Monday 9/25/2023: Sneak Peek at the Week; Full Moon in Aries; Unconventional Attractions

Alllrighty then!

Highlights for this week are:

  • Mercury trines Jupiter on Monday
  • Full Moon in Aries on Friday
  • Venus squares Uranus on Friday
  • Mercury trines Uranus on Saturday

It goes like this:

  • MONDAY:  Moon in Aquarius drives today and tomorrow with a need for intellectual discourse and innovation, whilst being appreciated for its unique social significance within a group. Arise, go forth, and network. The trine between Mercury and Jupiter is the third and final one in this series, featuring Mercury in Virgo, one of the signs it rules. Is it any surprise that one of the headlines that hit the wires yesterday was the announcement of a tentative agreement between the striking Writers Guild and their corporate media employers? No, and we hinted at a possible deal between labor and management re: the actors’ strike, but hey — the writers work for me. In your own personal world, you may have experienced a productive day in matters of communication and publishing…and you may be feeling quite grand about it, reflecting the expansive energy of tonight’s Moon-Jupiter square, exact at 7:48 PM ET. Remember, Jupiter expands whatever it touches.
  • TUESDAY: Night owls can make good use of a trine between the Moon and Mars (action, assertion), exact at 3:12 AM ET. Daybreak may bring a clash of values or dramatic indulgence, as Moon in “who’s yer buddy?” Aquarius opposes Venus in rip-roarin’ Leo, exact at 4:47 AM ET. A surprise or other upset to the status-quo makes news around 8:38 AM ET, as Moon square rebel Uranus. Note that the Moon’s contact with Venus and Uranus this morning gives us a sneak peek of the unconventional attractions and disruption of values we may see this weekend, suggested by the Venus-Uranus square. Whatever the upset to the status quo this morning, note that the Moon then goes void for almost 12 hours. Avid Readers will remember to roll with the twists and flakes that may crop up, and not make a mountain out of a molehill of crisis. Stick to routine concerns; avoid impulse purchases. Take time to wander a bit if you can. Chill! As the day progresses, matters get serious. Focus is regained when Moon enters Pisces at 8:18 PM ET…and meets up with Saturn at 11 PM ET. And then…
  • WEDNESDAY: the Pisces Moon travels without contact to the other kids in the cosmic sandbox until 7:45 PM ET, when it makes a cooperative connection to Jupiter. A Pisces Moon needs to work with impressions, ideals, intangibles, and they may run away with this day, like a snowball of empathy growing in size as it rolls down a mountain.
  • THURSDAY: Intuition may be at odds with someone else’s need for exacting detail, reflecting the opposition between Moon and Mercury at 2:18 AM ET. Work through it, and then go with the intuitive flow for the rest of the business day. Moon sextiles Uranus and Pluto at 8:35 AM ET and 4:57 PM ET, respectively; Moon meets up with Neptune — to express a new ideal, perhaps — at 1:53 PM ET. You could chill for a few hours after 5 PM ET, as the Pisces Moon will be void. See if you notice the shift as Moon charges into Aries at 8:17 PM ET, driving the next few days with a need to lead, inspire, and possibly cut you off on the freeway in an effort to Get There First. Emotions are on the rise, reflecting the build-up to the Full Moon, exact at 5:57 AM ET on…
  • FRIDAY. Note that the Moon travels without interference for the rest of the day, so we have another potential “snowball effect,” only this time the snowball is made of fire — possibly burning fast and furious — reflecting a crusading Aries initiative. At 1:52 PM ET, Venus squares Uranus, suggesting unconventional attractions in the news, along with upsets to the status quo in matters of finance (watch the markets), art, values, women, and social expression.

A pause, while we look at the chart for the Full Moon in Aries, set in Washington, DC:


  • The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are — “a square brightly lit on one side” (for the Aries Moon), and “ideals of a man abundantly crystalized” (for the Libra Sun). Note that a square is considered to be balanced, as in “a square meal,” (opines Blain Bovee); however, a focus on only one side of the square is not in balance at all. Astrologer James Burgess suggests this Symbol represents “the crystallization of life’s purpose; the desire to establish oneself as a unique person.”
  • Note that the next two exact aspects that do not involve the Moon are the square between Venus and Uranus, and the trine between Mercury and Uranus. The connection with Uranus definitely suggests individuation! Note also that Mercury and Venus are almost out of their shadow periods, after being retrograde in recent weeks. Mercury arrives at the starting point of its retrograde at 21 Virgo at the end of this week, and Venus arrives at 28 Leo next week. On a personal level, what came out of the REVIEW the Venus retrograde in Leo offered? Have you now ditched any activity or relationship that you determined did not give you the opportunity to shine? That would be appropriate.
  • You are more personally affected by this Full Moon if you have planets or angles around 6 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn.

Considering that Mercury and Venus are wrapping up their shadow periods, Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card of the Week offers an image of quiet, earthly satisfaction over recent REtrograde contemplation and RElease, secure in the belief that you are being true to yourself. Well done!

Back to the daily Forecast:

  • SATURDAY: Aries Moon opposes Mars in Libra at 8:19 AM ET — not a good time to pick a fight, though ruffled feathers may be relaxed soon thereafter, as Moon trines Venus at 10:08 AM ET. Innovation is the name of the game — especially in technology — as Mercury trines Uranus at 12:55 PM ET. Moon’s weekly clash with Pluto happens at 5:49 PM ET, upping the odds of a power play or emotional catharsis…or added depth, at the least. Chill during the three-hour Moon void. Moon enters Taurus at 9:18 PM ET, determined to restore the status quo or build on the Aries Moon’s initiatives. Moon in Taurus is a lovely pattern for sensual delights, and with Mercury fast approaching an opposition to dreamy Neptune (next week), just imagine…and make it real (as Moon sextiles Saturn at 11:45 PM ET).
  • SUNDAY: Now it is the Taurus Moon rolling down a hill like an ever-growing snowball, gathering forces for its material comfort and security-building agenda. Moon meets up with Jupiter at 9:36 PM ET — perhaps with grand, generous news. We’ll have to get through MONDAY to see if it’s for real, with Mercury opposing Neptune in the morning...which happens to be the First Monday in October — opening day at the Supreme Court, is it not? With Mercury trining Pluto on TUESDAY, watch for plenty of news from underground over the weekend and into next week, as investigative reporters may have a field day.

And now, the news.

There was lots to report with respect to leaders, as the Sun opposed Neptune (scandal, idealism, vision), then trined Pluto (depth, power, resources), then activated the Aries Point in sync with the Autumnal Equinox. For one thing, the UN General Assembly met last week, and thus there were plenty of world leaders in town. Meanwhile, we had Mercury trining Jupiter for the third time — as noted earlier.

Two big, idealistic, healing initiatives launched last week in the US:

  • “The Biden administration announced the creation of the American Climate Corps. This will be a group of more than 20,000 young Americans who will learn to work in clean energy, conservation, and climate resilience while also earning good wages and addressing climate change,” reports historian Heather Cox Richardson.
  • “White House hears Gen Z’s plea to reduce gun violence: ‘Turned our calls for action into reality'” by establishing the first-ever Office of Gun Violence Prevention, to be overseen by VP Kamala Harris. The initiative was introduced by America’s first Gen Z member of Congress — Maxwell Frost. You won’t be surprised to learn that the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune are conjunct in what we know of his horoscope (Jan 17, 1997 in Orlando, FL), and that transiting Pluto is sitting right on top of them. Empowering — and with access to considerable resources for the next two years, is what it looks like to me.

Make that three initiatives, as in:

In other news…

  • Michael Bloomberg pumps $500 million into effort to shut down all US-based coal plants” Bloomberg is such a maverick, with his Aquarius Sun square Uranus, and judging from his horoscope, the 81-years young billionaire will be spearheading even more daring, maverick-y initiatives as transiting Uranus fires him up in 2024. Pluto is still hovering in an opposition to his Cancer Ascendant, pushing his need to be seen as a good caretaker to extremes.
  • President Emmanuel Macron is also experiencing a potentially empowering Pluto transit to his 28 Capricorn Ascendant. “Macron launches ecological plan to end France’s use of fossil fuels by 2030”
  • The Republican Party continues to receive the breakdown potential of transiting Pluto, which is now at the bottom of its horoscope (7/6/1854 at 1:01 PM in Jackson, MI). Will we have yet another government shutdown? I don’t know, but I’m looking at the days around October 8th, as Mars will square Pluto…and Pluto will turn direct…right on the Republican Party’s IC and the US Pluto. On that day, Venus will oppose Saturn, which is apt for cuts and losses…and ten days after that, we’ll have a square between Pluto and the Sun, which suggests the usual power plays.

In other news…

  • Cassidy Hutchinson — the star witness of the J6 hearings — is now on a book tour, and now we know more about Mark Meadows burning documents in a fireplace, Rudy Giuliani groping her, and her opinion of Matt Gaetz as a prospective date. We don’t even have a birthday for Hutchinson, so I can’t comment on the astrology, but here are clips from her one-on-one interview with Rachel Maddow.
  • Also scandalous — again — is the news that Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was indicted on bribery charges that involve gold bars, bags of cash and the nation of Egypt. Some Democratic senators — along with Governor Phil Murphy — are calling for him to resign, but with an exact conjunction between Mars and Saturn in what we know of his horoscope (January 1, 1954 in NYC), we can appreciate why he would stubbornly refuse — so far.


  • With transiting Mercury almost on his Midheaven, transiting Pluto opposing his Mars, and just weeks after his accumulated solar arc square, 92-year-old Rupert Murdoch retired.  In honor of his exit, I’m reposting the link to the documentary, The Brainwashing of My Dad, which I highly recommend.
  • Merrick Garland testified in Congress last week, where he was badgered by Republicans about the DOJ’s handling of its case against Hunter Biden. As noted before, until June, there just wasn’t much going on in what we know of Garland’s horoscope, which has been reflected by his virtual invisibility since becoming  Attorney General. Transiting Uranus is in a series of three oppositions to his Scorpio Sun (11/13/52  in Chicago), the first of which happened on June 22. The next two are on Nov 7 and April 11 — and the one on November 7th is surrounded by other provocative patterns. Meanwhile, it is noted that his Saturn and Neptune will be eclipsed on October 28th — and we should keep an eye on the first week of February for accelerated activity involving his authority.


  • “NY Times columnist mocked by restaurant after complaining about his $78 meal.” This would be op-ed columnist David Brooks, a frequent subject in this forecast several years ago, and not just because he once wrote a column about the rise of witchcraft and astrology in these all-too interesting times. As it turns out, 80% of Brooks’ restaurant bill was his bar tab — not surprising, given the photo he posted on social media. And I thought to myself, if what we know of his horoscope is not having a Neptune transit, I will eat my (Halloween witch) hat. Born on August 11, 1961 — Toronto — Brooks is indeed receiving not one — but at least two — patterns involving Neptune…as astrology gets it right, once again.

Finally…a few more headlines reflecting the communication flow of Monday’s Mercury-Jupiter trine:

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

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