Monday 9/9/2019: Sneak Peek at a Wiggy Week; Full Moon in Pisces

Allllllrighty then!

If your Monday is feeling out of focus, or subject to a surprising twist or flake, it reflects the Moon being void of course, as of 4:30 AM ET. If you are new to this forecast (welcome!) and unfamiliar with the term “Moon void” or “void of course Moon” here’s a primer:  if you are old enough to remember what an old-fashioned pinball machine looks like, think of the Moon as the pinball. When the Moon enters a new sign, think of that as the launch of the pinball into the game. It moves forward after a direct application of force, right? Then it bounces off the bumpers in the game, which is comparable to the Moon as it makes contact with other planets. Eventually the pinball hits a bumper and falls back to the bottom of the machine, right? And when it falls, it has a different kind of energy, yes? And sometimes the pinball gets stuck on the side of the machine and you have to shake the machine to get the ball moving again, yes? This is my analogy for understanding the energy of the Moon when it is void of course. Often you need a push to get going.

Today the Capricorn Moon made its last contact with Venus at 4:30 AM ET — and it won’t make contact with any other planet while it is in the sign of Capricorn. So we have a drive to make things happen, acquire status and climb to the top of the mountain — potentially without specific focus. Hmm. Your day may wander off course, and if a crisis erupts, do your best to roll with it and chill!  Moon will be relaunched into Aquarius at 5:24 PM ET, suggesting a focus on networking, being of social signicance and hanging with your bestie. It’s all made a bit bloated and surreal, courtesy of the Sun’s annual opposition to Neptune, exact on…

  • TUESDAY — at 3:24 AM ET. If you were born around the 8th of September, March, December or June, you are more personally affected by Neptune’s need for an inspiring ideal — and your quest may leave you feeling somewhat lost or wiped out along the way. Have you checked in with your astrologer? She can provide you with clarity and a practical coping strategy.  Meanwhile, Tuesday begins with a surprise or jolt, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with Uranus at 5:57 AM ET. If you must ship, this day is preferable to Monday or Wednesday — but double check EVERYTHING first because Sun opposition Neptune = possible space cadet.
  • WEDNESDAYMoon goes void at 1:22 AM ET for the entire business day. This may soften the exuberant application of energy suggested by….
  • THURSDAY — …a square between Mars and Jupiter, exact at 5:06 AM ET. That reflects any surge of perfection seeking physical action.  Once the Moon enters Pisces at 5:52 AM ET, the focus shifts from intellect to intuition; from detachment to empathy.
  • FRIDAY — Lots of action, as the Pisces Moon makes contact with multiple planets between 10 AM and midnight: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and Pluto. The hours around 4 PM may be exceptionally assertive, in a fanatical/sexy/scandalous sort of way. That’s when Moon makes contact with Mars and Neptune, as the planets of action/assertion and vision/fog prepare for a face-off minutes after the Moon waxes to its fullness on Saturday.
  • Meanwhile, Mercury and Venus will meet up at the very end of Virgo at 11:12 AM ET. They will both be at the Aries Point over the next few days, suggesting prominent matters in the headlines involving contracts and other documents, communication, arts, women, money and social expression. Power players — including energy resources as well as people — are likely consolidating forces, as the Sun trines (harmonizes) with Pluto at 3:36 PM ET.
  • SATURDAY — the Full Moon in Pisces occurs at 12:33 AM ET, close to the Aries Point.  This is an especially wiggy one, as it is within minutes of the Mars-Neptune opposition at 1:26 AM ET. Quelle scandale — likely involving fiercely held matters of faith. Meanwhile, Mercury and Venus both leave Virgo for Libra at 3:15 AM ET and 9:43 AM ET, respectively. Mercury’s condition diminishes; Venus’s condition improves. The Pisces Moon goes void at its moment of fullness….not to charge into Aries until 6:32 PM ET. Once there, it focuses its me- me-me needs against the we-we-we drive of Mercury and Venus for the rest of the evening.
  • SUNDAY — Moon continues its crusade in Aries without interference; you are free to shop, as it will not be void. Moon squares Saturn at 10:29 PM ET. Do we really have to go to work on Monday? Yes. Yes, we do.

The news will be back later this week. I’m working on my next installment of “Charts in the News” for The Mountain Astrologer.  I leave you with Beth Owlsdaughter ever-helpful Tarot Card of the Week.

Thank you for reading this forecast.




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