Aquarius can also be quite the stubborn rebel, clinging to an antiquated past or a pushing for a far-out future. Either way, it’s on the fringe.

The biggest planetary news today  is the potentially supercharged shift  in business-as-usual matters, courtesy of a challenge between Jupiter and Saturn, exact at 8:28AM ET.  When these two planets connect, it often involves a need for a sense of purpose and rightness. They also refer to big business and big collective belief systems, such as law and religion. Jupiter is in Virgo, sign of service, health, workers and warm, fuzzy animals. Saturn is in Sagittarius, sign of foreigners and philosopher-clowns, among others.

And now, the news.

From the New York Times yesterday, in a spot-on reflection of the Jupiter-Saturn square and its effort to be expanding and contracting at the same time:

In a bid to continue aggressive digital expansion while controlling costs, The New York Times will offer voluntary buyout packages to members of the newsroom and several business departments at the end of the month, the company announced on Wednesday.

Members of The Times’s executive committee, including Arthur Sulzberger Jr., the newspaper’s publisher, and Dean Baquet, its executive editor, said in a memo to employees that the buyouts were a part of the company’s larger mandate to build a more digitally focused newsroom and to reach its stated goal of doubling digital revenue by the year 2020.

Saturn in Sagittarius also refers to publishing. Jupiter in Virgo refers to downsizing (“small is big”).

OK, that’s it. I’m done for the day.

Meanwhile, an ex-McDonald’s CEO suggested that workers demanding $15/hour wages ought to be replaced with robots.  And yet another ginormous hospital system in Manhattan announced plans to close its ginormous Mount Sinai Beth Israel hospital, replacing the current 856-bed facility with one that has 70 beds. Mount Sinai is the largest private employer in the city. I did not know that. Jupiter (big) in Virgo (small; workers). Small is better. Got that?

But the real news story of the day…nay…of the week…possibly of the whole entire month…is #HappyChewbaccaLady a.k.a. Candace Payne. Her livestreaming Facebook post of  May 19th of her laughing hysterically while wearing a Star Wars Wookiee mask that makes Wookiee sounds has made her a national sensation. Now she has millions of followers, a publicist and public appearances. What’s going on in her horoscope? Well, gosh, I’d rather talk about what’s going on in yours. You are more interesting to me than Chewbacca Mom.

If you are one of the seven people on Earth who has not seen Ms. Payne’s four-minute video, I hope it makes your day. As Ms. Payne says, it’s the simple joys. And she’s right.

Thank you for reading this forecast.