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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 12/20/2010: The Aries Point

Fresh off an idealistic mindset suggested by last night’s connection between mental Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius, what flashes of genius that may disrupt the status-quo will you have — or see in the headlines today? Or will your mind be merely racing, unable to focus as a result of information overload from today’s Moon in “need to know” Gemini? Communication and travel may be a bit jarring today; embrace whatever unconventional detours you encounter (it’s more productive than losing your temper).

We are building energy for a Full Moon/total lunar eclipse, exact on the East Coast at 3:13AM Tuesday, which just happens to be the Winter Solstice. We haven’t had a total lunar eclipse on shortest day of the year in over 400 years, so clearly it’s the end of the world. NOT. Let’s see what really might be going on.

Eclipses interrupt the regular flow of light and whatever other energy flows from the Sun or the Moon, like a river meeting a dam. This creates a bottleneck of energy — and in the case of a lunar eclipse, emotion — that must eventually find a release, usually over the course of a few months’ time. In the case of this eclipse, the time frame is five and half months. Eclipses often highlight an area of life where something needs to be brought to a close. Wherever the eclipse falls in your horoscope is where you can expect a bottleneck, followed by a release, likely of an emotional nature. The bottleneck is an opportunity to gather your resources and/or forces before the release. Since the normal flow is disrupted, the opportunity is ripe for changing the flow. That can be a very good thing! So look for 29 Gemini/29 Sagittarius in your chart and take note of the house which contains it. Or consult your local astrologer for insight.

This eclipse is the first of a series occurring over the next few years in the signs of Gemini/Sagittarius; a shift from two years of bottlenecks and releases in the signs of Cancer/Capricorn (the last in this series of Cancer/Capricorn eclipses happens Jan 4th). We are shifting from letting go of old patterns and beliefs on emotional and homeland security, hallowed institutions and corporations, how we administer progress — all these and other Cancer/Capricorn concerns. Globally the focus is likely to shift to letting go of old patterns in Gemini/Sagittarius issues: communication, mindsets, “big picture” thinking (law, religion. education), foreign relations, information (and information control). Again, how this release will likely manifest specifically in YOUR life requires a look at your unique horoscope.

Does the fact that the total eclipse is happening on the solstice make it more significant?  Sure. Any planet positioned on an equinox or solstice carries more weight — and especially carries with it a drive for prominence. Equinoxes and solstices happen at  zero degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn (collectively known as the Aries Point). That’s what much of the fuss was about regarding the Big T-Square Party among Pluto, Uranus and Saturn that dominated 2010; these planets were all at the Aries Point, indicating the necessity for CHANGE (read my forecast for 7/27/2010 for notes on the Big T-Square Party). To quote Alex Forrest (played by Glenn Close) in the movie FATAL ATTRACTION: “I’m not going to be IGNORED, Dan.” That’s the potential of a planet on the Aries Point in action. And yes, such planets can find more positive and constructive ways to get attention than boiling bunny rabbits ; )

I’ll write more about the eclipse in tomorrow’s forecast — and if we’re lucky, I’ll post it before 3:13AM. Meanwhile, be kind and patient — know that emotions ARE especially likely to be intense and in our faces right now…and if you or anyone you know is born on or near a solstice or an equinox, be ESPECIALLY kind to them, as they will likely be feeling this more intensely than others.  This eclipse will be visible in all of the US — night owls, rejoice!