Saturday 5/11/2024: News and More News; Look Up!!

Time to check in on the astonishing synchronicity of planetary patterns and the news.

But first, a reminder of patterns driving the action this weekend:

  • SATURDAY: Moon in Cancer could prompt a weekend spent enjoying the comforts of home, family — and yes, even Mom this Sunday (it’s Mothers’ Day). After I post this forecast and finish my consultations for the day, I’ll be heading to the hardware store to buy the things I need to plaster and repaint part of my bathroom ceiling. This is an especially appropriate task for a horoscope whose 4th house ruler Mars is connecting with other planets, thus sparking action. Astrology is amazing. Speaking of Mars, the only exact aspect today is a square between Moon and Mars at 2:36 PM ET. Choose your battles carefully; feelings could be hurt. Otherwise, apply this energy to a DIY project around the home.
  • SUNDAY: A perfectly lovely day for the Cancer Moon, supported by a sextile to Venus and a trine to Saturn at 3:57 AM ET and 7:10 AM ET.  More balance and time with unconventional allies are supported in the afternoon, as Moon sextiles the Taurus Sun and Uranus, at 4:34 PM and 5:28 PM ET. Oh…but there is that buzz humming in the background, reflecting the Sun’s meet-up with Uranus at 5:13 AM ET. Uranus often manifests ahead of schedule, and if aviation, technology, seismic action, astrology and/or revolutions are making news — and some of it may be notably forward-thinking. Note that just after midnight on…
  • MONDAY…Mercury will be at 27 Aries, where it was when it turned retrograde on April 1. Finally we are out of the shadow period and ready for our minds to cover new ground, as opposed to reviewing old territory. Keep an eye on Kamala Harris, as her horoscope is affected, as is the horoscope of the United States. And so are you, if you have planets around 27 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Moon sextiles Jupiter at 12:52 AM ET and squares Mercury at 12:56 AM ET on…
  • MONDAY: Obviously there will be no sleeping in, given the buzz of the Sun-Uranus conjunction, exact at 5:13 AM ET.  But note your dreams, as Moon’s trine to Neptune at 5:12 AM ET may open channels.  At 6:36 AM ET, Moon enters Leo, driving the start of the week with a need to shine, take the stage, throw a party or a royal tantrum. A catharsis of power play is not unlikely, as Moon opposes Pluto at 10:34 AM ET. Matters involving money, women, art, and social expression find a balance in the aftermath of the Sun-Uranus conjunction, reflecting the potential of a sextile between Venus and Saturn, exact at 3:45 PM ET.

And now, the news.

Here’s a shocking headline that incorporates the “women mean business” potential of Monday’s Venus-Saturn sextile, against the backdrop of Neptune (scandal, film, intangibles, impressions, chemicals, oil, oceans, fish, etc. ) at the end of Pisces, attracting prominence:

UPDATE: on Ted Cruz, who can be counted on to make news whenever a planet activates the Aries Point, as Neptune is doing now — and as Mars did when it entered Aries at the end of April. But ermagawd, what a shock (surprise!) to see that the softening potential of Neptune as it connects with Cruz’s Sun-Pluto square has somehow brought out the highest potential of a diplomacy-seeking Libra Moon. “Senator Ted Cruz shifts from obstructionist to bipartisanship,” rallying support for a bill he’d co-written to govern the (hello, Sun conjunct Uranus), Federal Aviation Administration.

Speaking of Neptune at the Aries Point, just about every story on the World section of the The Guardian’s home page reflects the potential for prominent stories of refugees and other displaced persons. Neptune refers to refugees, victims, and the dissolving of boundaries.

Countering the potential hopelessness of Neptune at the end of Pisces (i.e., the feeling that it’s the end of the world), note that Saturn is past the halfway point of its journey through Pisces. Saturn in Pisces may prompt serious efforts to acknowledge the reality of suffering and propose practical solutions. It may also place limits on how much empathy it’s possible to have for someone else’s pain.

Also Neptune — and as predicted: “U.S. will reclassify marijuana as less dangerous drug”

How cool is it that the Sun is making big news as the Sun-Uranus conjunction approaches! Have you looked up at the night sky lately?


  • “Isolated and defiant, Israel vows to ‘stand alone’ in war on Hamas” is an apt pattern for Monday’s Sun-Uranus conjunction, not to mention transiting Uranus conjunct Israel’s 23 Taurus Sun, exact on May 23. Israel has transiting Jupiter square its regal Mars in Leo on May 18th, and transiting Mars opposite its 23 Libra Ascendant on May 30. These last two patterns are likely to reflect expanded action, assertion, and aggression.


It was another big week for the former guy, who still keeps falling asleep whilst on trial for some of the 88 felony counts alleged against him. Stormy Daniels took the witness stand on Tuesday, and here is Stephen Colbert to share some of her testimony. Daniels has Mercury in Aries, suggesting a need for fast-paced thought patterns, so her rapid-fire speech wasn’t a surprise. Tuesday was the day that transiting Mars activated the eclipse that impacted TFG’s Neptune, and by the end of the day, Judge Aileen Cannon announced that the May 20 start date for the federal trial involving all the stolen classified documents that were found in TFG’s chandeliered guest bathroom would be vacated. Poof. Dissolved. Disappeared…suddenly…just like that…and just like a Neptune vanishing act.

But wait — there’s more. Some Avid Readers who ordered eclipse insights for the March and April eclipses were advised:

The March 25th lunar eclipse will be triggered by Mars on May 7th and September 13th of 2024. As a research project, you could watch what happens in Donald Trump‘s life on those dates, especially in matters of shared investments, taxes, debts, and other non-negotiable events. That’s how this lunar eclipse is likely to affect him.

Look what ProPublica published today — just before two other provocative patterns will be exact in TFG’s horoscope tomorrow.

TFG’s eclipsed Jupiter — his never-ending supply of good fortune — will be activated by Mars on May 25th…with a potentially disruptive change of status due on — or just before — June 3, when Uranus hits his Midheaven (career/public status) and Mars hits Venus, ruler of his Midheaven. Pass the popcorn.

Meanwhile, if you watched the Stephen Colbert monologue linked above, you heard about the worm that ate part of RFK Jr.’s brain.  Should we be concerned that RFK Jr. sees himself as fit to serve as Commander-in-Chief? That’s pretty surreal, but I suspect we haven’t reached the limit on surreal stories of 2024 just yet. Shout-out to WaPo’s funny op-ed writer Alexandra Petri for bringing us the story from the worm’s point of view.

I really wanted to include headlines about President Biden, as a balance to all the stories about that loser who told the CEOs of oil companies that if they gave him a billion dollars, he’d give them the planet (by trashing environmental regulations). The CEOs are reportedly already drafting executive orders for him to sign. Guess what? Those headlines are really hard to find in mainstream papers — imagine that.  So here is Heather Cox Richardson to keep you informed.   It should be an expansive week for Biden, as transiting Jupiter opposes his Sun and Venus.

What’s going on in your horoscope? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for supporting this forecast— and sharing it with your friends.

The Northern Lights dance in the sky in Bar Harbor, Maine.




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