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Tuesday 6/1/2021: Sneak Peek at a Short Work Week; Venus in Cancer & More

Rabbit, rabbit!

It’s June and the Moon is in Pisces, as of 5:07 AM ET. After two days of being driven by the Aquarius Moon’s need for intellectual innovation and emotional detachment, now we are driven by the Pisces Moon’s need for ideals, empathy, and intangibles. If your day gets off to a grand start, credit the Moon’s meet-up with Jupiter at 8:03 AM ET. There are no exact aspects among the planets today, but women, money, and aesthetics may be demanding our attention. Why? Because Venus is at the verrrrry end of sweet-talking Gemini, which means it is getting close to the Aries Point, and anything on the Aries Point demands prominence.

  • WEDNESDAY: At 3:24 AM ET, the Pisces Moon squares the Gemini Sun. Intuition wrestles with a multitude of facts and somehow sorts it out. Maybe a bit of tech support or a best buddy will assist, suggested by the sextile between the Moon and Uranus at 4:21 AM ET. At 9:18 AM ET, Venus leaves Gemini for Cancer and is now exactly on the Aries Point. We’re likely to hear some nurturing news about money, women, mothering, food, and home security. Venus at 0 Cancer is good for people like Adam Schiff and Elizabeth Warren, who both have their Sun at 0 Cancer. So does Prince William. We’ll probably hear from Barack Obama today or tomorrow, given that his Venus is at 1 Cancer. Everyone else can go with the emotional flow, which may incorporate the upside potential of two Really Useful Patterns that are in effect all week, and exact on…
  • THURSDAY: …but first, we may have to untangle a couple of crossed wires that happen just after midnight. Moon meets up with dreamy Neptune at 12:30 AM ET, then squares Mercury retrograde at 2:23 AM ET. These are lovely patterns for reflection, but perhaps not for doing calculus.  Early morning on the East Coast has a ton of proactive drive, sponsored by the Moon in harmony with Mars and Pluto between 4 and 7 AM ET. But since the Pisces Moon goes void at 7:10 AM ET, your morning routine may be subject to a twist or a flake. Just roll with it, and note how the energy shifts at 1:58 PM ET, when the Moon charges into me-me-me-first Aries. Now is the time for leaders to inspire us while creating structures that serve us all — and that really does seem generous. At  3:05 PM ET, the Sun trines Saturn. This is an easy flow between willpower and authority, no matter what side of the aisle you’re on. At 5:08 PM ET, Moon squares Venus, suggesting somebody’s impatient initiative may clash with someone else’s sensitive feelings. At 7:32 PM ET, Venus trines Jupiter, and if you have planets in the early degrees of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, you may have an exceptionally pleasant evening.  It’s these two patterns — Sun trine Saturn and Venus trine Jupiter — that are reflected in Beth Owls Daughter’s Tarot Card of the Week if you ask me.
  • FRIDAY: Now we are moving into potentially explosive territory. Moon is still in Aries, seeking to start something, though it may not be quite sure what. During the first part of the day, the Moon travels without contact with other planets. At 4:23 PM ET and 6:37 PM ET, Moon sextiles Saturn and the Sun, which are helpful for communicating and executing a plan. Oh, but wait, Mercury is retrograde, right? Right. This is challenging for communicating. Plus, we should consider what kind of plan is about to be executed. And on…
  • SATURDAY:…Mercury will square Neptune at 3:04 PM ET. Here we have idealism, magical thinking, or just plain delusion. And 40 minutes later, Mars will oppose Pluto. This is a potentially explosive pattern. Mars is action and aggression; Pluto refers to extremes. This pattern will be reinforced when the Aries Moon squares Pluto at 6:37 PM ET and Mars at 6:46 PM ET. If you’re competing in a triathlon, these patterns suggest extremes of assertive energy that may serve you well. The downside potential would be headline news involving violence (possibly “inspired” by fanatical beliefs), guns, cars, seismic activity (Mother Nature can be explosive, too). The Aries Moon goes void on the Mars square at 6:46 PM ET, which may diffuse the impact of whatever is released this afternoon and early evening.
  • SUNDAY: Moon enters Taurus at 1:45 AM ET, seeking to build and preserve calm, comfort, and security. If your world was not rocked by yesterday’s Mars-Pluto outburst, the Moon’s sextiles to Jupiter and Venus at 5:32 AM ET and 11:56 AM ET can facilitate sampling life’s simple joys: good food, drink, art, music, and a snuggle with your sweetie. By nightfall, however, there may be electricity in the air.

I have a ton of news I’m dying to write about– all of it in sync with planetary patterns. I’ll be able to do that Tuesday afternoon. Meanwhile, I do post astro-logical commentary on breaking news on my Twitter feed a few times a day — here’s how you can follow me.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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Venus (detail) by Sandro Botticelli in the vintage book The Florence, the painting gallery, by E. Dolgova, 1904