Monday 7/25/2022: Sneak Peek at the Week; New Moon in Leo; Jupiter Retrograde; Mars-Uranus-Node in Taurus

Alll-righty then!

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Planetary patterns suggest a slow start to this work week — but it likely ends with a bang. Here are the highlights:

  • Venus square Jupiter early Monday morning
  • Mercury square Mars on Tuesday
  • New Moon in Leo on Thursday
  • Jupiter goes retrograde on Thursday
  • Mercury squares Uranus on Thursday
  • Mercury opposes Saturn on Sunday’
  • Sun trines Jupiter on Sunday
  • North Node conjunct Uranus on Sunday
  • North Node conjunct Mars on Monday
  • Mars conjunct Uranus on Monday

It’s those last three patterns among Mars, North Node and Uranus that suggest the week going out with a bang. The upside potential of this volatile conjunction is liberation. Barring that, we are likely to see headlines involving daring aggression, tech breakthroughs, men behaving recklessly, accidents involving Mars-ruled themes (cars, steel, firepower), disruptions involving aviation, to name a few. Your mission this week is choose your battles carefully and be mindful of your surroundings, especially while in transit. Otherwise, there’s lot of GOOD STUFF going on!

Here’s how the week goes:

  • MONDAY: A square between Venus and Jupiter, exact at 2:03 AM ET, may have been indulgent. At 4:14 AM ET, Moon squares Neptune and then goes void for nearly ten hours. This gets the week off to a slow and dreamy start. You know the Moon void drill: roll with any twists and flakes that may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Go with the flow and don’t make a mountain of crisis out of a molehill. Chill!  Moon shifts gears and regains its focus when it enters Cancer at 1:53 PM ET. Matters of emotional, home and family security now drive the action.
  • TUESDAY: Early morning exuberance can be yours if your horoscope is affected by the Moon’s square to Jupiter at 7:35 AM ET, followed by a meet-up with Venus at 10:54 AM ET. Choose your confrontation carefully this afternoon, as a square between Mercury (talking) and Mars (walking) at 3:13 PM ET suggests a stubborn clash — with no one budging an inch. A Plan B may be percolating, reflecting the Cancer Moon’s sextiles to Mars (action) at 7:57 PM ET, and innovative Uranus, exact at 3:36 AM ET on…
  • WEDNESDAY. Whatever Plan B is might not be immediately apparent, as we are at the end of the lunar cycle. The lack of light reflected by the Moon gives cover for clandestine activities. We may feel a sense of listlessness or restlessness, sensing that something new is just around the corner, but we don’t know what. A trine from the Moon to Neptune at 4:58 PM ET is an opportunity to imagine possibilities for the next cycle. Moon’s weekly clash with Pluto suggests a catharsis and/or power play around 8:54 PM ET. Chill during the ensuing Moon void.
  • THURSDAY: Lots to report today. Moon enters Leo at 2:35 AM ET. From now until the end of the work week, drama kings and queens may take the stage. The upside potential of a Leo Moon is to shine, shine, shine — and help others shine, too. The New Moon officially begins at 1:55 PM ET.

Here is what that chart looks like, set in Washington, D.C.:


  • A New Moon in Leo invites us to focus on how we are  loved, honored and respected for who we are – and for the creativity we have to offer the world.  In order to attract the love we seek, it helps if we are feeling secure in our own kingly or queenly castle. How do we do this?

A pause, while we discuss the fact that Jupiter is at its station — about to turn retrograde — in this New Moon chart. Jupiter is trine to the New Moon in Leo. Perhaps this is a clue. A retrograde planet appears to move backwards in the sky from our perspective on Earth. It’s not really moving backwards, but that’s how it seems. Astrologers interpret this apparent retrograde motion as a time to turn inward in matters that relate to the symbolism of that planet and sign.

Jupiter refers to growth and reward. Jupiter is in Aries, which refers to me, myself and I. Perhaps this suggests it is an apt time to turn inward for the love and appreciation we need — instead of seeking it from others. Take your inner child out for a play date.  Watch the movie Groundhog Day for ingenious ideas on how to put this Jupiter retrograde in Aries strategy into action.

Jupiter will be retrograde from July 28th until November 23rd, and with the energy of expansion slowing down and moving backwards, it suggests putting projects intended for maximum growth on the back burner. We are in review mode. Manage expectations accordingly.

Meanwhile…Aries is a fire sign, which means it’s HOT. Jupiter refers to expansion, right? And we noted that Jupiter is slowing down to a virtual standstill. Avid Readers know that a planet about to change direction demands our focus, like someone leaning on the horn of their car. Jupiter has been like a blaring car horn for well over a week. One thing we’ve been focused on is…the heat — as in excessive heat waves all around the world, including fires. Right? (Adding to the sudden expansion of heat would be Mars at 10 Taurus last week, activating the April 30th solar eclipse. Astrology is amazing).

Anyhoo, the Sabian Symbol for this Jupiter retrograde is “a crystal gazer,” and we last wrote about this Symbol in July 2012, when Uranus turned retrograde at 8 Aries. You could look back at the back half of 2012 and see how these words compare with where you are at in 2022. Whatever freedom you gained back then, consider how confident you are now about your hard-earned independence. That’s the focus for you over the next few months — wherever 8 Aries falls in your horoscope.

Someone who looks into a crystal ball is intending to see a vision of the future. So what limits do you need to release internally in order to see that vision clearly — and have a real shot at making that vision come true? Those born with planets around 8 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will be feeling the need for freedom more than most.

  • The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon in Leo is “an old-fashioned woman and a flapper,” an image of “two generations viewing one another from their own perspectives,” says Sabian Sage Blain Bovee. Old guard meets avant garde. Everything old is new again — with a fresh spin. We are invited to reinvent the wheel, while thinking outside the box, suggested by….
  • Mercury square Uranus, exact at 5:15 PM ET. Maybe that’ll shake up whatever impasse was happening on Tuesday.
  • The old guard contemplating the avant garde is also suggested by old guard Saturn and avant garde Uranus, as they move to an ohhhhhhhhhhsoclose — but not quite exact square over the next few months, peaking in October. Translation: a disruptive buzzzzzzzzzzzz through the fall, as explained in this  recap of the potential of the Saturn-Uranus square, posted last year.
  • You are more personally affected by this New Moon if you have planets or angles around 6 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Aquarius or Scorpio. That includes Juan Guaido of Venezuela, Liz Cheney, Melania Trump, Scott Pelley, and Chief Justice John Roberts. Let’s see what happens.

Back to the daily Forecast:

  • THURSDAY: Mercury squares Uranus at 5:15 PM ET, shaking someone out of their rut. Watch for innovations in technology and surprising communications to make news. The day ends on an exuberant trine between the Moon and Jupiter at 8:03 PM ET.
  • FRIDAY: Moon in Leo’s need for love clashes with Mars in Taurus at 11:38 AM ET. An upset to the status quo may occur around 3:48 PM ET, as Moon squares rebel Uranus. This time period may be a dress rehearsal for further upsets that appear by the end of Monday. Moon goes void on an opposition to Saturn at 12:29 AM ET, potentially putting a damper on your Friday night fun and games. Chill during the nearly 14-hour Moon void.
  • SATURDAY: Moon enters Virgo at 2:10 PM ET, ready to clean up the confetti from Moon in Leo’s party. Sobriety is the name of the game now, as Mercury (how we need to think) opposes Saturn at 2:05 AM ET on ...
  • SUNDAY. The Virgo Moon continues to travel without interference — and possibly without focus — in its determination to set things right. And yet, there may still be a reason to cheer — from the perspective of one or more fat cats, reflecting the Sun’s trine to Jupiter at 6:36 PM ET. This may give some head of state or business just the boost of confidence they need to take dramatic action on Monday night.  Your coping strategy is to remain grounded in your most excellent creative self. Monday’s “dramatic action potential” is suggested by a rare Mars-Uranus-North Node meet up in Taurus. The upside potential is liberation. Other potentials include change, wake-up calls, seismic activity and other shocks to the system. You are more personally affected by the assertive buzz if you have planets or angles around 18 Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio. This includes Vladimir Putin, Volodomyr Zelenskyy, NYT columnist David Brooks, Mark Zuckerberg and Leonardo diCaprio. Consult your local astrologer for details.

And now, the news.

Last week, transiting Mars hit 10 Taurus, activating the horoscopes of those affected by the April 30th solar eclipse (at 10 Taurus). We see a potential acceleration in matters regarding the eclipsed planet, in the way that a genie jumps out of a bottle or a curtain falls. Things irrevocably change.

  • Exhibit A: the former guy, whose Pluto at 10 Leo sits in his 12th house of hidden enemies and the self-undoing. Pluto rules his 4th house — home & family; Mars rules the 9th house — broadcasting, collective beliefs, publishing. Last Thursday’s J6 Committee hearing certainly delivered on the explosive potential anticipated in the last forecast.  As Heather Cox Richardson reports, it focused on the dynamic inaction of the former guy in response to the attempted overthrow of our democratic government, as in 187 minutes of no White House call records, photographs, Presidential diary entries. It seems TFG sat in his private dining room and watched the attack unfold on Fox (which is probably why Fox declined to broadcast the hearings), pausing only for a random tweet, one of which was so concerning to VP Mike Pence’s secret service detail that the agents made farewell calls to their loved ones. That was a new piece of information. And yet…and yet…a curtain did fall (i.e., the eclipsed Pluto was functioning as designed) because the Wall Street Journal and the NY Post — both owned by Rupert Murdoch (was there ever a more fitting name) — published op-eds last week declaring TFG unworthy of serving as our nation’s chief executive.
  • Exhibit B:  Virginia resident Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), has Venus at 11 Aquarius, seen here in full-throttle “I love you, but don’t take it personally” mode. Venus refers to social expression, values and worth,  and an eclipsed Venus can impact one’s popularity, for better or for worse. He famously raised his fist in support of the gathering mob on January 6th, and a photo of that moment is plastered all over merchandise his fans can buy. He even has a book coming out next year, called Manhood: The Masculine Virtues America Needs? Thus it was hard not to laugh — as those in the J6 hearing actually did — when security footage revealed Hawley’s actual reaction to the mob he egged on, once he was inside the besieged Capitol. He ran away — hawlin’ ass, as it were. Rising to the challenge of the Moon-Uranus conjunction after the hearing ended, the Twittersphere set Hawley’s hawlin’ to music, and the next day, he was thoroughly trashed by his home paper.  Venus eclipsed. See how that works?

In other news…

UPDATE: on Ginni Thomas, whose horoscope was last discussed here in 2010. How time flies! Over the weekend it was stated by some on the J6 Committee that Thomas could be subpoenaed if she doesn’t testify voluntarily. With transiting Saturn about to conjoin her Venus around August 8th, I could see how she might soon be feeling squeezed — and again at the end of the year. We can anticipate surprising words and deeds next year, as transiting Uranus activates her soon-to-be-eclipsed Mercury-Mars square (at 15 Aquarius and 16 Taurus) in the early spring.


Jupiter (big!) square Venus (women, art, worth, social expression, values, money) brought us these stories:

You know who always has good news? Shirley MacLaine’s ShirleyGram. Check out her latest list of uplifting developments here on Planet Earth.

And here is Beth Owl’s Daughter’s always in sync Tarot Card of the Week.

That’s it. I’m determined to end on a high note, as the Cancer Moon prepares to square Jupiter early Tuesday morning. Have a great week — stay grounded — and here’s the 411 on personal consultations. We will have an excellent discussion together.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Greetings from New York



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