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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday and Such 7/18/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; Full Moon in Capricorn

The work week begins with Moon in Capricorn, forging ahead without too much interference during business hours. Your mission is to make things happen, using people and things to your strategic advantage.  Man, that Capricorn Moon can be cold. A dreamy or creative spin may be applied to your dastardly deeds around 2PM ET, when the Moon harmonizes with visionary Neptune.

Be advised that emotions, along with the Moon, are waxing full today, exact on the Full Moon on TUESDAY at 6:56PM ET. Until then, we must first survive the emotional intensity and power plays of the Moon’s meet-up with merciless Pluto tonight at 9:24PM ET, followed by the (saber) rattling of Tuesday’s clash between Moon and Uranus, exact at 1:06PM ET. With warrior/action hero Mars still in an uncomfortable relationship with rebel Uranus (and discordant Eris), do your part to minimize the potential for outbursts by mastering your own aggressive urges and/or take it out at the local gym.

Other than Tuesday’s Full Moon, there are few exact planetary patterns between planets other than the Moon. Today and tomorrow we are under the influence of Saturn (structure, patriarchy, authority) in harmony with Mercury (how we need to think) and Venus (what we value; how we express ourselves socially). With the former in opinionated Sagittarius and the latter in regal Leo, we can expect a heavy dose of crystalline, yet conventional showmanship — pun obviously intended given that in the United States these alignments coincide with the Republican National Convention. Mercury and Saturn align at 2:28AM ET on Tuesday; Venus and Saturn align at 9:20AM on Wednesday. In your own personal world, hammer out that proposal, article, deal or any other enterprise requiring idealistic, organizational structure.

The Sabian Symbols for Tuesday’s Full Moon are as follows. For the Sun at 28 Cancer: “a modern Pocahontas.” For the Moon at 28 Capricorn: “A large aviary.” Here’s what Sabian Symbol Blain Bovee has to say about the large aviary:

Imagine a group of people, united by race or religion, talking amongst themselve about another strange and foreign group with whom they share nothing in common, apart from the fact of being human. Stories build, probably rife with moral branding, bias and projected fears.

Astonishing in its timeliness, is not?  As for Pocahontas, Bovee writes:

…a playful, perhaps wanton, little girl fascinated with the strangers from a foreign region…

Of these two Symbols together, Bovee suggests:

Be alert to the need to tell a story to one’s best advantage, to talk matters up to reinforce a prevailing version. Watch for uninhibited natures: sexual, social, moral, political, that shamelessly wander into foreign regions, dress in foreign clothes, pray to strange gods; bringing home an unlikely marriage; bridging worlds of difference with sprightly, unaffected resolve, despite being very much talked about.

If you like Bovee’s take on the Sabian Symbols, here’s the link to his book.

Moon voids are few this week. On Tuesday, Moon will be void between 6:56PM ET and 11:10PM ET; on Thursday stick to routine concerns and chill out between 9:56PM ET and 4:35AM ET on Friday. Be advised that Thursday’s Moon void happens on a highly charged aspect between Moon and Mars. Moon-Mars aspects suggest conflict and aggression. Stay safe out there, mmmKay?

On Friday, Sun enters Leo at 5:30AM ET.

If you’d like to find out what’s going on in your horoscope — and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t — here’s the 411 on consultations.

In lieu of the headlines,  I offer you the latest missive from my favorite disembodied entities — The Hathors — channeled through sound healer Tom Kenyon. No predictions of doom and gloom this time — just a practical meditation/sound healing for coping with these interesting times. Thank you, Moon in Capricorn.