Monday 8/1/2022: Sneak Peek at the Week; Dreamy Vision and Militant Discipline; Mercury Enters Virgo

Allll righty then!

First, two announcements — in case you haven’t heard. Did you know that every Sunday you can catch a five-minute video sneak peek at the week, a.k.a. the Whether Forecast? Avid Reader Alison invited me to create this segment, which is part of her podcast, 2022: The Year of Love. You can sign up to receive an alert as soon as her fascinating interviews (with experts who help people live life with greater consciousness) are posted, as well as my weekly Whether Forecasts. Here is the link.

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Patterns driving the action this week include:

  • Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunct in Taurus on Monday, as you know
  • Venus sextile Mars-Uranus on Tuesday (I told you about this on Friday)
  • Mercury enters Virgo on Thursday
  • Venus trines Neptune on Sunday
  • Mars squares Saturn on Sunday

Here’s how it goes:

  • MONDAY Moon in Virgo drives the day with a need for perfection in every detail. If you’ve been in a generally good mood today, you may be feeling the afterglow of alignment between Sunday night’s trine between the Leo Sun and Jupiter,  suggesting exuberance and reward – possibly even a jackpot. Mars is conjunct the North Node at 2:04 PM ETMoon goes void on a trine to Pluto (power, resources) at 6:29 PM ET, suggesting you chill for the rest of the night.  Mars meets up with Uranus at 7:53 PM ET — watch the headlines for upsets to the status quo.
  • TUESDAY:  Moon enters Libra at 12:05 AM ET, now focused on resolving challenges with diplomacy, fairness and balance. Today we have a fairly rare alignment from Venus to Mars and Uranus,  signalling the possibility of unconventional alliances. Now is the time to reach across the aisle for support. Venus sextiles Uranus at 8:25 AM ET, then sextiles Mars at 9:59 PM ET. Even the Libra Moon is cooperating today — though it may push a little too hard (with its optimism?) around 4:27 PM ET, as it opposes Jupiter. Balance is restored around 8:12 PM ET, when Moon sextiles the Sun.
  • WEDNESDAY: More Moon in Libra. Venus squares the Moon at 1:54 PM ET, suggesting tension between values involving emotional security and diplomacy. A trine (harmony) between Moon and Saturn appeals to a higher authority at 6:28 PM ET…though note the potential power play or catharsis on…
  • THURSDAY…at 2:19 AM ET, as Moon squares Pluto. Chill during the ensuing 5 1/2 hour Moon void. Note that at 2:57 AM ET,  Mercury – which refers to how we need to think and communicate – enters Virgo, one of the signs it rules. If you are negotiating contracts or need to buy gizmos that process data, Mercury in Virgo increases the potential for sensible reasoning, accuracy and gizmos that function as designed. Use this to your advantage until August 24th, when Mercury enters Libra. Meanwhile, Moon enters Scorpio at 7:46 AM ET, driving the next two days with a need to consolidate a certain depth of knowledge. Why? For the sake of power and control! A sextile between the Moon and Mercury at 8:28 AM ET sends a message.
  • FRIDAY: A day of fits and starts, perhaps, as the Moon squares the Leo Sun at 7:06 AM ET, then opposes Uranus at 5:13 PM ET (trying to break an impasse?). Moon opposes Mars in bull-in-a-china shop Taurus at 9:37 PM ET and then squares brick wall Saturn at 11:46 PM ET. We may be in for more than a few provocative revelations in the Friday night news dump, especially among forces that aren’t inclined to budge one single inch. Whatever militant discipline we become aware of Friday night may be a sneak peek of the action on Sunday.
  • SATURDAY: Patterns overnight are less stressful than patterns all day Friday. Moon trines Venus at 12:56 AM ET and then trines Neptune at 4:07 AM ET. This may also be a sneak peek at the action on Sunday. Meanwhile, Saturday is a good time to catch up on sleep, as the Scorpio Moon goes void at 7:24 AM ET. No impulse shopping during the Moon void. Why? Because things bought during Moon void often don’t live up to expectations. In general, stick to routine — and don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. At 12:38 PM ET, see if you notice the lift as Moon soars into Sagittarius. In your own personal world, a weekend with Moon is Sagittarius is a great time to get out of your comfort zone. Go for gambol in nature – or take a gamble on something you’ve never done before. Moon in Sagittarius enables those who hope to influence others with their righteous opinions, FWIW. Got something to say? It might be provocative around 8:18 PM ET, as Moon squares Mercury.
  • SUNDAY: We have two patterns to consider over the weekend. On the one hand, a need for healing, beauty, faith and potentially romantic escapes is suggested by an easy alignment between Venus and Neptune, exact at 12:42 PM ET. If you have planets around 25 degrees of just about any sign, but especially those in Water and Earth signs, some enchanted evening and morning may have been yours. More ease of action is suggested around 3:56 PM ET, as the Moon trines the Sun. Countering that dreamy pattern is a much more disciplined pattern – perhaps militantly so – between Mars – planet of action and Saturn – authority and control. Here’s a post from last September — from a week which featured similar patterns between Mars-Saturn and Venus-Neptune. Take a look at what was happening and use it to manage expectations.

The action of Mars with Saturn and Uranus, combined with the potential idealism of Venus with Neptune, are aptly reflected in Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card of the Week. Onward!

And now, the news.

Lots of daring action to report. Remember what was written for SUNDAY?

SUNDAY: “And yet, there may still be a reason to cheer —from the perspective of one or more fat cats, reflecting the Sun’s trine to Jupiter at 6:36 PM ET. This may give some head of state or business just the boost of confidence they need to take dramatic action on Monday night.”

One leader feeling a confidence boost was President Biden. Just before the Mars-Uranus conjunction was exact at 7:53 PM ET on Monday, the White House announced that Biden would be making a statement — at 7:30 PM ET — that Ayman al-Zawahiri: al-Qaida leader was killed in US drone strike in Afghanistan.”  The “precision strike” happened late Saturday, when the Moon was in Virgo — and obviously less than 24 hours before that Sun-Jupiter trine. Astrology. Is. Amazing.

Meanwhile, in Ukraine, a targeted missile strike killed Olexii Vadaturksy. He was a founder of Nibulon grain transportation company, “a high-tech giant which made possible to feed hundreds of millions of people worldwide,” says my Twitter feed. News of his death was described as “earth shaking.”

Also earth shaking — if there was a chance the Senate would pass it, too: Heather Cox Richardson tells us that the House passed a measure to ban assault weapons. She also explains what’s in the Inflation Reduction Act — this is the bill addressing climate change, tax loopholes and prescription drug prices — suddenly announced by Senators Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin last week. All eyes are now on Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-Allegedly) as we wonder if her stubbornly volatile t-square among Moon, Saturn and Uranus will go along with the rest of the group. She carries within her the tension between the old guard vs. the avant-garde, and we can appreciate why it’s seemingly so hard for her to commit to moving in one clear direction.

In other news…

A credible birth time for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was published in a biography last year. The 3:10 PM time gives her a 27 Leo Ascendant, which is not too far off from a proposed rectified time of 2:45 PM ET.  Speaker Pelosi is a pioneering Aries (i.e., the FIRST), driven by an indomitable Scorpio Moon (needs to consolidate knowledge for the sake of power and control). That Scorpio Moon is 18 degrees and it opposes three planets in Taurus, plus her Midheaven. What that means is that those Taurus placements and her 18 Scorpio Moon are activated by this week’s Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction at….18 Taurus. Got that? She can’t help but respond to the prompt from Mars-Uranus to do something potentially innovative, disruptive and/or daring. And one thing she’s doing — and it’s all over the news — is that she’s on a trip to Asia, with a possible stop in Taiwan. Why would she want to go to Taiwan? The general public is not likely to be privy to the agenda of a woman driven by a mum’s-the-word Scorpio Moon. However, just the notion that she might visit Taiwan has prompted a provoked China to assert that “its military won’t sit idly by” if Pelosi does., to which the US replied, “Oh China, don’t get your knickers in a twist.” Astrology. Is. AMAZING….and we would be wise to keep an eye on Speaker Pelosi as her horoscope continues to be activated by transiting Mars as it travels through the back half of Taurus, especially toward the end of next week.

Mars-Uranus in Taurus suggests stories of unconventional heroes, the science part of “science-fiction,” and general disruptions. Here is a sampling

Combine this with the jackpot potential of Sunday’s Sun-Jupiter trine:

You will appreciate this item more than most if you listened to “‘No poop July’ and other bull crap in the news” — a.k.a Episode 12 of “Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast.” We anticipated news stories reflecting a rapid unclogging, as it were, and the news always delivers:

Finally, this cool item from last week:

  • 1,850-year-old Roman coin featuring zodiac sign found off Israeli coast”   What’s really cool about this coin is that it was minted during the reign of Emperor Antoninus Pius, who…”unlike his predecessors, was not a military man, and he presided over one of the most peaceful periods during the Roman Empire, according to experts, with no major revolts or military incursions. He was known instead for his public works, completing many of the building projects started by his predecessor and adoptive father, Hadrian.”

Peaceful nations stamping astrological symbols on their currency. How d’ya like that?

If you’re wondering what all of these astrological patterns suggest for your own unique horoscope, here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Rabbit, rabbit. Can you believe it’s AUGUST?




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