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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 2/26/2013: Full Moon Fallout

Good luck to today’s perfection-driven Moon in Virgo in the hours leading up to 1PM ET. With mental Mercury aligned with feisty Mars and opposing the Moon about that time, I anticipate much debate about what is right and correct, but not necessarily consensus. The nitpickers vs. the empaths. Who will win?

In this Full Moon fallout, an application of FOCUS in your efforts to separate the wheat from the chaff may reveal critical bugs in your program. Make it a teachable moment, not a cause for crisis, especially after 1:13PM ET, when the Moon goes void until 8:02 AM ET on Wednesday. Chill time!

Moon voids can be especially frustrating for Type A personalities…and are even more so with Mercury now retrograde. Remember what I wrote in a post last week about the importance of double checking all space/time coordinates to make sure, for example, the restaurant you’ve chosen for a rendez-vous is actually still in business? Would you believe I got a call last night from a friend asking for a Plan B near Carnegie Hall because it turned out the restaurant she and her hubby went to first was closed on Mondays? Of course I recommended Bricco — a warm, friendly neighborhood space with good food, reasonably priced — and a grape pie to die for.

In the aftermath of a Full Moon (yesterday’s was exact at 3:26PM ET), we may receive illumination and clarity on the agenda we set for the New Moon two weeks earlier. What information have you received on your efforts to create a space for play?

In the news, I anticipated we would see some startling events involving the feminine/maternal/women during this cycle, including some “mind-boggling” efforts to impose control. Really, you have to wonder what the producers and writers of last night’s Oscars were thinking  — and as you can see in that link, Charlize Theron seems very concerned. Not to mention the writer at The Onion, whose efforts to crack a joke at the expense of a 9-year-old Oscar-nominated actress sparked outrage and an apology. But wait, there’s more. The Violence Against Women Act has yet to be renewed in the House. Why? Yea verily, this “last remaining controversy” boggles the mind. And a state representative in North Carolina has a mind-boggling suggestion for women involving duct tape. Read it and weep.

But about Seth MacFarlane — a double Scorpio who no doubt is being given a stern squeeze by transiting Saturn, especially if he was born after 12pm on October 26, 1973. Seth has Venus at 19 Sagittarius, with a need for righteous, opinionated social expression. On Oscar night, he had transiting Mercury (retrograde!) exactly squaring this Venus, with proactive Mars right there with Mercury at 19 and 18 Pisces, respectively. This is a screamingly obvious potential for provocative words and actions, including a bout of foot-in-mouth disease. Lots of other activity in his chart — check it out.

Meanwhile, I’m pleased to report that a coat exchange was held earlier today and my aubergine Andrew Marc is back in my closet. And according to the reader who emailed me minutes ago, I’m not the only one whose coat went home with someone else Sunday night. Stay focused out there!

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