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Monday 5/23/2022: Mercury in Taurus, Eclipse Triggers; Mars in Aries Demands Our Attention

Alll righty then!

Get ready for another action-packed week, and don’t forget to double-check everything thrice, as Mercury is still retrograde.

  • MONDAY: Speaking of Mercury retrograde, on Sunday night it moved back into Taurus, where it will be until June 13th. This gives us three weeks to review our values – especially material values – and how they contribute to our sense of comfort and security. but wait — why three weeks of review, when Mercury turns direct on June 3rd? Good question — and here’s the answer. Even though Mercury will be direct after June 3rd, it’s still going back over ground it’s already covered — so — still a REview!  Meanwhile, the Moon is in Pisces, driving the day with a need to work with impressions and ideals. If your day got off to an exuberant start, it reflects the sunny optimism of a sextile (cooperative flow) between Jupiter and the Sun, exact at 7:04 AM ET. This is a good day to reach across the aisle, using the potential for unconventional alliances suggested by the Moon’s sextile to Uranus, exact at 3:52 PM ET. It’s also a good day to walk your (carefully reviewed talk), reflecting the sextile between Mercury and Mars at 11:26 PM ET.
  • TUESDAY: Still more cooperation in matters of money, worth, aesthetics, women and necessary controls (structures; authority), reflecting the sextile between Venus and Saturn, exact at 7:05 AM ET. Note your dreams in the morning, as the Moon’s conjunction with Neptune at 8:41 AM ET may spark inspiration. Today we may experience a sense of urgency in matters of action and aggression, feeling as if some world is about to end. That sense reflects Mars (action, aggression, guns, cars, the color red, the head, etc.) at the verrrrrrrry end of Pisces. Then — whammo! — at 5:39 PM ET, Moon leaves Pisces for Aries after a six-minute void — followed by Mars leaving Pisces for Aries at 7:17 PM ET. Moon in Aries needs to get things started and in the language of astrology, is more self-centered, compared to Pisces. Mars is the ruler of Aries, and thus functions with high efficiency. Conventional astrological wisdom holds that when Mars is in Aries, it’s generally good for surgery and combat, Mars rules iron and steel. Mars at the beginning of Aries demands prominence is assertion and aggression, so I’m thinking that the primary elections held on this day are going to be talked about. Mars will be in Aries until July 8th. The evening ends on a exuberant note, sponsored by Moon’s meet-up with Jupiter at 10:27 PM ET.
  • WEDNESDAY:  Moon in Aries drives the day with a need to get things started. The only exact aspect is a trine between Mercury and Pluto (exact at 5:48 PM ET), suggesting that the first half of this week will be fruitful for investigative reporters and other persuasive communicators.
  • THURSDAY: No exact aspects to the Aries Moon from other planets until 5:05 PM ET, when Moon sextiles Saturn. Perhaps we will experience an unfocused desire to get something off the ground, but it doesn’t come together until Moon makes that stabilizing connection. Just before midnight, Moon meets up with Venus and then squares Pluto…with the square between Venus and Pluto exact at 2:28 AM ET on…
  • FRIDAY. Translation: a conflict between money (and other Venus-ruled matters) and Pluto (power; extremes) has been building all week, possibly reflected in market volatility. Meanwhile, Mercury will be on the Fixed Star Algol, an unfortunate star associated with losing one’s head (literally or perhaps through alcohol), and Mercury will be hanging around Algol from now until June 11th! Not only that, but as Mercury connects with Algol, it may resurrect issues that were hot on Mercury’s first contact with Algol on April 27th…AND it triggers the lunar eclipse of November 19th. Those affected — off the top of my head — include President Biden, Mitch McConnell, Samuel Alito and Nancy Pelosi.
  • FRIDAY: Moon enters Taurus at 2:22 AM ET seeking to preserve the status quo and calm down whatever ruckus came up under the influence of Venus square Pluto. There are no other planetary patterns on Friday, so if indulging in an extra day of vacation for this long Memorial Day holiday weekend is appealing, go for it. Moon in Taurus supports your indulgence in all pleasure of the senses.
  • SATURDAY: Moon’s meets up with Uranus at 9:50 AM ET — surprise, surprise. Meanwhile, if matters involving women, social expression, worth and money feel they are at a crisis point, this is Venus at the verrrrrrry end of Aries. Planetary patterns suggest an improvement for the better when Venus enters Taurus — a sign she rules — at 10:46 AM ET. Now you can think about scheduling that beauty treatment or shop for a summer wardrobe. Note that there is a boatload of go-go-g0 energy in the air, reflecting the conjunction of Mars (action!)  and Jupiter (expansion!) in Aries, demanding attention at the Aries Point, exact on…
  • SUNDAY: at 6:30 AM ET. By now we are at the end of the lunar cycle — with no light from the Moon to guide us. On the one hand, we have a ton of energy demanding attention, and on the other hand, we have a pre-New Moon vibe that may be listless or restless. Rest assured that there is a lot going on under the cover of darkness. The New Moon kicks in on Monday at 7:30 AM ET.

Here is Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card of Week –– reflecting the fiery, easy flow of this week’s planetary patterns.

Here is the 411 on personal consultations.

The news will be posted soon! Right now, I’m prepping for a live interview with New York astrologer Anthony Picco for his “Cosmic Tuesdays” series. That’s happening at 8 PM ET TONIGHT — MONDAY, MAY 23rd!! We will be taking questions from listeners in the chat room, if you’re feeling spontaneous and want to join the fun, via the above link.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

When I search for “Ukraine Mars statue” in my stock photo library, this is the only image that comes up.

The long red jacket does stand out, though — aptly reflecting Mars in Aries at the Aries Point.