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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 10/5/2011: More on Amanda Knox

Moon is void of course from 1:58AM ET until 11:18AM ET, suggesting the potential for a slow start or a twist to the morning in affected time zones. During a void, moving purposefully in a straight line can be challenging. It’s easier to wander off course or totally flake/space out. It’s a great time to rest, chill, brainstorm, practice being flexible and recognize that crises that arise during this time period are often “much ado about nothing”.

At 11:18AM ET, Moon moves into humanitarian Aquarius, seeking to be of social significance, with a penchant for the unconventional. However “far out” the discussion may go today, the general mindset is building to a more serious, possibly quite conservative mood, exact Thursday at 6:01PM ET. That’s when disciplined Saturn applies itself to mental Mercury. If gravitas is what you need, these next two days can accommodate. Got a serious proposal to draft?

Back to Amanda Knox, whose horoscope I started to write about this morning. I heard on the radio this evening that she was really looking forward to being back in the green grass around her home — or something to that effect. Amanda has the Sun in Cancer, sign of the home AND Moon in opinionated, gamboling, gallivanting, nature-loving Sagittarius. That Sag Moon needs space — and even more so than usual, suggested by this Moon’s strong connection with unconventional, freedom-loving, rebel Uranus. Intense, erratic, opinionated? You bet!  All that electric emotional current likely manifested in more than one crisis of self-worth, mindset, and possible tensions with siblings, too (if she has them). If only she’d had an astrologer at her trial, who could have calmly explained to the court that of course Ms. Knox was in the hall doing cartwheels in the police station on the night she was taken in for questioning. This woman has a tremendous amount of nervous physical energy to burn and it needs to express itself in ways that others might find weird or over the top. Other aspects in her natal horoscope also suggest she marches to the beat of a different drummer. Still more aspects — Pluto challenging the career point (midheaven), for one — suggest the potential for fame — or infamy.

On Monday we discussed how when transformational Pluto and rebel Uranus are active in a horoscope, there is a strong possibility of the status quo being disrupted — often suddenly. I suspected we would find that here, and sure enough, we find in Amanda’s birth chart the North Node at 6 Aries, challenging Venus at 4 Cancer & Mercury at 8 Cancer, opposing Neptune at 6 Capricorn.  This particular configuration of planets is called a T-square. The planets involved suggest challenges involving sensitivity, idealism, confusion over identity and thought processes, just for starters…

When a pattern as powerful and inherently unstable as a T-square is subjected to pressure from planetary heavies, we anticipate the strong possibility things will happen (because the people who are living those horoscopes will MAKE things happen!). Right now ruthless Pluto is at 5 Capricorn and “sudden break” Uranus is at 3 Aries — totally plugged into the Amanda’s T-Square. Got it? If you can’t picture it in your head, try drawing it on paper.   Or calculate the chart in an instant at www.alabe.com — it’s free! Birth info for Amanda’s horoscope is in yesterday’s forecast.

Remember how I have been saying that people with planets or points in the first 10 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are likely reeeeaaallly feeling the impetus to change — like it or not? Would you like to know if you’ve got such a pattern in your horoscope, how long it is likely to last, what you might expect and how you can best use it for maximum growth and consciousness? Consult your local astrologer for details….