Monday 4/3/2017: Sneak Peek at the Week; Comparing the U.S. Horoscope in 1974 With Patterns in 2017-2019

Good Morning!

Here’s what happened while I was out celebrating a solar return last week:

Mercury entered Taurus on Friday at 1:31 PM ET, suggesting a need for a much slower, deliberate and fixed way of thinking from now until April 13th. Thinking may be even slower than the usual plodding Taurus pace because Mercury is slowing down, about to turn retrograde on April 9th. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW!!

On Sunday: Venus — still retrograde — backed up into Pisces, facilitating and/or exposing soulful vulnerability and compassion in our social expression after two months of me-me-me-first Venus in Aries. Venus was at the Aries Point, demanding prominence in Venusian concerns: women, aesthetics, money, social expression.  Venus will hang at the end of Pisces: 27-30 degrees until April 28th. Then it moves back into Aries for another thousand years until June 6th. Venus turns direct on April 15th.

Just a reminder that Venus retrograde in Aries affords us the opportunity to consider if and how what we love is truly in alignment with who we are.  On the other hand, the social graces that enable us to tolerate people we actually can’t stand are likely AWOL. Will those relationships survive? Would you even want them to? Have those questions been on your mind since March 4th?

On the third hand, let us be mindful that Venus (love, money, women, art, social expression) will be heavily challenged by Saturn all this month, playing the role of a brick wall or a demanding schoolmaster. I’m already seeing plenty of headlines that are alienating, harsh and unforgiving.

Exhibit A: VP Mike Pence will not dine alone with any woman other than his wife. “Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Spends His First Weeks Isolated From an Anxious Bureaucracy.” How isolated? Don’t even look him in the eye, reports the Washington Post. Yikes. Here’s a seriously harsh piece about how the Department of Education is taking an unforgiving stance on certain student loans.  Exhibit B: the U.S. women’s hockey team — warrior Venus in Aries women — has successfully reached an agreement for better wages and support. The boycott is off! The world championships are on! That’s not harsh; that’s just disciplined — and thus the upside potential of the Venus-Saturn challenge. Meanwhile, we’ll just leave this story about a “penis seat” on the Mexican subway right here. It’s part of a campaign to combat sexual harassment. And on the subject of provocative art, Wall Street’s “Fearless Girl” statue will stand firm against the bull at least until the end of the year.  Meanwhile, EMILY’s List reports that over 10,000 women plan to run for office — inspired by the current administration. This is unprecedented. Go girls!

In other news…

No sleeping in on this Monday — or any other day next week. The Moon is in Cancer, shining a light on home/family/emotional security needs. The First Quarter Moon at 2:39 Pm ET may present a push forward or against the New Moon agenda you set on last week’s inspiring New Moon. Note that the hours between 10:31 PM ET and 7:31 AM ET feature the Moon’s weekly clash with rabblerousers Uranus and Pluto, and also expansive Jupiter. Prepare for the unexpected.

On Tuesday, Moon continues its course mostly free and clear. It goes void at 4:45 Pm ET and enters party hearty Leo at 6:13 PM ET. There’s an easy flow all this week between action hero Mars and PTB Pluto, facilitating stamina in your quest for world domination, exact on Wednesday at 11:57 PM ET. I hope your quest is on the side of the angels, as the planets have no opinion on such matters. Energy is energy, however it is deployed.

Starting on Thursday (the 6th), things get interesting for the next several days. Saturn, planet of structure and ambition turns retrograde at 28 degrees of Sagittarius. Here are some observations on last year’s Saturn retrograde. Do you know how many clients I’ve seen in the past two weeks who have planets and points around 28 Sag, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces? A ton! They are feeling pressure in their lives and an astrological conversation has been oh-so-helpful. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Looking ahead: Saturn turns direct on August 25th at 21 Sagittarius, right on P45’s opinionated 21 Sag Moon, toxic 20 Sag South Node and opposite his 22 Gemini Sun. Avid Readers of this forecast will recall the plethora of people making news — especially in the political world — who have planets around 21 Sag, Gemini, Pisces and Virgo. Saturn will turn direct four days after the Great American Eclipse on August 21st hits his regal Leo Ascendant and his “gets away with murder” Leo Mars. August and early September should be quite interesting.

This FRIDAY is driven by the Moon in perfection-seeking Virgo. The highlight of the day is an expansive connection between the Aries Sun and Jupiter, exact at 5:39 PM ET. On SATURDAY, the Sun is challenged by Pluto at 8:45 PM ET. This suggests the usual slew of leadership power plays and news from underground pulling focus. Four hours earlier we will have the first of two exact chilly/steely hits between Venus and Saturn (the next one happens on April 21st). On SUNDAY, Mercury turns retrograde until May 3rd. Here’s a recap of Mercury retrograde Important Safety Tips. I still have plenty of Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide Bookmarks — perfect for Passover and Easter. They are $3.88 for one; $5.99 for three — email me your SNAIL MAIL address and I will arrange to have them shipped out today!

There are no Moon voids during business hours in the Americas this week — nothing to mess up your push forward. But since you ask, the voids are: Tuesday 4:45 PM – 6:13 PM ET; Thursday 8:16 PM ET until Friday 12:20AM ET.


And now, more news.

On Sunday, the Los Angeles Times published the first of a four-part series. Part One is called “Our Dishonest President.” The second part — published today — is called “Why Trump Lies.” How P45’s horoscope suggests a potentially surreal relationship with truth has been discussed many times in this forecast. One strong marker is the relationship of P45’s Neptune (fantasy, impressions, drugs, ideals) with Mercury (mindset). Let’s pause for a moment and consider a few other Neptune factors that may serve as coping strategies for the ongoing Alice-in-Russialand rabbit hole the U.S. has fallen into. Factor #1: the Mars/Neptune midpoint falls exactly on the Ascendant of the P45 inauguration chart. Translation: “giving off a magnetic or off-the-norm emanation” — which may have scandal written all over it.

Factor #2: the horoscope of the U.S. is being hit by planetary patterns it experienced in the early 70s, during the Watergate scandal.  In August 1974, when President Nixon resigned in disgrace, Neptune was at 7 Sag, opposing the US Uranus and making a hard contact with the U.S. Ascendant. Neptune-Uranus contacts can be weird. Neptune-Ascendant contacts suggest potential identity crises, wipe-outs and vision quests. Neptune was at 7 Pisces in 2016; it is currently at 12 Pisces, in contact with the U.S. Sun and (for those who use the Sibly chart) the U.S. 12 Sag Ascendant. If you are not a student of astrology, you may not know that the U.S. Ascendant is a matter of debate, as astrologers do not have a written record of when the Declaration of Independence (establishing the birth of the nation) was signed. Regardless, we do see that the U.S. Progressed Sun (a progression is another way of understanding what’s going on in the life experience of a horoscope) is at 12 Pisces, right on top of Neptune’s current position. Sun-Neptune patterns are similar to Sun-Ascendant patterns.  Cue Grace Slick’s solo voice track for “White Rabbit” now, please.

Meanwhile, back in 1974 Uranus was at 24 Libra, squaring the U.S. 24 Cancer Mercury. Today Uranus is almost at 24 Aries (as you can see from the chart of current planetary patterns on my daily forecast page — it’s in the left-hand column). This suggests disruptive thinking and communication — potentially insightful, genius or simply nuts. It is interesting to note that when Nixon resigned, Saturn was sitting right on top of the U.S. Sun at 13 Cancer. Saturn-Sun contacts suggest a need for streamlining, discipline and potential loss. Saturn will oppose the U.S. Sun when it hits 13 Capricorn in January of 2019. Until then, Saturn will continue to exert demands for a reality check on the U.S. Mars (action) and Neptune (vision) this summer. Saturn will enter Capricorn in January of 2018 and spend that year opposing the U.S. Venus at 3 Cancer (money,women, art, social expression) and Jupiter  at 5 Cancer (luck, expansion). Thus we are likely to see a reality check demanded in those areas of the U.S. chart. Perhaps this is when the markets will settle down.

Point is, patterns repeat themselves. We have seen these configurations before. Somehow we survived, which is encouraging. Patterns repeat in the lives of individuals, too. This is why is so helpful to understand how cycles are at play in your own unique horoscope.


In the aftermath of last Thursday’s Jupiter-Pluto square (two down; one more to go), we could expect big news about extreme power and resources, especially since it coincided with Venus (money) prominently at the Aries Point. U.S. newspapers did not disappoint, informing us that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are worth $741 million. Seriously — why would this information be published NOW? The latter has just been named Assistant to the President; the former has been assigned to do Everything Else (as was announced last Monday). Writing about their horoscopes is on my To-Do List — so stay tuned. Until then, here is a take on Jared Kushner from Elizabeth Spiers. She worked for him when he ran the New York Observer. Meanwhile, the NYT offered this staggering analysis of  “How Much People in the Trump Administration Are Worth.”

To be continued…

Thank you for reading this forecast and sharing it with your friends.



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