Saturday & Sunday 4/11-12/2020: Catching Up on the News

Rumor has it that it may be Saturday. How are you faring in these interesting times? I made the most of Thursday and Friday’s Scorpio Moon with more than one profound client consultation. My reward: a screening of Harold and Maude, which seemed apt for the Scorpio Moon’s fixation on depth, transformation and control. I also purged my linen closet of cherished items that — alas — have frayed or otherwise broken down. I thanked them for their service and let them go. Purging is an appropriate task for a Scorpio Moon.

Today the Moon is in Sagittarius — and I am thinking of going for a walk in the bright sunshine, after being inside the house for the whole week. Maybe after I post this forecast — and yes, I will wear my mask and gloves and maintain appropriate Saturn in Aquarius social distancing.  If my words have influenced your plans for the day, the Moon in Sagittarius has fulfilled its need to influence collective beliefs and broaden horizons however it can.

Meanwhile — as you may recall — at 12:48 AM, Mercury left Pisces for Aries (see Monday’s forecast for a discussion of the difference). At 7:58 PM ET, Mercury sextiles (harmonizes) with Saturn (control), helping you structure an inspiring new mindset or initiative.  Do your online shopping today, as there is no Moon void. Chill out on Sunday, during the Sag Moon’s long void between 7:46 AM ET and 8:05 PM ET. Once the Moon shifts gears into Capricorn, it will drive the next couple of days with a need for achievement and making use of people and things.

No sleeping in on Monday. The dominant patterns of the week are the seriously high-functioning Aries Sun squaring Pluto on Tuesday morning, followed by a square to Jupiter on Wednesday morning. The last time the Sun made a tense pattern with Pluto was on January 13th, the day after the Lean Mean Meet-Up of Saturn and Pluto. The Sun refers to leaders, the heart and willpower; Pluto refers to power, breakdown, oil and news from underground. Here’s what was in the news back in October 2019 — on the last Pluto-Sun square. Note that the Full Moon of October 2019 was at 20 Aries-Libra, and thus activated by the April 2020 Full Moon at 18 Libra-Aries. How fascinating to see that the headlines in October included, Putin, Saudi Arabia, oil — and more than one story of corruption exposed. P45 spoke with Putin twice last week, because that’s what you do when your country is in the middle of a deadly pandemic; you talk about oil! Stay tuned for more of the same this week — only bigger, amplified by the expansive Sun-Jupiter square. Upside potential: extraordinary optimism and largesse.

And now, the news.

Lots of stories of upsets involving mavericks and other rebels, as Mars (action, men, aggression) squared Uranus (technology, mutations, freedom, disruption) just hours before Tuesday’s illuminating Full Supermoon:

Random headlines reflecting random patterns:

Uranus in Taurus, disrupting supply chains — especially with respect to food: “Dumped Milk, Smashed Eggs, Plowed Vegetables: the Food Waste of the Pandemic:

Uranus and Pluto refers to seismic activity and other news from underground: big fat volcano erupts in Indonesia.

I confess I had never heard of  John Prine, who lost his battle against COVID-19 this week. Prine, according to his obituary in Rolling Stone,

for five decades wrote rich, plain-spoken songs that chronicled the struggles and stories of everyday working people and changed the face of modern American roots music

While I was not hip to “folk music’s Mark Twain,”  (check his top seven songs  out here), it seems everyone else in my social media community most certainly was — so much so, that I figured all this prominence had to be seen in his horoscope at this time. The Full Moon fell on his Libra Sun — and probably on his Aries Moon, too. But we also see a strong potential for prominence in the solar arc (another way astrologers measure time) of his Sun, which is now at almost 1 degree of Capricorn — the Aries Point!

I found it interesting that Prine wrote many of his songs while working as a postal carrier in Maywood, Illinois. The postal service itself was in the news this week — apparently on the brink of collapse — and specifically excluded from financial assistance by P45 and his enablers. It boggles the mind — and perhaps we see the efforts to destroy the People’s Messenger Service as a reflection of transiting Pluto (the destroyer) on the U.S. Mercury (messengers). Without the USPS, it would be impossible to vote by mail.

Other messengers in peril: your local newspaper –– no matter how big or small.  Please support your favorite media outlets (including this one, says Avid Reader Diane),  so they can continue to keep you informed. As WaPo says, “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

Meanwhile…wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Wear a mask outside. Be kind, be kind, be kind. Drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing — even if we’ve never spoken about your horoscope. We are all in this together — and that’s how we’re going to get through it.

I leave you with this elegant yet easy recipe for your favorite pasta and a humble can of white beans.

Thank you for reading this forecast.




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