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Monday 2/6/2023: Sneak Peek at the Week; Full Moon in Leo Fallout

It’s Monday. Do you know where your planets are? I’ll tell you.

Highlights this week are:

  • Mercury sextile Neptune on Monday
  • Venus sextile Uranus on Wednesday
  • Mercury conjunct Pluto on Friday
  • Mercury enters Aquarius on Saturday

Basically, we’re processing the fallout from the ginormous upsets of last week’s patterns, with intensely compelling investigative dirt dug up about the Powers That Be by the end of the week.

  • MONDAY: dawns with a face-off between the regal Leo Moon and authoritarian Saturn. That could feel like a wet blanket or a harsh cut, and it happens at 9:15 AM ET. Chill during the ensuing seven-hour Moon void. The Moon void may be reflected in a slow start, flake or twist to your usual routine, and your mission is not to freak out about it. So if you sleep through your alarm, no worries!! Roll with the twists and flakes and remember that crises that crop up during Moon voids are often resolve on their own once the Moon enters the next sign. Take some time to visualize your game plan,  utilizing the potential of a  sextile between Mercury (how we need to think) and Neptune (visions, dreams, bubbles), exact at 1:28 PM ET.  Whatever fueled your imagination over the weekend may get empowered and real by the end of this week.
  • MONDAY: Moon enters Virgo at 4:14 PM ET, ready to clean up the confetti from the Moon in Leo’s weekend party. A quick glance at the headlines shows how much there is to put back in order. All efforts may be graced by the humanitarian, all-inclusive cooperative spin suggested by Wednesday’s sextile between Venus and Uranus. Ask your network for support.
  • TUESDAY: More Moon in Virgo, aiming to get things right. A clash of will involving how to execute an action plan arrives around 4:04 PM ET, as Moon squares Mars. On the upside, the square could serve as the kick in the butt you need to get multiple things done, never mind about it being perfect. Another energetic spike arrives around 10:01 PM ET, as the Virgo Moon opposes Venus in Pisces, illuminating social expression driven by empathy vs. someone’s need for niggling details. Watch for this and the next patterns in President Biden’s State of the Union speech, scheduled to start at 9 PM ET. Innovative solutions are possible, reflecting the Moon trine Uranus at 10:16 PM ET…and the aforementioned cooperation suggested by the sextile between Venus and Uranus, exact at 12:28 AM ET on…
  • WEDNESDAY. Keep on sorting things out, but double-check the directions around 3:40 PM ET, as the Moon opposes Neptune. This facilitates healing, inspiration and empathy, but it can also be overly idealistic or just plain foggy. An inspiring message arrives around 9:29 PM ET, reflecting the easy flow between the practical, earthy Virgo Moon and Mercury (how we need to think) in Capricorn. Added depth is provided by the Moon’s trine to Pluto, exact at 1:40 AM ET on…
  • THURSDAY. After a brief Moon void, Moon enters Libra at 3:46 AM ET. Diplomacy is the name of the game, big time. An opposition between Jupiter and the Moon expands on this mission, exact at 7:02 PM ET.
  • FRIDAY: Moon’s trine to Mars at 4:24 AM says get up and get it done. What is said and revealed today (and over the past few days) may be especially persuasive and perspicacious, reflecting the “news from underground” potential of Mercury’s conjunction with Pluto (power and resources), exact 12:15 PM ET. Investigative reporters, rejoice — especially if your beat is the Powers That Be. Mercury is at the verrrrrrrry end of (PTB) Capricorn, suggesting corporate/government communications are at a crisis/breaking point. It all flows swimmingly for the rest of the day, as Moon trines Sun at 10:38 PM ET. Here are some headlines from last year’s Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn.
  • SATURDAY:  Mercury enters rocket scientist Aquarius at 6:22 AM ET.  Mercury in Aquarius favors wonky genius that needs to organize the spark of an idea into a fixed — and perhaps stubborn — form. Thoughts and communication become less status-conscious and strategic, as Mercury in Capricorn would suggest. Today Mercury is at 0 Aquarius, activating the world-famous Great Mutation of Jupiter-Saturn at 0 Aquarius that began a new 200-year cycle of development on December 21, 2020. Read about that here. Point is, I expect a ton of news about networks, airwaves and schools of thought, and — off the top of my head — President Biden and King Charles are more personally affected. Mercury will be in Aquarius until March 2nd. Meanwhile, the Libra Moon is ready to build something with authority this morning, as it trines Saturn at 8:07 AM ET. A power play or catharsis may arise around 11:41 AM ET, as Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto. Chill during the two-hour Moon void. Moon enters Scorpio at 1:34 PM ET, now focused on experiencing wordless emotional heights and depths, in its quest for consolidating knowledge for the sake of power and control. Wordless or not, tension involving communication may be sparked by 2:26 PM ET, as Moon squares Mercury.
  • SUNDAY: Moon in Scorpio continues to drive the day. An upset to the status quo likely erupts around 5:42 PM ET, as Moon squares rebel Uranus. Based on past experience, Avid Readers should expect an effort to get things back under control when the Moon opposes Saturn, which it will do on Monday.

And now, the news.

These stories reflect the weekend’s disruptive Full Moon in Leo, which activated the November 8th lunar eclipse. Adding to the anticipated surge of energy were two squares (tension) between the Sun-Uranus (leaders and upsets), and Venus-Mars (provocative, yin-yang). Not only that, but magical thinking and events bordering on the surreal aptly reflected today’s Mercury-Neptune sextile.



Here’s a fun follow-up for those who listened to Episode 23 of Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast, released on Friday. My esteemed co-host Whitney McKnight was inspired to spark a discussion of the horoscope of the Federal Trade Commission and its fearless leader, Lina Khan. On Saturday, WaPo’s editorial board published this affirmation, “Banning non-compete clauses would be an economic game changer”.  Woot!!!!

And then, there’s this one:


Thank goodness we have astrology to help us understand the astro-logic of why things happen when they do.

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