Monday 5/13/2019: Sneak Peek at the Week; Unconventional Women & Others

Good morning!

  • Moon in Virgo drives this Monday with its need for nailing down the details with exacting perfection. A whole bunch of planets are making easy connections to one another this week — superb for getting things done. Hope you’re on the side of the angels in your quest for world domination. Here’s how it goes:
    • MONDAY Harmony between the Moon and Mercury (how we need to think) facilitates communication. It’s clear sailing up until around 7:15 PM ET, when Moon opposes Neptune. That can fog things up, but it sorts itself out by 10:39 PM ET, when Moon trines Saturn. Humming in the background is another harmony between the Sun and Pluto, suggesting significant news of power and leadership — exact at 11:04 PM ET.
    • TUESDAY — a harmony (sextile) between Venus and Mars suggests cooperative communication between the ying and the yang. Note that Mars is at the verrrry end of Gemini, about to hit the Aries Point late Wednesday night. This suggests prominence in matters of action, aggression, doubletalk and other ways words may be used as weapons. We may read about a special outburst around 1:19 PM ET, when the critical Virgo Moon squares the Gemini Mars. Moon goes void for a brief spell…entering Libra at 1:19 PM ET. The shift from Virgo to Libra suggests an afternoon (and the next two days) focused on people-pleasing, diplomacy, fairness and balance.
    • WEDNESDAYVenus leaves warrior woman Aries for material comfort-seeking TaurusVenus, refers to social expression, women, aesthetics and finance; Taurus is one of the signs Venus rules. For the next few weeks, note how a need for tangible value, comfort and security manifests in the news. If you’re a Taurus, hooray for you; this transit of Venus in your sign may fill up your dance card. Enjoy.
    • WEDNESDAY — Meanwhile, a harmony between Mercury and Neptune permeates the day, exact at 9:21 PM ET. Color it rose and note your dreams this week.  Music, spiritual pursuits, healing and other idealistic escapes are favored.
    • WEDNESDAY — Mars, aforementioned planet of action and aggression, leaves Gemini for Cancer at 11:10 PM ET. Mars in Cancer suggests action for the sake of emotional/homeland security; watch the headlines. Perhaps we’ll see a prominent headline involving the current trend of the current war on women’s health. At 0 Cancer, Mars will be exactly at the Aries Point (thus the prominent potential).
    • THURSDAY — Heavy emotions overnight in the Americas, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with controlling Saturn (at 1 AM ET), followed by Pluto at 5:37 AM ET. Oh what power plays and catharses will we hear about in the early morning Twittersphere? The Libra Moon goes void at 5:37 AM ET — and won’t enter the next sign — Scorpio — until 5:26 PM ET. The long void means stick to routine concerns and roll with the twists and flakes which may disrupt your effort to move forward in a straight line. If you have the luxury of wandering today, please feel free to do so. Whatever you do, don’t make a mountain of crisis out of a molehill. Chill! And note how the focus returns once the Moon is fully engaged in the next sign. Said focus is made more apparent by a harmony between Mercury and Saturn, exact at 7:09 PM ET. If you’re a writer or a drafter of any kind, today’s long void may serve you well.
    • FRIDAY — the Scorpio Moon’s demand for depth and substance may be jolted by the upset of its weekly clash with rebel Uranus, exact at 12:03 AM ET. After that, there are no exact aspects among the planets for the rest of the day. Have fun plumbing the depths — and note that emotions are on the rise, as the Moon waxes full on…
    • SATURDAY — …at 5:11 PM ET. But first, watch for investigative dirt and still more deep thoughts to emerge in the morning, as Mercury trines Pluto at 1:46 AM ET. We should see more headlines than we’re already seeing about gender-benders, unconventional attractions and avant garde women, art, money and values. Why? Venus meets up with Uranus at 12:16 PM ET. That’s a suggestion of notable market volatility. Will fill you in on the Full Moon in Scorpio at the end of the week.

    And now, the news.

  • “Dow plunges 450 points as investors fear escalating trade war threatens economy.”   No kidding, and we are likely to see more of a squeeze on the U.S. sense of self-worth and its finances as transiting Saturn squares the U.S. Saturn twice between now and the end of October.
  • Just in time for the Venus-Uranus (unconventional women) meet-up: a front-page WaPo profile on Danica Roem, the country’s first openly-transgender state legislator.
  • Meanwhile, the NYT interviewed Howard Stern. He was born with Venus opposing Uranus, so we can expect his social expression to be a tad unconventional and shocking. Stern has a new book coming out, and says that some of the shocking things he wrote in past books were “insane.” What could reflect this dramatic change of perspective? Stern is a Capricorn with Sun opposing Uranus; there’s your rebel potential. Transiting Pluto and Saturn are sitting right on top of his Capricorn Sun, Mercury and Venus (and opposing his Uranus), challenging him to break down and compost what no longer serves.
  • Actress Laura Dern is another quirky type with Venus and Uranus strong in her horoscope. She has Sun in humanitarian Aquarius, with Venus on her Pisces Ascendant and Uranus squaring her Midheaven. Her Moon, Mercury and Saturn are also in Pisces; she’s got empathy for all human suffering like nobody’s business. Right now transiting Jupiter is atop her Midheaven (career/public status), suggesting expansion and positive publicity.  She’s going to play Marmee in Little Women, coming to a theater near you on Christmas. “Laura Dern Embraces the Messiness of Human Life” (translation: Aquarius Sun with Moon-Ascendant-Saturn-Mercury in Pisces). Subhead: “Over a 40-year career, the actress has avoided being typecast and found humor in broken places,” as you can see in the NYT Sunday magazine profile. Astrology is amazing.

Random far-out headline: “Apollo rocks showed how moon was made, and now they’re about to solve more mysteries.”

Random tribute to the legendary Doris Day, whose death at 97 was announced just moments ago. Here is her horoscope  — and here is the scene from The Man Who Knew Too Much, where she sings Que Sera, Sera. It’s a song about a woman whose mother obviously never consulted an astrologer.

Psyched to be finishing the next installment of my “Charts in the News” column for The Mountain Astrologer. After I ship it today, I would be delighted to talk to you about your horoscope — because you deserve more than que sera, sera when you have a burning question about your relationships, your career, your purpose on Spaceship Earth — and how you can make the most of it while you’re on it. Right? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

P.S. Doris Day is an Aries, driven by a Moon in Gemini, fronted by a perfection-seeking, “perpetually chaste”  Virgo Ascendant. Can’t you tell?



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